Steam Greenlight Landfill: Banzai Escape

Banzai Escape | Logo

Banzai Escape is the first and only title by developer XenoAisam, and it is not hard to see why they haven’t made another one after this. Banzai Escape is of the quality where you can tell that there was genuine effort into making something good, but also can tell that it kinda sucks. I’m usually hesitant to go into full angry reviewer shtick when reviewing small indie games because I know fully well that if I ever start developing games, then my first game is probably going to be shit. This is one of the key reasons why I have been hesitant to become a game dev in the first place.

As a gamer, I WANT for devs to keep making games and to improve upon their old ones. Hurling insults at the developers and making overly long drawn out hypothetical scenarios of things I’d allegedly rather do than play their games is not going to push them to get better. It takes a lot for a game to pass that threshold and piss me off, and that rage is limited for games like Ghostie Quest, Vickinachi, Insincere, Cube Master: Light Adventure, and a dozen other games you’ve never heard of and will forget about after you are done reading this piece. Read more

Political Rant: Republicans VS Bodily Autonomy

Republican coathanger

This is not normal. The level of pure malice and depravity present in the modern day Republican party has reached its fever pitch. The election of Donald J Trump may have very well brought us across a threshold that we may never be able to return from, so the only way to fight back is to move forward.

Ever since Barry Goldwater’s failed Presidential campaign, the Republican party devolved into something twisted and horrid. The Presidencies of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W Bush helped set the stage for what we are seeing today, and the presidency of Donald Trump is where this disgusting bigotry is finally starting to reach its peak. When they said that  the south would rise again, I don’t think any of us expected it to be in the form of a New York billionaire though.

This kind of shit is exactly what everyone who broke down into tears on November 9th 2016 feared. Any of you that said things wouldn’t get this bad, any of you fuckheads who thought Hillary was somehow worse than Trump or decided not to vote against him, I hope you learned your lesson. If you still think Hillary was “just as bad” or somehow worse, then I hope I never meet you in person.

There was a point where I convinced myself that Trump might not be so bad, and I embraced a lot of rather cringe worthy centrist rhetoric. I was never a supporter of Trump, and I only ever convinced myself he wouldn’t be as horrible as he was as a coping mechanism cause I was literally contemplating suicide when it was announced that he won. But it still goes to show you how much that four years of hardship and torment can change a person, and right now it seems like Republicans are trying their damnedest to push that change on as many people as possible.

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Pink Tsunami: The 2020 Senatorial Elections – Part One

I’ve decided I’m going to make this piece preemptively this time. The last piece I made in regards to elections covered every Congressional and Gubernatorial election in 2018. While I know that my overall influence is limited, I want to do whatever I can for the rights of my kind and my allies so I’m going to split the subject matter up AND will do my best to prepare you all beforehand.

Additionally, I’m going to be talking about more than social issues this time. I’ve decided to focus on Senatorial Elections first because democrats have the House of Representatives and Democrats are significantly less shitty than Republicans (although still quite shitty). There is an increasing presence of progressive leftists with ambitious ideals and a genuine care for the well being of this country, it’s people, and the world around us.

There will be a total of 34 Senate seats up for re-election in 2020, 12 of those seats are currently held by democrats while the remaining 22 are held by Republicans. Republicans have held a majority of Senate seats ever since 2014 and this has resulted in constant obstructions of any sort of social progress by then President Barack Obama, and they currently serve as the last line of defense towards the impeachment of current President Donald Trump. Read more

Poem #105: Bloody Reckoning

Note: This poem was originally posted on my Patreon account on December 18th of 2018. I will soon be posting a new poem to my patreon account once a week for patron exclusive reading and on this blog one week later for public viewing. If you’d like to see these poems when they are first put up then please consider pledging to my patreon page.

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Aozora Meikyuu (PC): A Beautiful Trainwreck (Detailed Review)

Aozora Meikyuu | Title screen

Aozora Meikyuu is a short and brief ecchi visual novel by developer Yume Creations, a team name that I’m not sure exists because Dream Creations was taken by a rhinestone trimming company or if the devs were just total weebs. One can definitely get the impression that it is the latter since Yume Creation’s other games are also short ecchi visual novels with anime girls.  I want to make it clear I have nothing against anime tiddies and actually kinda liked Aozora Meikyuu, but it’s not a good game.

Aozora Meikyuu, which means “Blue Sky” in Japanese and leaves me once again unsure if the name was left in Japanese to avoid confusion with the similarly titled visual novel “Always the Same Blue Sky” that I also reviewed or if the devs are just total nerds, is something that I enjoyed in a “so bad its good” kind of way. More specifically, it is a poorly written and overall stupid mess, but it also has a unique charm that appeals to me as an otaku turned feminazi. Read more

Pink Tsunami: 2019 Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District Special Election

A few months ago, I posted my 2018 Midterm piece which covered every Senate, Gubernatorial, and US House election that occurred that year. I initially assumed that meant I’d be done with US House elections until 2020, but it seems I still have more to cover. We actually have three Special Elections to the US House that will be held in 2019. Two of those are being held in North Carolina later this year. The third election however, is in my home state of Pennsylvania… and it will occur later this month. Read more

Poem #104: Find Oneself

Note: This poem was originally posted on my Patreon account on December 17th of 2018. I will soon be posting a new poem to my patreon account once a week for patron exclusive reading and on this blog one week later for public viewing. If you’d like to see these poems when they are first put up then please consider pledging to my patreon page. Read more

Site Progress & Personal Update: May 2019 (Intensity Edition)

Something that I have been frequently telling others as of late is that the past few weeks have been all over the place, and I’ve had some amazing highs and devastating lows. As usual I plan to talk about each of these things but it feels weird nonetheless. I can at least say for certain that the intensity of the previous month means that my life is starting to get going, but thinking about where I’m going to is both exciting and nerve wracking. Anyway here is last month’s article recap. Read more

Pink Tsunami: 2019 US Gubernatorial Elections

For those unaware of what #PinkTsunami is, it is the name I have given to my new political projects aimed at shedding light on the elections going on in this country from a leftist feminist perspective. I first used this term in my 2018 Midterms piece and said that I would continue to use it to refer to future pieces, and I plan to follow through on that after all. Also I decided that political pieces will be up for everyone the moment I am done with them because I want people to be informed as soon as possible.

A lot of eyes are focused on 2020 in the world of US politics. It is not hard to see why given the immense amount of democratic candidates coming out of the woodwork to be the one run against President Pussygrabber. This is not even taking the senatorial elections into account where 22 Republicans will be defending their seats in an election where tons of pissed off citizens will inevitably storm the polling stations to vote out Trump and anyone associated with him.

It is easy for us to forget that there ARE elections occurring this year. Specifically there are three gubernatorial elections that will occur during this year, and they are all in red states. I think we should take a look at them, don’t you think? I’ve been working on a piece about the 2020 Senate elections that is similar to this one, so you can consider this a sneak preview to what some of my future political pieces are like. Read more