Site Progress & Personal Update: January 2021

Well, we survived 2020, and in 18 days we will have survived the Trump Presidency. Damn, I feel tired even mentioning that. 2020 has had its highs and lows… holy hell did it have its lows. Hell it even culminated in me needing to end a year long relationship that has taken an abusive turn in the past week, with her saying some incredibly hurtful things that struck at my deepest insecurities. It’s one thing when some random troll says these things, but when it’s someone you loved and trusted, it’s a whole other story.

Given that this ex of mine was also the former patron who requested the Fallout 4 review, I’ve decided to postpone that review indefinitely due to the fact that I will be unable to play the game at this time without thinking of her. I’d prefer to not cancel it outright since she did meet the requirements for it, and I want to honor my commitment, but I may as well cover the reviews for patrons who are still supporting me first.

Anyway, I can thankfully say this year ended on a positive note since I spent New Years with one of my other partners, Brittany Eakin, and it was so wonderful getting to be with her after all this isolation. Also as an aside, Brittany has a blog as well, and I’d definitely check it out if you are interested in philosophical writings on trans issues.

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Site Progress & Personal Update: December 2020

So It seems like I’m finally back in the habit of remotely consistent update since Trump got dumped and I decided to start focusing on game reviews. Granted updates have not been quite as consistent as they used to be, but that seems to come and go sometimes. I did get three new game reviews out last month, which I consider to be a good thing since the last new game review up to that point was back in August.

And it should also be noted that it would have been more than those three if I didn’t spend the first week of the month trying not to freak out over the fact that the Presidential Election was as close as it was, and if I didn’t spend a week on a new medication that resulted in a depression spike before I stopped taking it. In other words, I think I will be returning to consistent updates soon. Anyway here are the three reviews in question.

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Site Progress & Personal Update: November 2020 (Trump is Gone Edition)

Holy fucking shit, Trump is gone!!!! Yes, I know, I’ve been REALLY slacking on new content, I was too busy agonizing over whether or not I’d get to live for another four years. I didn’t think I’d ever be relieved to hear that a rapist with dementia has just been elected President of the United States… which sounds really fucked up when I put it like that. Yes, this wasn’t exactly a huge progressive victory, but it does mean that things might get at least a little bit better.

While I’m certainly not intending to quit writing about politics, I am definitely going to take a well deserved break from it. Besides, I definitely need to catch up on some of these game reviews. I’m not going to bother with a recap of last month since I only posted my review of Home, so I may as well just jump right into what’s been up.

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Site Progress & Personal Update: October 2020

Let me just say that last month was total clusterfuck for me, and for everyone else based on the sounds of things. If one hasn’t caught on by now, me not posting a Site Update at the beginning of a month either means I don’t know what to say, or I’m depressed and overwhelmed. I started our September with a wave of depression and chronic fatigue. I managed to combat both of these later by getting my sleep schedule back on track, and by taking multi-vitamins and drinking more water. Anyway, here is the recap of the last few months.

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Site Progress and Personal Update: June 2020

I’m three days into this month and I’m already exhausted. I wish I could start this piece on a more optimistic note, but I’m pissed off and overwhelmed. I’m disgusted with the state of my country even more than usual and I’m find it less and less likely that anything is going to change. Hell I kinda wish I was with those protestors right now, but my parents are middle aged and immunocompromised and I can’t risk them getting the virus.

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Site Progress and Personal Update: May 2020

Guardian Acorn | Continue, Don't Quit

I think it’s safe to say that I am starting to become more active with frequent updates in the past few months. While the amount of reviews posted isn’t as high as they used to be, there is more to this blog than just reviews. I constantly go back and forth between whether or not I should take a break from political writing given that my political pieces don’t gain as much views, but I’ve said before that this blog was never just about video games. Guardian Acorn was always meant to be an expression of myself, and that’s how it’s going to stay. Read more

Site Progress & Personal Update: April 2020

Guardian Acorn | Continue, Don't Quit

So it turns out that I have successfully started kicking this site into high gear again, and have started putting out more frequent pieces. I knew I would get around to doing that eventually, but I did need to change the direction of the site a bit to do so. It’s becoming harder for me to prioritize gaming content when shit just keeps getting worse and worse.

I actually planned on canceling my Pink Tsunami series in favor of just doing The Weekly Bern, but I have decided I’m now doing both since I’ve actually started getting request for them, and have got an influx of followers on my Facebook page for my work with the Facebook group, TCSN – Progressive Candidate Forum. Read more

Site Progress & Personal Update: February 2020

Guardian Acorn | Continue, Don't Quit

I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record each month. I’m basically trying to explain where I’m at mentally and why I don’t put out as many updates as I used to. I wouldn’t be so concerned about my output if it weren’t for the fact that it becomes harder to grow my platform when there is less content. I’m considering returning to my original schedule of editing a previous review of mine each week just so I put something out. I do want to get back in the habit of having smaller stuff to post between the political pieces and new reviews.

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Site Progress & Personal Update: January 2020

We did it folks, we managed to survive three years of a Trump presidency… barely. Unfortunately he has now launched a drone strike on Iran and we may be heading into World War III. I knew that Trump was going to get worse in 2020 but I didn’t think he’d do it THIS soon!! So yeah, hopefully we last until the election or decide to storm the white House and drag Trump’s ass to the guillotine where it belongs, because I don’t want the last post on this site to read like the final few chapters of the Diary of Anne Frank.

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Site Progress & Personal Update: December 2019

Guardian Acorn | Continue, Don't Quit

Gosh it feels like these months are going by in a flash. Things have been going pretty well for me as of late, and I have been quite hard at work. While things are still a bit slower on this blog then they used to be, that is specifically because I’m still working on additional political projects. Specifically, I am trying to get a Facebook group set up for Progressive candidates to interact with their supporters and to build a bigger support base for said candidates.  Thus far I have got 38 candidates to join on and I am still working towards making this a thing.

This is what happens when the higher ups fuck with those less fortunate than them. Those less fortunate get pissed and decide to take things into their own hands, and they raise hell! I apologize if you don’t care about politics and just want to see me talk about vidya Geamz, but I can’t sit this one out. Although I will still try to get some reviews out. Read more