Poem #12: Requiem for the Soul

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Of the sins in which I am guilty
my blade lies upon what follows.
On which I bare the burden aplenty
of endless remorse and sorrow.
From the depths of despair I realize
regrets of yesterday tomorrow.
Their Heaven is my Hell in watch of scorning eyes
too bitter yet to swallow.
On my knees in the darkened light
In shame I pitiably wallow.

The soul of the one I love I sold out to the devil’s maw.
The grievous crime of which I bare no punishment yet the guilty conscience draws.
To which I seek repentance yet my very presence burns.
Does she know how I truly feel, does she still viciously hurt?
The weapon of the soul cuts worse than any blade.
To misuse such power is deserving of the grave.

My literal everything that I treated much like myself.
Like garbage, though she was not deserving while I was.
Any further attempts to reconcile or to fix one’s broken pile only bare the curse of the flames. I dearly long for her yet was never worthy of her presence. A broken mind beyond repair to even the divine yields no recompense.

I offer a prayer that I may one day see her again. Until then, I offer this requiem for the soul.

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