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Amazing VGM: Brokentooth March (LISA: The Joyful)

Sorry there has been an absence of game reviews and or related content as of late. I recently became rather bogged down with the amount of content to write about that I needed to take a break. If one couldn’t tell, my next review is going to be of LISA: The Painful. I just got done playing it as well as its DLC expansion LISA: The Joyful recently, and I found them both amazing, although I don’t consider The Joyful to be a separate game due to its short length.

Anyway LISA is probably my 4th favorite RPG at this time behind Earthbound, NieR Automata, and Undertale. I really like how it refuses to shy away from a lot of seriously dark subject matter the same way most games do, and I even think it has a lot of advantages over the previous three games I mentioned.

What you are listening to is the final boss theme of LISA: The Joyful. It plays during the fight against Dr. Yado, a mad scientist who uses his trumpet to control the joy mutants and rule the world. So you may be wondering “what the fuck are joy mutants?” If that is the case then you clearly haven’t played the game and should do so. The short version is that they are creepy looking mutants created when people overdose on a drug known as “joy.”

Given that the focus of the plot of both LISA: The Painful AND The Joyful is on the characters, I don’t feel any guilt in spoiling that Dr. Yado is the final boss, well sort of. He’s the last real non joke final boss. The track you are listening to only plays in the first phase and you don’t get to hear much of it considering that LISA was never about fighting giant monsters. Almost every enemy you fight is human in some way, and you could probably say that Dr. Yado is the closest to a true monster that the LISA series has.

You only see him a few times throughout The Painful or The Joyful, and when he finally appears it almost feels no different from when JRPGs usually have random final bosses out of nowhere. The main character in The Joyful is a young girl named Buddy, who served as The Painful’s damsel in sorta distress and has become so scared from her past trauma and joy addiction that she seeks to dethrone all of the other warlords and become so powerful that everyone is too scared to hurt her.

Buddy says to Dr. Yado before the final fight that he’s the most pathetic out of all the men that tried to abuse her because he can’t even look her in the eye during his villainous boasting. Due to The Joyful possessing what is quite possibly the most ghetto RPG soundtrack of all time, Yado’s boss theme (and pretty much every boss theme in The Joyful) sounds like the beat to an aggressive gangsta rap song. It goes to show that, to put it quite bluntly, Buddy is about to cut a bitch up.

The song may sound more subdued than most RPG final boss themes, but that’s what makes it work so well. it isn’t pretentious and full of itself like most are (although I don’t mind it when they are) and it has such a strong atmospheric effect in addition to being more addicting fucking crack (or joy for that matter). Even more effective is that you hear a distorted version of this track in the second phase to represent Buddy becoming delirious.

There is a lot of subtlety involved in this track, and it one of the most unique JRPG final boss themes I have heard. Of course there will be plenty of other tracks to cover from the LISA trilogy but I figured I would get my fav out of the way first while I’m still coming off of the game. Fucking play it bitches!

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