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Site Progress & Personal Update: November 2022 (Pre-Midterm Edition)

I know, I know, I skipped over the September update because I literally forgot about it, and then didn’t bother with one in October because I may as well just wait until the next month so it matches up with the usual schedule. And yes, I know that the only shit I posted six times since July and two of those were Poems and the other two weren’t even for this site. I can assure you that I was working on political shit this entire time, I just wasn’t writing about it.

Speaking of which, Midterms are in seven days, and holy fuck am I anxious as hell. Things have just been getting so much worse, and Democrats barely winning another nail biter election against the Leopards Eating People’s Faces party is so much less than what they deserve. Hence why I’ve been spending so much time doing whatever shit I could to make sure it’s more than that, or even just that and not a “we all get our faces eaten” election.

Anyway here’s the recap.

Poem #136: Cage

NieR Replicant ver.1.2247448713… (PS4/XONE/PC): Absolutely Breathtaking (Detailed Review)

The Progressive Update (8/22/2022): July & August recap, Florida & New York Primaries.

Poem #137: Dead & Dirty

Quick Review: Cover Me in Leaves (PC)

Quick Review: SLASHER, Interrupted (PC)

So, in case one didn’t get the memo, my visual novel reviews are now being posted to another site called Fuwanovel. Fuwanovel has a lot of history as a major site for visual novels from before VNs got popular in the west. In recent years, it has been less active… until the staff of purchased it that is. And considering how much Hata has promoted my work, and that he’s a friend of mine, it’s only inevitable that I’d hop on board. Anyway, I’m really enthusiastic about contributing to Fuwanovel considering that I will be working with a wide variety of other visual novel content creators, and also the fact that I have a chance to put my own work before a larger audience.

I have just recently completed Tales From the Under Realm – After Midnight, an indie VN that was given as a review code to Fuwanovel, and I the review should be completed in the near future. The next visual novel I plan to cover is something a bit bigger. My current plan is to cover Gore Screaming Show, a visual novel from the same team that made SaDistic BlooD, and from the same director behind Dead End Aegis. It should be noted that while SaDistic BlooD and Dead End Aegis are more recent works, Gore Screaming Show’s original release was in 2006, making it a fair bit older.

It feels pretty sweet to see older eroge not only getting localized, but also performing successfully as well. This makes me really hopeful that we can see Ueda Metawo’s other works like MinDead BlooD, Extravaganza, and Dasaku localized as well… yes I know, Metawo had no involvement in Dasaku, I just REALLY want to play that one. I do still plan to post my other reviews to Guardian Acorn of course, and I do have a decent amount of games lined up for that. Some noteworthy games I intend to review in the near future include Irisu Syndrome, UnderParty, DepraviA, (Mario) The Music Box Remastered, Omori, and Karryn’s Prison.

Additionally, I’ve been working on yet ANOTHER update to the Disturbing Games Iceberg, which was brought on because Youtuber Redlyne has started on an explanation series for my Iceberg, and he said he wouldn’t feel offended if I made another update since seeing these videos re-sparked my interest in the project. What’s kinda funny about this is that another person was also working on an explanation video, but then they cancelled it over a Twitter argument. They really thought that was an own didn’t they?

So, the question is, should I talk about politics since the midterms are coming up? Yes. There is something very important that you should know… Republicans are bad and you shouldn’t vote for them. That is all.

Okay now to shout out my patrons. Special thanks to Jimbolance, Silvermoon9000, Yuster Yumeister, Nora, Ciro Duran, Rana Newlove, Cat Stedman, D Inacio, Diana Eakin, Sam, Kelly Gallagher, Narumolly, IceTheRetroKid, Dia, and Rin Mari. I immensely appreciate the support you all have offered me through this, especially given the lack of recent content, which I plan to fix. If you want to support me or my work, then please consider pledging to my Patreon here.

Anyway, I will see you all next update, which hopefully will stick to the actual set schedule this time.

3 thoughts on “Site Progress & Personal Update: November 2022 (Pre-Midterm Edition)

  1. I actually am on the final route of Gore Screaming Show myself! I have to say, it successfully accomplishes its goal of unsettling or terrifying the player (or downright shocking them with its gore scenes). However, I must say that it’s one of those VNs were you don’t really get the full picture playing any of the 3 main routes. You need to unlock the one of the characters’ routes, complete it, then get to the final True Route to get the full story. It isn’t like Fate/Stay Night or Dies Irae where the story develops further with each sequential route or resolves its plotlines in different ways. The basic routes are interchangeable except for the main heroine. Still, it’s very good so I look forward to seeing what you think of it.

    I originally found this blog because I was looking for reviews about what other people thought of VNs such as Sadistic Blood and Euphoria, which are uniquely disturbing titles that I read a long while ago. Glad to see someone is passionate about it and reviewing them regularly.

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