Quick Review: Highschool Romance (PC)

Highschool Romance | Maid

Highschool Romance was the sixth of a total of seven visual novels put out by AJ Tilley in the year 2015. Despite putting out a multitude of short titles out in such a quick rate, Highschool Romance is actually a pretty good title. While Highschool Romance is not some type of extraordinary artistic masterpiece, it is not really trying to be. It is just trying to be a fun romantic story involving cross dressing and pseudo lesbian hijinks, and for the most part it does that well.

There are a few flaws and inconsistencies in its laid back approach and the characters are not the most three dimensional. However, it does still make for a fun read regardless and may be worth your money.

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JRPG Update: 7/3/2017 -7/9/2017

I have an unfortunate announcement to make regarding the status of JRPG Update. Following this article, JRPG Update will be put on indefinite hiatus and will most likely be canceled entirely. As satisfied as I was putting these together each week, I have found that it has also become way too overwhelming to do so on a weekly basis and it has reached the point where they are interfering with my other work. Additionally, this is not a case where I can just take a break seeing as how more and more stuff builds up over time, which will just make it infinitely more time consuming when I decide to resume.

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JRPG Update: 4/24/2017 – 5/13/2017

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Since this is the first time I have posted this here, I may as well explain just what JRPG Update is.  The idea is to gather up all JRPG related news that I could and compile it into one place. I usually intend for this to be a weekly update, but this one will contain everything that happened between now and the last JRPG update (which was on my DevianArt account). I didn’t get around to this update for a while since I only recently completed my classes and now have the free time for it. Also one will notice that most sources are from Gematsu. That is because they tend to be the place where one can find news related to Japanese games the easiest, but I will try and look into additional sources in the future for the subject of indie titles or even more niche stuff like eroge.

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