Why “#MeToo” Can’t Be Only About Male on Female Rape.

Me Too

MAJOR Trigger Warning for Rape and sexual abuse! Also misandry, misogyny,  homophobia, transphobia, domestic abuse,

I, among many others, was not originally going to talk about this subject. The reason for this is because the left has the habit of making hashtags but doing nothing with them. They are almost always a call for action, but never any action that follows; the popular term for this is “slacktivism,” to mock the laziness and lack of ambition on the part of those who engage in it. Yes, I am not one to criticize since I post in hashtags as well, and I have used what is normally a blog for gaming and other nerd related interests to get on my own soapbox, but I at least have the excuse of being poor and agoraphobic while I see dozens of others far more capable than myself who do even less than me; and even then, I at least write my own pieces with my potential detractors in mind.

I have never had any interest in preaching to the choir; I have always wanted to speak to those who are not convinced, but have the capacity to be just as long as the right person comes along. Despite my small status, I am glad to say that I have made an impact on those who have heard what I have to say, and this tells me that all I need to do is reach a wider audience. So trust me, I would be getting out there and doing real activism if I was able to, and I do seriously want to in the future, but I need to take care of myself first, so for now, you have my words here.

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Response to Blaire White on Trans Kids: Should we Allow Gender Dysphoric Children to Undergo Hormone Therapy?

Blaire White | Trans kids

TW: References to transphobia, child abuse, and suicide.

I’m going to preface this article with something that a lot of my readers may not have guess if they don’t pay close attention to my Twitter feed; I like Blaire White. I hold a strong amount of respect and admiration for her In fact. I like the way how she just seems to never let anything get to her and that, unlike a lot of prominent trans activists, she doesn’t hold a one sided “Good Vs Evil” view of the world and its people.

That being said, I can’t stand most of her political beliefs and find them to often be ill informed and poorly backed up, and am frustrated that she is insistent that they are the indisputable truth and that there is no argument against them. Perhaps the worst example of this is her views of trans kids. Her views are that allowing trans children to transition is child abuse, and no that is not a strawman. This article is in response to all three of her videos on this subject, and possibly a few tweets. If she has had any additional words about the subject in a live stream or in an earlier video then I am not aware of them, just to provide context. Here are links to her three videos on this subject. Read more

Rant: Heatstreet claims Keijo is Child Porn

Heatstreet | Keijo

Note: This rant was originally posted on October 25th of 2016, just to explain any comparisons to events occurring at the time.

*Sigh* and I thought the Kotaku article was asinine.

In my first episode commentary on the anime series Keijo!!!!!!!!, I made a point about how the main factor that motivated me to watch it was Kotaku’s hit piece on it. I initially said that I didn’t even bother to read the article in question due to a sheer lack of respect. I changed that now and have read through it simply so I can confirm that yes, Heatstreet managed to make something even stupider. Oh, and also because the first thing you read in this article is a quote from Kotaku’s.

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Site Progress and Personal Update: September 2017

Guardian Acorn | Logo

TW: References to suicide, rape, animal abuse, pedophillia and violence… yep, I talk about Starless and Shoujo Tsubaki again in this article. Also towards the end it starts to get sad as I talk about death and grief.

I can’t decide whether or not it felt like this month went by quickly or slowly, but all I can say is that my mind has been bouncing all over the place. I will go from happily enjoying myself in the day to having an emotional breakdown in the middle of the night on more than one occasion. This is more than likely because of HRT as it has been known for making people a lot more emotional. The funny thing is that even though I often look at the news around me and break down because it feels like the world is going to end, the fact that I can feel these strong emotions makes me feel…alive. It feels like HRT has unlocked all these pent up emotions in me and I am now able to feel so much more than I did before. I have often said that I was emotional even prior too HRT, but this is a whole other level. Anyway, here is the recap of last month.

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Looking Back: Did GamerGate Really Play A Role In the Rise of Trump?

Vivian James MAGA

TW: Mentions of misogyny, transphobia, misandry, and a brief facetiouss usage of the F-slur and R-slur as part of a reference to a meme

Vivian James MAGA

Back in late 2014 and early 2015, I was an avid GamerGate supporter, anti-feminist and anti-SJW. I decided to quit being an active supporter early on in 2015 when I had my first girlfriend and realized that there are more important things than being offended over video games. This was back before I realized I was trans and when I just so happened to be suffering from severe depression. I will say that a lot of my anti-feminist beliefs likely stemmed from unrecognized gender dysphoria. It is a lot easier to convince someone that it’s “ackshually men that are the oppressed gender” when one doesn’t identify with the label to begin with.

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AnnieGal Unscripted: Nazis in Charlottesville (and what it means)

AnnieGal Unscripted | Nazis in Charlottesville

I have finally made my video debut for the purposes of talking about the recent protests in Charlottesville.


Hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

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Political Rant: No, Zinnia Jones Isn’t Saying to “Like Cock or You’re a Bigot.”

Zinnia "you suck."

Update: I have made some edits to the text to remove some of the more aggressive and pejorative remarks towards those who misinterpreted Zinnia’s tweets, at least up until a certain point. Misunderstanding things is to be expected and is something that everyone will do, and I do hope to clear some of that up with this article. However, there are some people who just actively WANT to be offended or are just close minded, and once someone reaches that point, I’m done being nice.

Trigger Warning: Transphobia, homophobia.

Zinnia "you suck."
Although it does look like she’s getting sucked off in this pic if her expression is following anime logic.

So, trans activist, Youtube user, and porn star Zinnia Jones has been experiencing a recent flood of hate from AIWs (Antisocial Injustice Warriors, my personal term for the opposite of SJWs) over being told that maybe you shouldn’t base your entire decision on whether you date someone on whether or not you think being attracted to them makes you gay. Of course, most of them didn’t bother to read Zinnia’s entire tweet chain before Read more

Rant: Destructoid’s Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni “Review” is Garbage (And So is Jed Whitaker).

TW: Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sex negativity, mentions of rape and pedophilia.

It is very rare that anything I write in regards to someone of any notable status is ever going to be seen by the person in question. As a result, I know how rare it is to be able to have myself heard by the people I talk about, so I try to write as if there is a chance it will happen just so that if it does, I can take full advantage of it. I know that people are complex human beings who have their own feelings and reasons for doing things and that it should always be possible to have a mature discussion with someone.

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Detailed Review: Kindred Spirits on the Roof (PC)

Kindred Spirits on the Roof | Roof

The 2nd to last Brash Games review left to put up. I will say, getting the chance to play this game, in and of itself, made writing for Brash Games worth it for me, as I likely would not have touched it otherwise. It is also the second most detailed review of mine on the site next to NieR Automata.


If you are interested in playing this game for yourself (which you should be) it can be purchased here (Download) or here (Limited Edition Hardcopy)

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RE: 36 Questions Women Have For Men

Buzzfeed Sucks

Note: This is a repost of a rant I posted on my Deviantart account on February 2nd 2016. There are a few edits made to this in terms of content to better express what I felt, and just for presentational purposes.

Buzzfeed has put out another idiotic video about gender stereotypes despite them being against sexism. Of course what they mean is they are okay with gender stereotyping men but are pissed off whenever it is done to women. Anyway, I’m not a man, but I’ve identified as one for 20 years so i should be qualified enough. Also there are only 29 questions. 7 of them were just rephrased versions of previous questions.

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