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SaDistic Blood (PC): Grotesque Nightmare Fuel (Detailed Review) (NSFL)

CW: Rape, torture, dismemberment, dissection, death, vomit, and all around extreme gore and sexual violence. I can not even begin to list every potential trigger in this game. If you have no triggers, you will after reading SaDistic Blood. The content of this game will be described in detail in the text of this review.

In my line of work, I get asked a lot of weird questions, a recent example of which is “Annie, why the fuck did you decide to review two of the most sick and depraved games ever made in a row?” Well, they were both intended to be in October, so they would be Halloween related, but I overestimated my timeliness once again. And that was before I needed to switch to another web hosting server, which required that I not make any changes to the site, which meant no writing for two weeks. Anyway I did it because it’s what the kids call a “pro gamer move.” Do any of you want to fuck with the bitch who reviews Maggot Baits and SaDistic Blood back to back? If you do, you’re probably as fucked as I am.

But yes, I figured I’d open with a comedy routine, because Jesus fucking Christ is this one sick! I didn’t really give all that much thought to this particular game before playing it. I just thought, “no one will expect me to cover this right after Maggot Baits, and it will probably be good for the views since everyone seems to love when I cover super fucked up shit.” Pretty much all I knew about this game going in was lesbian vampires, and that it’s grotesque and violent, and I can confirm that it does have those two things.

The Vampire Hunters are known critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As for it’s quality, it’s not entirely clear cut. I’ll just get it out of the way, SaDistic Blood is not Euphoria or Maggot Baits. Thankfully, it’s not Starless either, but you need to really strike gold if you want to appeal to anyone outside your niche, especially considering that SaDistic Blood is even more fucked than Maggot Baits was! I made sure to emphasis Maggot Baits’ grotesquery as much as possibly, but I personally had no problem getting through it. I mean sure, there were moments where I thought “what the fuck is wrong with the people who made this!?” but nothing that really fucked with me on a subconscious level.

I must confess that I’ve changed a lot since I first reviewed Starless. I suspect the reason that game traumatized me as much as It did was because I was far less mentally healthy, and also less desensitized. It was six years ago when I first played it. I know how to cope with negative emotions far better, which means a game like this is much less likely to get to me. Both Maggot Baits and SaDistic Blood are far more disturbing content wise, and if I read these around the same time, they may have taken a lot more out of me then they did now. But note that even with my overall improved mental fortitude, SaDistic Blood still gave me quite a beating.

There were points where I was genuinely dreading what kind of hellish shit this game would show me next. One scene in particular was so horrifying that it made me cry. Granted, it was of the “a single tear dropped down my face” sort, and not the “I curled up in the fetal position and sobbed non-stop about how far I’ve fallen” kind, but keep in mind, I’m a guro fetishist. I can literally see a drawing of a woman orgasming while being hanged with her own intestines, and be like “yeah, that’s some good shit,” so just imagine what would push someone like me to my limits. Or just read the next few paragraphs where I spell it out so no one decides to play it to satisfy their curiosity.

Anyway, now the bullet point list of SaDistic Blood’s greatest hits! Although I’m honestly hesitating a bit in whether I should even tell you. Most of you are probably all thinking “Oh God! Annie masturbates anime girls hanging themselves with their own intestines! Oh dear Goddess! I thought you were a pure chaste maiden, my image of you has been completely shattered and I’ll never look at you the same way again!” Well if it’s any consolation, I literally don’t masturbate at all, the drawings of mutilated anime corpses is just how I calm at the end of a long stressful day. Yeah, I’m stalling, because I’d literally rather talk about my masturbation habits or lack thereof than discuss the contents of this game, but I suppose you’d be disappointed if I didn’t. At the very least, I scared off all the normies with this paragraph.

So tell me, do the words “sulfuric acid enema” make you cringe? Well that’s not good, because that’s one of the tamer scenes. There are three scenes that were particularly disgusting, and I’m about to describe them all in detail. This is your last warning!

Similarly to Maggot Baits, the characters in SaDistic Blood are given a plot mandated excuse for why they can survive extreme amounts of torture and disfigurement. The excuse is that these characters are vampires, and can take much more physical punishment then humans. However, the first of these scenes just stars a regular human at the mercy of three living super weapons that are basically demons. It starts like a typical hentai rape scene, but quickly escalates until the woman’s arms are torn straight off, her eye is gouged out, razor sharp tentacles go through her ass and come out her mouth, tearing up everything in the process including her face. All of the internal cuts and bleeding is drawn in and you can see it in grotesque detail. As if that wasn’t enough, it all ends off with one of the demon’s removing his gargantuan cock from the woman, and it’s so big that it literally pulls the woman’s rectum out of her.

I’ve never seen censor pixels work so hard. Poor boys deserve a raise.

Does that leave mental scars? Because we still have two scenes that are worse than that. The second to worst scene has a woman restrained using barbed wire, and that’s before you even see any gore. It starts out like your typical degenerate hentai fair, which involves one of the demon’s nutting inside a woman’s mouth several times, but then the same razor tentacle guy as before puts them all the way through again, and proceeds to remove every internal organ with said tentacles, and drag them up through her throat and force her to cough them out. Heart, liver, large and small intestines, and a few others that I can’t even name off the top of my head. All of this shit is drawn and animated as well, including the thick chunks of black blood that she coughs up… and that I’m about to.

Okay, so, the most horrific scene, though I may need to catch my breath. Not usually a good sign for typing, but give me a minute here. I had to fucking watch this shit first hand, how the fuck am I still alive? I may be having a bit of an existential crisis right now… yeah I have a lot of those when I review fucked up hentai games. Honestly I’m kinda surprised I got through the Maggot Baits review without one, but that may just be because Maggot Baits had an amazing story behind all the literal torture porn. SaDistic Blood’s is just… okay. The story is good, but it’s not “I’d watch someone puke out their large intestines to see how this ends” good. Of course I’ll probably review the sequel anyway because I’ve lost control of my life, but I also might not. Maybe I’ll walk away from this. Maybe I’ll build model trains instead… yeah I probably won’t do that.

Correction: Poor boys need to unionize.

Anyway here’s the worst scene in the game. It starts with a woman strapped to an operating table, where she has pins stuck in her breasts, and a large piercing needle that goes straight through both her tits right under the nipples. An incision is made straight down her stomach, and her skin is simply peeled off to the side and nailed down, allowing you to see the inside of this woman’s body from her rib cage to her pelvis. The doctor then rapes her, and you can literally see the tip of his dick on the inside. The doctor then ejaculates on the woman’s internal organs, and then puts more needles through her already exposed insides. The doctor then drops hot coffee on the woman’s exposed stomach, causing her to literally piss blood in pain.

The woman then has her arms and legs amputated, and the skin is removed off of the upper half of her body. She is left this way for a while while the doctor’s monitor her condition, until they eventually decide to remove every part of her body except for her lungs, spinal cord, and heart, although they also leave her nipples and clitoris surgically attached by thin nerves so that they can artificially stimulate them despite the woman literally just being a head. She is then kept alive as long as possible just to see how resilient vampires are, and it’s hinted that there was something that made her survive an abnormal amount of torture.

When there’s so much gore that it loops back around to being mostly SFL.

I need to add that it’s not just the visuals that add to all this depravity, it’s also the sickening amount of detail that’s put into the writing. It’s also the voice acting, which is so convincing that I haven’t ruled out the possibility that they actually tortured someone to make this. There’s the blood curdling sound effects, and the atmospheric and intense music. Everything in this game is going out of its way to horrify you, and everything in this game succeeds.

SaDistic Blood is very good at setting the right tone and atmosphere for each scene, which is why the few vanilla scenes in this game were very nice. The first sex scene in the game between Shizuha and Yuna was not only sexy as hell, but it perfectly captured the feelings of love and intimacy that are missing in so many eroge. Despite having so much less time to get attached to these two characters, this one scene perfectly felt more impactful than any of the scenes in Majikoi, despite the latter having far more developed characters that you spent a lot more time with.

The weirdest think about SaDistic Blood is that it’s story did not need such grotesque scenes. In fact, an all ages version of this game would not be too hard to make considering that the guro scenes don’t really add much to the story. Compare this to games like Euphoria and Maggot Baits where the aforementioned scenes lend themselves to the plot. Both of these games have some of the most satisfying conclusions I’ve ever seen precisely because they are contrasted to all of the intense rape and torture before hand. Those games may be royally fucked, but they at the very least reward you for pushing your way through. Hell even Starless had one ending where your main characters live happily ever after.

These decisions determine whether Yuza and Shizuha escape with their internal organs intact.

SaDistic Blood however, is an incomplete story. It’s actually only the first half of of one story, that is to be continued in another game. While most of the game’s endings lead to the two main characters getting either tortured or killed, there are a few that just end when the story is about to get interesting. There’s one ending where i builds up this huge battle between the Vampires and the hunters, and then it ends.

Cliffhangers are already an immensely frustrating media trope, but imagine if someone had the same experience with this game that I had with Starless. That sort of “It’s so horrifying that I can’t look away, I NEED to know what happens” mentality, combined with a fucking cliffhanger! I actually don’t even know if this is a fair criticism, because this game clearly is not intended for anyone other than experienced guro hounds who have already seen some serious shit.

And it’s not as if I don’t like the story. I did find the story quite compelling, and I really loved the dynamic that Yuna and Shizuha have, and there was a genuinely fascinating twist regarding these two characters that I quite liked. The story IS good, but it’s not good enough that non guro fans will be willing to tolerate the onslaught of sickening torture. Okay, maybe yuri fans who have a strong tolerance for violence and gore can enjoy this, but usually tolerance is only built up through experience if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I will probably be reviewing part 2 when it comes out, against my better judgement of course. Part of the reason being that this is Cyclet/Black Cyc’s first officially localized title, and there are some tiles of theirs that I’d love to see officially brought over ( I’m referring to Dasaku, for the Jast rep reading this).

Anyway I’m sure there will be plenty of hentai visual novels for me to traumatize myself with in the future, but for now, I have to focus on the most disturbing game of all… politics.

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8 thoughts on “SaDistic Blood (PC): Grotesque Nightmare Fuel (Detailed Review) (NSFL)

  1. Woah, sounds like you really went above and beyond this time. This game sounds like something I wouldn’t enjoy, so I’m glad you took your time to review it. I didn’t know it existed.
    I hope life gives you some more leeway for enjoyment. Things are still tough, so my guess is that the mood isn’t the best in many places.
    Best of wishes. You’re great and I love your content.

  2. Wow, good job. I had no idea that this game even existed and though now I’ve lost all interest in actually playing this; I can’t say I didn’t enjoy reading this, though of course, I didn’t particularly enjoy it either. Despite all the questions in my head about my opinion of this game, I can really appreciate(?!) that you’ve gone and described the game in such detail. Good luck in whatever your doing okay

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