Poem #14: The Cursed

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We walk this earth scorned and burned.

Scowled upon and tortured yearns

for the future to be free for me

and to free us from this painful feeling.

Deep scissor cuts and painful blows from steep cups of boiling blood.

The wrath of imbecilic scorn scrapes like poison rose thorns crawling towards my icy heart.

Listless and lacking we push forward not for ourselves but for those dependent and needy.

Clawing and bleeding, pain seething with every step and every breath screaming out prayer of mercy to hateful vengeful Gods.

Left no choice but self hatred or misanthropic nightmares, our light slowly fades and our life wades.

Dead in all but body

Free in all but soul

The cursed we walk this earth

The heartless remain still

The dead unite and live

The living disperse and die.

For the cursed among us

Push forward and survive!

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