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My Name Is Addiction (PC): Poetic Horror at its finest (Detailed Review)

There are two more Oprainfall game reviews left after this. Anyway, this is a severely underrated game. It was on Steam Greenlight since about 2012 but never got accepted, which pisses me off considering the kind of garbage that did. I’m pretty sure the problem was that people thought that the premise (a psychological horror visual novel… about pornography addiction) meant it would be another half assed effort along the lines of Depression Quest, and thus that it would be shit. Well I will put it this way; I’ve suffered from suicidal depression my entire life and Depression Quest could not get a serious reaction out of me. Despite what some may think though, I’m hardly a porn addict, as I literally don’t even masturbate. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, but only in short bursts. That did not stop this game from having a very strong effect on me despite never suffering from any kind of addiction. I would be tempted to say it’s Depression Quest done right (see also, Actual Sunlight).


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