Amazing VGM: Boss Battle 3 (The Legend of Dragoon)

The Legend of Dragoon | Virage

Aha gotcha, mentioning The Legend of Dragoon at the end of my last Amazing VGM wasn’t a coincidence, I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming did you? Yeah I still need to write my review on this game cause I’m almost 3/4s of a year overdue on that, but the review is lowest on my priority list. Anyway, this week’s VGM is what I consider to be this game’s best battle theme… which isn’t saying much cause I’m not too into the other ones (aside from the Forbidden land battle theme, that one is badass). They aren’t bad by any means, but they just sound so standard. Granted, i would say that fits since The Legend of Dragoon is a very standard JRPG, but it is so in a way that reminds one of why they liked JRPGs in the first place.

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Episodes 1 and 2: Because Fuck Kotaku

Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 1| Smack

Note: This was originally put up as a Deviantart journal entry on October 16th of 2016, in order to explain references to events that were relevant at the time.

The following Journal entry will contain spoilers for Keijo!!!!!!!! episodes one and two.

So, there is a bit of an interesting story to what inspired me to watch this anime. Believe it or not, it was not just because it’s a series with sexy anime chicks that fight each other using their boobs and butts.  The actual reason is because it’s a series with sexy anime chicks that fight each other using their boobs and butts, AND it pisses off Kotaku.

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Amazing VGM: Ephemeral Memory (Chrono Cross)

Chrono Cross | Main Image

This week’s VGM is another one that I am only vaguely familiar with. My only experience with Chrono Cross was a let’s play and I have forgotten a vast majority of the plot details. I do remember finding the game very somber and depressing, lacking the optimistic tone of Chrono Trigger, while having a much more convoluted plot. I would best sum it up as Chrono Cross is to Chrono Trigger what Mother 3 was to Earthbound. Granted, I would not consider Chrono Cross to be quite AS sad and depressing as Mother 3, but it was still pretty close.

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Quick Review: Lapis Gunner (PC)

Lapis Gunner | Logo

TW: More tentacle rape.

Due to the fact that this game has little in terms of SFW images, I have slightly blurred the screenshots of this game. If you want to see them unblurred, I’d suggest playing the game.

Lapis Gunner is the sequel to Ruby Striker, a short hentai game about a magical girl being tentacle raped by a demonic villain named Zodiac. There was really not all that much to Ruby Striker plot wise as it was purely pornographic material for those into tentacle rape based hentai. Most of the same things that were said about Ruby Striker can be said about Lapis Gunner, although the game overall felt like a step down.

The story of Lapis Gunner takes place after the events of Ruby Striker and focuses on the titular Lapis Gunner, one of Ruby Striker’s allies who came to rescue her. Unfortunately, she got captured by Zodiac as well and awaits a similar fate. From here on out, the game is pretty much the same as Ruby Striker in its structure.

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Amazing VGM: Demo Loop (I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream)

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream | Box Art

So this week’s VGM I actually don’t know much about. It is from a game that I have played, but it was supposedly in the demo for said game, which I have not played. Furthermore, it is already hard enough to find the original in game versions of the tracks in the original PC release, and this demo loop isn’t included on the official release of the soundtrack. Technically, I can’t really verify if this track is legit or not, but it’s a good one regardless.

TW: Mentions of torture and suicide.

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Ruby Striker: Brief but Hardcore Tentacle Action (Eroge Review) (NSFW)

Ruby Striker | Icon

TW: Super Tentacle Hentai Porn (that means tentacle rape, and lot’s of it).

Due to the fact that this game has little in terms of SFW images, I have slightly blurred the screenshots of this game. If you want to see them unblurred, I’d suggest playing the game.

There are generally two types of hentai games; those that take themselves seriously and try to tell an interesting story, and those that just try to be masturbation fuel. Ruby Striker is an example of the latter, and it is a pretty good one at that. As I was reading it, I found myself continually aroused by it and appreciated its creativity and descriptiveness.

It should naturally go without saying that someone who is not into gratuitous tentacle rape should not be playing a game based entirely around it, but some stuff can get a bit on the freaky side and there is some stuff related to pain. As such, those into softer material may be better off elsewhere. Otherwise, the only real flaw is the game’s short length.

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My Name Is Addiction: Poetic Horror at its finest (PC)

eighteen days | My Name Is Addiction

There are two more Oprainfall game reviews left after this. Anyway, this is a severely underrated game. It was on Steam Greenlight since about 2012 but never got accepted, which pisses me off considering the kind of garbage that did. I’m pretty sure the problem was that people thought that the premise (a psychological horror visual novel… about pornography addiction) meant it would be another half assed effort along the lines of Depression Quest, and thus that it would be shit. Well I will put it this way; I’ve suffered from suicidal depression my entire life and Depression Quest could not get a serious reaction out of me. Despite what some may think though, I’m hardly a porn addict, as I literally don’t even masturbate. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, but only in short bursts. That did not stop this game from having a very strong effect on me despite never suffering from any kind of addiction. I would be tempted to say it’s Depression Quest done right (see also, Actual Sunlight).

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Quick Review: 99Seconds (Wii U/DS)

99Seconds | horseshoes

This is one of the last three game reviews from Oprainfall I have yet to post here. Admittedly, the game itself is pretty  uneventful, although fairly fun. It’s one of those games that I found myself forgetting exists multiple times over the years, and only remember it because I reviewed it.

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Steam Greenlight Landfill: Lamia’s Game Room

Lamia's Game Room | Main Image

Lamia’s Game Room was a game released silently within the depth of the now defunct Steam Greenlight. The only way most people would have played it would have been through one of Indiegala’s bundles, which was how I got it. Looking at the game’s Steam page, one will notice that the overall review rating for this game is “mixed” which is a bad sign right away. Another bad sign is the fact that the game is priced at $1.00, which usually means that the game is so short or simplistic that it should be free, but the developers still want to make some money.

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Amazing VGM: Shadowlord (NieR)

NieR Replicant | Box Art

This week’s VGM is going to be quite a doozy. Shadowlord is in my top 5 for best RPG final boss themes, up there with Dancing Mad, The Battle for Everyone’s Souls, Hopes and Dreamsand… okay I don’t know what the fifth one is yet. I do hope that I have made it abundantly clear at this point that I am a huge fan of both NieR titles. Even though there were a few qualms I had with the original, it was still such a powerful experience that I would easily play it again some day. I will admit that having an amazing soundtrack always helps, and NieR has one of the best I’ve ever seen (for those wondering, my favorite game OST is Undertale, which is why there has been such a focus on it, even though it is beaten out by both NieR Automata and Earthbound in terms of favorite game overall).

The last VGM I have covered from NieR was the hauntingly beautiful and sad “Emil Spoiler in Title” and I also touched upon the end credits theme “Ashes of Dreams” in my countdown of the most Beautiful JRPG Ending Credits Themes, so this isn’t the first time I’ve covered this series music wise. However, I will need to go into some plot details to fully explain the use of this music so SPOILERS AHEAD for NieR.

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