Site Progress and Personal Update: November 2017

Still here folks, have been doing this for six months and am still going on strong! This is definitely a good sign as I am really enjoying this. It is really great to see that people are enjoying my content and that I get to talk about things I have not motivated myself to do so previously. Additionally, it feels like I am enjoying games a lot more than I have from 2014-2016. HRT likely plays a part in it since my body is now being purged of literal toxic masculinity, but it feels like there have been more games I have played this year for the first time that really made me feel the same sense of awe and wonderment I did back in my years prior to 2013.

Of course, the reason why It was that way for me back then was because I created a habit for myself after school each day of logging onto the computer and checking out my usual sites that usually consisted of checking Cracked, Gamesrader, and every Youtube channel I frequent (because I was too nervous to create an account of my own for some reason), and HCBailly’s forum some time in 2012 until I was finally inspired to create an account there after relentlessly stalking the forum’s conversations. There were some periods where I was less motivated than others, but I still was compelled to play games for at least a half hour every day at a specific time.

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Response to Blaire White on Trans Kids: Should we Allow Gender Dysphoric Children to Undergo Hormone Therapy?

Blaire White | Trans kids

TW: References to transphobia, child abuse, and suicide.

I’m going to preface this article with something that a lot of my readers may not have guess if they don’t pay close attention to my Twitter feed; I like Blaire White. I hold a strong amount of respect and admiration for her In fact. I like the way how she just seems to never let anything get to her and that, unlike a lot of prominent trans activists, she doesn’t hold a one sided “Good Vs Evil” view of the world and its people.

That being said, I can’t stand most of her political beliefs and find them to often be ill informed and poorly backed up, and am frustrated that she is insistent that they are the indisputable truth and that there is no argument against them. Perhaps the worst example of this is her views of trans kids. Her views are that allowing trans children to transition is child abuse, and no that is not a strawman. This article is in response to all three of her videos on this subject, and possibly a few tweets. If she has had any additional words about the subject in a live stream or in an earlier video then I am not aware of them, just to provide context. Here are links to her three videos on this subject. Read more

New Patreon Rewards System & Personal Update

Yeah, I realized that the current system still isn’t cutting it, so I decided to scrap the current system and put something new in place. Part of the reason is mainly because I know that there is more to this blog than just reviews, and that no one is going to want to pay $30 just to see a game they like covered. As such, I decided to see if I could come up with better content. The rewards are now as follows.

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Site Progress and Personal Update: September 2017

Guardian Acorn | Logo

TW: References to suicide, rape, animal abuse, pedophillia and violence… yep, I talk about Starless and Shoujo Tsubaki again in this article. Also towards the end it starts to get sad as I talk about death and grief.

I can’t decide whether or not it felt like this month went by quickly or slowly, but all I can say is that my mind has been bouncing all over the place. I will go from happily enjoying myself in the day to having an emotional breakdown in the middle of the night on more than one occasion. This is more than likely because of HRT as it has been known for making people a lot more emotional. The funny thing is that even though I often look at the news around me and break down because it feels like the world is going to end, the fact that I can feel these strong emotions makes me feel…alive. It feels like HRT has unlocked all these pent up emotions in me and I am now able to feel so much more than I did before. I have often said that I was emotional even prior too HRT, but this is a whole other level. Anyway, here is the recap of last month.

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Looking Back: Did GamerGate Really Play A Role In the Rise of Trump?

Vivian James MAGA

TW: Mentions of misogyny, transphobia, misandry, and a brief facetiouss usage of the F-slur and R-slur as part of a reference to a meme

Vivian James MAGA

Back in late 2014 and early 2015, I was an avid GamerGate supporter, anti-feminist and anti-SJW. I decided to quit being an active supporter early on in 2015 when I had my first girlfriend and realized that there are more important things than being offended over video games. This was back before I realized I was trans and when I just so happened to be suffering from severe depression. I will say that a lot of my anti-feminist beliefs likely stemmed from unrecognized gender dysphoria. It is a lot easier to convince someone that it’s “ackshually men that are the oppressed gender” when one doesn’t identify with the label to begin with.

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Site Progress and Personal Update: August 2017

The Guardian Acorn logo

To think that I have been going for three months now, or at least two and a half as I only really started about halfway into May. Anyway, there have been a few pretty big milestones that have happened throughout the month of July, and I will get to them shortly; but first there’s the article recap, not counting site updates.

TW: Mentions of misogyny and transphobia, suicide, and a light piece of suggestive Undertale fan art that has some rapey implications (but no nudity).

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Patreon Rules Update

The Guardian Acorn | logo

Update: The rewards for Patreon have been changed significantly, so this article no longer fully applies.

I have found that I may need to change a few things up in order to make my Patreon page more appealing. The best way to do this would be to make some new rules regarding rewards and goals.

If one did not notice, it now only costs $1.00 to be part of the monthly game raffle to win a free Steam code. This week’s is Highschool Romance, which I reviewed here. Speaking of which, that free code for Lethal League is still up for grabs for anyone who wants it.

I am also deciding that admittance to The Guardian Acorn Discord chat is no longer exclusive to Patrons, although I still have it set so that one won’t be able to post until I approve them, just a heads up. The invitation is here.

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