Poem #1: Contradictions

Note: I wrote this a while back but I decided I should post them here since I’m more invested in poetry now as a means of self expression. I am planning on trying to do a poem a day, but each on will be patrons only for a week before being posted so if you want to see the most recent ones then please consider pledging to my Patreon. For the sake of clarity, this one was originally posted in December 28th of  2017.

I’m XY but female.

I’m shy but desire sociality.

I want to see the world but never leave my home.

I’m an otaku but barely watch anime.

I’m a gamer but spend little time playing games.

I’m a shut in but an exhibitionist.

I prioritize togetherness but can’t start conversations.

I have little money but 800+ unfinished games.

I have no job but I’m obsessed with work.

I’m an activist who takes very little action.

I’m anti establishment yet law abiding.

I’m an Anarchist yet live under Capitalism.

I talk friends out of suicide but have suicidal thoughts.

I’m openly perverted but have never had sex.

I have multiple girlfriends but I’m lonely.

I believe gender is artificial but I identify as female.

I don’t believe in God but I still pray.

I’ve never finished college but am told I’m intellectual.

I mock gamers but I love games.

I’m openly sexual but never masturbate.

I want to be cute and pretty but I act like a total tomboy.

I want people to think for themselves yet I tell people what to think.

I love helping others but I can’t help myself.

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