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Quick Review: Lapis Gunner (PC) (NSFW)

TW: More tentacle rape.

Due to the fact that this game has little in terms of SFW images, I have slightly blurred the screenshots of this game. If you want to see them unblurred, I’d suggest playing the game.

Lapis Gunner is the sequel to Ruby Striker, a short hentai game about a magical girl being tentacle raped by a demonic villain named Zodiac. There was really not all that much to Ruby Striker plot wise as it was purely pornographic material for those into tentacle rape based hentai. Most of the same things that were said about Ruby Striker can be said about Lapis Gunner, although the game overall felt like a step down.

The story of Lapis Gunner takes place after the events of Ruby Striker and focuses on the titular Lapis Gunner, one of Ruby Striker’s allies who came to rescue her. Unfortunately, she got captured by Zodiac as well and awaits a similar fate. From here on out, the game is pretty much the same as Ruby Striker in its structure.

You can add that second line to almost any plot synopsis and the story would exponentially improve.

Both of them are told from Zodiac’s perspective as he uses the demons he has at his disposal to humiliate and mind break one of our magical girls. However, it must be said that Lapis Gunner, while not bad by any means, was a bit weaker in the delivery than Ruby Striker. This could be partially due to the fact that it does not build upon itself in the same way Ruby Striker does and feels more like a standard slideshow of semi erotic scenes, or it could also be because it does not really offer any improvements over Ruby Striker aside from having two different ending scenes; albeit ones that are the same plot wise and are just different in terms of the sex.

What holds Lapis Gunner back is that it does not build upon anything. Ruby Striker ended on a cliffhanger showing that Lapis Gunner was captured and that she was going to go through the same thing. Conversely, Lapis Gunner has a cliffhanger for Amber Breaker, but it just flashes a “to be continued” screen in the middle of the final scene instead of actually foreshadowing. I also do not have many scenes that stick out in my mind from Lapis Gunner as I do from Ruby Striker.

While the art style in Lapis Gunner is still solid and uses a lot of the same effects, the actual occurrences just lack the same sense of creativity as the first game. The only real scenes I can say that stuck out were ones that pertained to Lapis being forced to lay demon eggs, whilst even the weaker scenes in Ruby Striker were memorable. It also does not help that a lot of the more subtle flaws with Ruby Striker are still present.

So THAT’S why so many girls with long hair cut it in Japanese games!

For example, the skip function still stops whenever there is an animation effect, the start up and closing prompt are still in Japanese, and the game reuses most of the music from Ruby Striker (although the music was one of the better features so that’s not too much of a problem).

I do feel it is important to note that Lapis Gunner is not bad though, it just lacks the same oomph that Ruby Striker had. Lapis Gunner is still perfectly capable of serving its purpose, but just not as much as Ruby Striker. That is the recurring statement one will find that pertains to Lapis Gunner, “it’s good, but not as good as Ruby Striker.” It just goes to show you that sequelitis also applies to hentai games as well.

Lapis Gunner is $10.00 on MangaGamer and DLSite, and so Is Ruby Striker (on both MangaGamer and DLsite). As such, if you have not already played Ruby Striker and are looking for a good hentai game, go with that one. If you have played Ruby Striker and are in the mood for more tentacle action Lapis Gunner won’t be a bad choice.

The review was originally posted on GameFAQs on April 8th of 2016, and has been re-edited with enhanced presentation.

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