Why “#MeToo” Can’t Be Only About Male on Female Rape.

Me Too

MAJOR Trigger Warning for Rape and sexual abuse! Also misandry, misogyny,  homophobia, transphobia, domestic abuse,

I, among many others, was not originally going to talk about this subject. The reason for this is because the left has the habit of making hashtags but doing nothing with them. They are almost always a call for action, but never any action that follows; the popular term for this is “slacktivism,” to mock the laziness and lack of ambition on the part of those who engage in it. Yes, I am not one to criticize since I post in hashtags as well, and I have used what is normally a blog for gaming and other nerd related interests to get on my own soapbox, but I at least have the excuse of being poor and agoraphobic while I see dozens of others far more capable than myself who do even less than me; and even then, I at least write my own pieces with my potential detractors in mind.

I have never had any interest in preaching to the choir; I have always wanted to speak to those who are not convinced, but have the capacity to be just as long as the right person comes along. Despite my small status, I am glad to say that I have made an impact on those who have heard what I have to say, and this tells me that all I need to do is reach a wider audience. So trust me, I would be getting out there and doing real activism if I was able to, and I do seriously want to in the future, but I need to take care of myself first, so for now, you have my words here.

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Steam Greenlight Landfill: Ghostie Quest

I really did not want to write this review. The only reason I did so is because I could only stand to play this game for one hour before requesting a refund and I need to get this out while it’s still fresh in my mind. Ghostie Quest is bad, as in VERY FUCKING BAD! I only got this game because it was on sale for fifty cents on Steam and because there were no reviews. Thank god for Steam refunds, because this game is not even worth the fifty cents I got it for, let alone its normal $2.00 price.

This game, along with 8BitBoy have basically confirmed that I should not trust 2D platformers that look like the first Super Mario Bros. Yes, that may already be a “no shit” situation, but keep in mind that Super Mario Bros should not be so hard to do right. Unfortunately, that is not the case when you are an amateur developer who doesn’t test their games to make sure they have decent physics. The movement and jumping physics in Ghostie Quest, much like with 8BitBoy, destroy any chance that it had of being fun.

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Amazing VGM: Demon’s Gig (Shadow Hearts)

Shadow Hearts | Boss battle

Shadow Hearts was always an underrated series of RPGs. We do not have that many JRPGs that embrace such a dark and Gothic style outside of Shin Megami Tensei, and those games also have a high barrier for entry due to their difficulty. The original Shadow Hearts  felt very similar to PS1 era JRPGs with the exception that it was a fuck ton darker. Your first town in the game is populated by cannibals and your main character is s schizophrenic for fucks sake! Naturally, this means there will be dark and ominous music to accompany it. One of those is the boss theme in the second half of the game, “Demon’s Gig.”

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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows – Redundant and Unnecessary (Detailed Review)

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows | Box art

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is not a sequel in the traditional sense. If anything, it is more of an expansion on the original game. I would say that it is similar to DLC but considering that the game is twice as long as the first game that would be rather demeaning. That does not mean Book of Shadows is bad though. Book of Shadows does do a nice job at telling an engaging story and an eerie atmosphere, albeit not as well done as the first game. What Book of Shadows does not do well at, however, is advancing the main story of the Corpse Party series. It certainly adds a lot of background to the Corpse Party mythos though, and it will satisfy fans of the first game as long as long as they are not expecting a full blown sequel.

In concept, Book of Shadows starts out with what one would actually expect to be a unique continuation of the first game’s story. The opening cutscene shows the depressing aftermath of the first game’s ending for where reality has been altered so that everyone who died during the events of the first game has never existed in real life yet the remaining cast members still remember them. This is shown to be particularly bad for Naomi Nakashima who is shown falling into clinical depression in the game’s opening cutscene. Strangely enough, this is the only part of the game that takes place directly after the first one until the game’s final chapter. Instead the chapters seem to take some really strange directions and seem to be as far from advancing the main plot as possible.

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Steam Greenlight Landfill: Midnight Carnival

Midnight Carnival | Header

I’m going to clarify that I am reviewing this game off of memory from playing it back during the summer, and my memory is not entirely clear. The reason for this is not just because of how long it has been, but also because this game is only fifteen minutes long. As such, it is naturally tough to remember all of it. On top of that, I got a refund for this game after playing it and I’d rather not buy it again just for the purpose of trashing it so I’m going to go based off of memory. Anyway yeah, Midnight Carnival is pretty shit.

I know, when an article of mine is prefaced with “Steam Greenlight Landfill,” that is usually an indicator of the overall quality. I use this title because I don’t usually think about these games that much. That is also because these games are also shallow and lacking in depth or content. A number of games I reviewed on GameFAQs definitely fit the “Steam Greenlight Landfill” category and I currently of a library of over 500 Steam titles, a lot of which are highly obscure and low in price. Of course, I do usually feel the need to review these games for a few reasons, and no it isn’t because “le edgy gamer rage.”

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Steam Greenlight Landfill: BlackShadows

Blackshadows | Logo

BlackShadows is a game that, at first, looked like it had the markings of a terrible game. The average rating for its reviews on its Steam page was “negative” and it likely made it through Greenlight simply because it offered a free copy to whoever voted for it. Naturally, I expected this to be a Steam disaster on the same level as Day One Gary’s Incident or The Slaughtering Grounds. Thankfully, BlackShadows was better than I expected, but only barely.

While I still would not consider BlackShadows to be a good game by any means, I do still feel it at least offers a small amount of decent ideas and the bare minimum amount of effort put into it to be  However, the problem is that it really has nothing to offer other then exceeding the absurdly low expectations set for it. In general, BlackShadows is just bland and generic.

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Amazing VGM: Appetite (Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise)

Starless | Logo

TW: Mention of Rape. Don’t worry, next Amazing VGM won’t be based on a hardcore hentai title.

Well, I’m sure no one would have expected this coming from me. Yes, I stand by every word of what I said of my Starless review. Starless was not only the worst gaming experience I ever had, but it was also one of the worst life experiences I have had in general. I don’t want to go too much more into it as I’ve already said enough before, and because this is a positive article here.


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Corpse Party (PSP/PC/3DS/IOS): A Horror Masterpiece… but Fuck that Ending! (Detailed Review)

Corpse Party or, Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear as it is known in Japan,  excels in just about every possible presentational aspect and creates and utterly horrifying atmosphere and feel to it that makes for an incredible horror experience. It creates a intimidating and oppressive atmosphere in addition to a strongly written and endearing cast of characters that you will want to see make it out alive.  The only issue with the game was its ending, and said ending is not even that much of a problem since Corpse Party: Blood Drive has given us a much more satisfying conclusion. Also, Corpse Party doesn’t have much in terms of gameplay and is basically just an RPG Maker movie (Ala To the Moon or Actual Sunlight) without RPG Maker and higher production values, so there’s not much to talk about there.

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Response to Blaire White on Trans Kids: Should we Allow Gender Dysphoric Children to Undergo Hormone Therapy?

Blaire White | Trans kids

TW: References to transphobia, child abuse, and suicide.

I’m going to preface this article with something that a lot of my readers may not have guess if they don’t pay close attention to my Twitter feed; I like Blaire White. I hold a strong amount of respect and admiration for her In fact. I like the way how she just seems to never let anything get to her and that, unlike a lot of prominent trans activists, she doesn’t hold a one sided “Good Vs Evil” view of the world and its people.

That being said, I can’t stand most of her political beliefs and find them to often be ill informed and poorly backed up, and am frustrated that she is insistent that they are the indisputable truth and that there is no argument against them. Perhaps the worst example of this is her views of trans kids. Her views are that allowing trans children to transition is child abuse, and no that is not a strawman. This article is in response to all three of her videos on this subject, and possibly a few tweets. If she has had any additional words about the subject in a live stream or in an earlier video then I am not aware of them, just to provide context. Here are links to her three videos on this subject. Read more

Quick Review: BAD END (PC/Ios)

BAD END | logo

I am generally intrigued by the concept of video games that cause real world danger. The reason why is because there is already a sense of curiosity and intrigue when playing a new game for the first time and discovering more about it. When you use someone’s unfamiliarity with a video game against them by putting them up against a game that hurts them in the real world, there is a sense of horror that most gamers can relate to.

As a result, I became rather curious about BAD END (yes it is spelled with all caps) when I stumbled upon its Steam page. The premise of BAD END basically comes down to “what if there was a visual novel that killed you in real life if you make the wrong decision?” Of course, such a game would be impossible to make, so closest choice was to make a game about someone playing the game in question. What makes this even more confusing is that BAD END is the title of both the game you are reading, and the game in the story.

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