Poem #5: From the Ashes

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From the ashes I rise still clinging to my insides

The judgemental eyes that dare to circumcise

My very being and prevent me from seeing

Hearing and feeling and smelling and tasting

Only being a being foreseeing the waking dreams

Frozen in place only thawed with inferno

Internal strife for most of my life

Soft as feather yet sharp as a knife

Multiple wives yet one continuous love isolated from all else

Herself hold no fortune or wealth

But remorse for herself and no means of help

Yet many means to help from nothing but Hell

Words are sweet yet bitter and sour

Read in a minute and sting for hours

Nobody’s words as impactful as ours

No money is left for the ferryman abound

Thus left in the river styx to swim out or drown

Consigned to drift in the endless sea of monotony

Or risk eternity in dreadful company

Instead to rewrite reality as one’s own duplicity

Thieving and stealing turned racketeering

Inversion of subversion towards the new mouth

Biting the feeding hand turned upside down

Then starving to death of regret

Dousing the corpse and igniting

Repeat and rewinding

Rise from the ashes only to get burned again

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