About Me

My name is Annie Gallagher. I’m a 27 year old trans lesbian, feminist, and gamer. I have generally been the quiet and reclusive type for most of my life due to having severe social anxiety and depression. Despite this, I do generally like socializing with people and do wish I could do it more often. I know how to socialize and I understand social conventions very well, I simply find the process of initiating a conversation with someone immensely draining, and thus my attempts to interact with others have been more indirect. I mostly spend time rambling on Twitter and responding to what someone else says, or writing for this very blog, which is what I use to express my own views and opinions in a more concise and thorough manner.

My difficulties with casual social interaction have greatly heightened my writing ability and my skills at explaining things in ways that draws other’s attention. I have been told that when I speak, I tend to talk in a way that compels others to listen, and that me pausing mid thought sounds less like I am stammering and more like I am thinking about what I say before saying it (which most people allegedly do not do). Writing wise, I have been told that I write in a way that one would attribute to someone twice my age. While I am hardly of internet celebrity status, I have had many give strong praises about both my writing and personality.

I tend to approach things from a philosophical and introspective manner that is meant to touch upon things most people never think of or notice. This plays into my critique of media (mostly video games) because I am the type to go more in depth as to aspects of design and storytelling than most will, and also because I focus on not only how effective a game is as entertainment, but also as art. I also tend to cover a lot of stuff that isn’t typically written about.

I draw reference to my ability to compel others via my writing not because I am bragging and hold a high opinion of myself, but because I only recognized my own self worth due to all of this support. Additionally, I say this because I have always had a rather low opinion of myself and thus feel that other people’s words speak more than mine. Nonetheless, I put a piece of my very soul into every word I type and I take this blog likely way more seriously than most do. As such, I greatly appreciate every bit of support I can get, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone were to share my work, donate to my Patreon, or just stop by my Discord chat and talk to me.

Nonetheless, I thank you for reading this.