Poem #7: Confusion

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An air of confusion surrounds me.

Despair of harmful illusions confound the surrounding tyranny ever so presently temperant in the fearful nare of neer.

Frozen heavyweight of thick slick volumes of cremated flesh free falling near the twilit tyrant so eminently irate.

It seems to me those of narcissistic disdain should refrain from judgement on those deemed pitifully depraved and sporadically engaged.

Echoes of the quiet wormed turn vicious moth of Roman settlement pierce the Heavens below and the Hellfire above.

Upon thy barren desert lies the absolute end of eternity baring present uncertainty.

Harpoons of dripping blood of the fallen dead fly livid yet sullen, tainted by falsehoods of the flesh fell from the heavenly succubi.

Summoning the remains of one’s faith to demonstrate strength of grace found in innate blockading of the feeble terror.

For greater yet worse, for richer yet inhuman, they dine on human pain and starve to death.

The rest cower in fear and amazement of the haze present. Responsibility begotten by trauma and fear, failure to adjust begets additional pain.

Confusion bares the blame of anger, turning to rage, then sadness, then death.

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