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Site Progress and Personal Update: August 2018

Some things never cease to surprise me. Perhaps the most prevalent of which is the progress that I have made with both this blog and my personal life. Granted my depression is still pretty damn persistent so rest assured that it will somehow still find a way to rear its head even once I become rich, famous, and delicious… okay maybe I already am that last one 😉

The view count has skyrocketed ever since I started pimping out my shit on Reddit and I only got two comments calling me a feminazi cunt! Thus far my stuff has been fairly well received which was something I was certainly nervous about because of course I am. I now am frequently averaging over 100 views a day and about half of those days have been over 200.

So yeah, things have been going quite smoothly on that front. Anyway here’s last month’s post recap.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (PC): A Horror Masterpiece (Detailed Review)

Steam Greenlight Landfill: Panty Party

Standard Review: The Legend of Dragoon (PS1)

AnnieGal Unscripted #7 Blaire White Leaves Twitter

Poem #1: Contradictions

Poem #2: Rage

Poem #3: The Way the Wind Blows

Poem #4: My Decaying Mind

Poem #5: From the Ashes

The Absurdity of the “Trans Narcissism” Narrative

Amazing VGM: Brokentooth March (LISA: The Joyful)

Quick Review: Legend (SNES/PC)

Poem #6: The Weight of Regret

Poem #7: Confusion

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven (3DS): As Dull as an SRPG Can Get (Detailed Review)

Poem #8: Flames of Remorse

LISA: The Painful (PC): Crushing, Depressing, Brilliant (Detailed Review)

Poem #9: Monotony of Terror

Quick Review: Blue Whale (PC)

Poem #10: Stand Strong

Poem #11: Ideation

Poem #12: Requiem for the Soul

Poem #13: The Will to Live

Poem #14: The Cursed

So one may have noticed the large amount of poems present among that recap. Yep, I took up poetry. Apparently it is something I have quite the knack for, so I made a challenge to myself to write a poem a day. Unfortunately for you who don’t want to give me your money, I have decided that each poem is going to be patron exclusive for 1 week before I post them to Guardian Acorn. Don’t give me that look, I need to make money somehow.

As for the poems, one may notice that they are still about her. Yes, I still miss her (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, please don’t ask), and I never won’t miss her. I’ve accepted that much and if one couldn’t tell, these poems are a coping mechanism. Many of these have been written with her in mind. Poem #12 is probably the least subtle of these and was the most painful for me to write. That’s why the following two had a much more optimistic tone to them.

I can’t say the same about all future poems considering that poems 17 through 20 veer a bit into horror tier. I do like the idea of doing a poem a day and I’m quite impressed with some of these. Others who have read them have also quite liked them. I am quite happy to see that these poems have an audience and do have their fair share of readers. They may not draw the same number of views as my gaming content but that is okay since these poems are primarily for me.

So I have gotten five new reviews up this month in addition to adding two older reviews. The I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream review was a given due to Harlan Ellison’s passing, but the Lord of Magna review is so I have every XSeed review of mine up. I figure I may try and see if I can receive review codes from them given that the rate of views is greatly increasing AND I’ve covered their games a fair number of times.

I have often thought of whether to focus on newer games as they come out or if I should keep the authenticity of revising older games or whatever is in my backlog. It is odd how thus far, only a small portion of my reviews were of games I received codes for. Those games were The Tenth Line, Euphoria, Meltys Quest, Nekopara Vol. 3, and Quest of Vidhuraa (not counting codes I received while writing for Oprainfall or Brash Games).

Early on in this blog’s lifespan, I said that I would buy a copy of any game I reviewed positively that I obtained a code for, and thus far I have made well on that promise. The only game I’ve yet to buy a copy of is Euphoria because I want to get the physical edition along with that wall scroll, but that’s $70. It wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t dirt poor AND trying to help out other friends of mine who are also struggling financially. I’m still working towards getting on SSI but it’s taking a while.

I am particularly interested in seeing if I can get review codes from niche publishers given that I tend to focus on that variety of game. I am hoping to see if I can get them from Atlus, XSeed, NISA, and Aksys first, as well as Jast USA to round out the eroge big three. However, I think it’s wise to actually cover some of their games first. I don’t have confidence in a company like Nintendo or Square Enix giving me them though given how much bigger they are.

Seeing as how eroge was briefly brought up, I finally finished Mutiny!! and it will be my next review. I also plan to write reviews for Deadly Towers and Pac-Man World. It may be some time until I get to the next part of the Castlevania retrospective given that I am still on Rondo of Blood at this time. I have recently been replaying Persona 3 given that It has been close to a decade since I last played it. I am considering revisting some other games I played but never reviewed such as Sakura Wars: So Long My Love and Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon given that they are not talked about enough.

There are plenty of other plans I have but I may keep quiet on them for now in case something doesn’t go through.

Anyway it is time for shout outs. I would like to start out by mentioning that I have not one but TWO new patrons this month. Those two are IceTheRetroKid and Blue Desolation. These two are very good friends of mine as well so I’d just like to thank them both for their support AND friendship. The past few months have been really heavy emotionally and I may not have made it if it weren’t for them.

I’d also like to thank those patrons who are still with me so thank you Meiastra, Dia, Ryumaou, Alex Silvey, Rinnie S, Cesar Zamudio, and Erin Lopez. You people have helped immensely and I’m hoping I can bring as great content as I can for each of you. I’d also like to thank Emma… she’ll know it when she reads this. You have done so much for me in these past three months and I practically owe my life to you. I’d also like to give my thanks to each of my GFs, I love you all and wish for your happiness.

Well things are looking up for me despite all odds. Let’s hope things continue this way.

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