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A Loli Fash and his Underage Sister – Exposing Ivad Yurei (NSFL)

I want to be real with you all for a moment; things are getting fucked. I’ve had to spend more time writing pieces about serious drama as of late, because it’s been impossible for me to ignore it. I’m not in any personal concern for my safety or anything, I just made the decision to go digging into the online history of one of my stalkers, and what I found was nothing short of sickening.

The culprit in question usually goes by then name of Ivad or Davi, though he has also gone by Ivan, Vic, Nian, or Remi. His usernames have included CEO of Kiyohime, YureiEu, Eumes8, Eumesmonao, ScarletHellcon, TradCuny, BelovedIochi, StoicCuny, IvadYurei, DeadBlueEphitet, MutEumes, RoriFischl, Uncle_Abby_, GosickAgora, CunnyDeflowerer, and SaveAnchorPoint. For the purposes of this article, I will be referring to him as Ivad.

CW: Detailed descriptions and discussions of rape, pedophilia, grooming, incest, stalking, doxxing, child abuse, transphobia, racism, slavery apologia, CSEM, gaslighting, rape apologia, revenge porn, and violence. This piece will deal with some very heavy subject matter.

I’d almost find it vindicating that the same person who got my Patreon taken down, and who distributed my doxx in private, is also engaging in the kind of ghoulish behavior that proves that every fear I had about him and his clique was entirely true, if it weren’t for the fact that all of this was out in the open. People like Ivad are not content to just be predatory, cruel, and sadistic towards their victims, they also need to have an audience to their depravity.

Many have heard tales of abusers and predators putting on a friendly face in order to gain favor with vulnerable people, and it’s not as if this is never the case. However, some people make it incredibly obvious. For anyone who has had a run in with Twitter’s lolicon community, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Tell me if you’ve heard of this archetype before; adult male, reactionary right wing political views, hates minorities, overly obsessed with anime, constantly picking fights with trans people or teenagers over dumb bullshit, and their timeline is flooded with lewd anime drawings, which mostly consist of loli.

For these people, the entirety of their existence is defined by them protecting anime fanservice and their virginity with every last breath of air. For every gibbering puriteen who talks about how icky drawings cause rape, you have one seething incel who insists otherwise, but secretly believes the same thing, only they think it’s based. These people view themselves as an oppressed group of people who are victims of feminism and transgender ideology, while also believing that they represent the silent majority of humanity.

In actuality, these people are walking stereotypes, and most people on the left and right believe they are future school shooters or child rapists. The subject of lolicon, in all honesty, is far more complex and nuanced than the vast majority of online discussion awould indicate. I’m saving my full views on the subject for a later piece, but I’m sure you all know how I feel about puritanical anti-kink bullshit.

I need to make it clear, there’s a huge difference between being kinky and being a creep, and a lot of people don’t know the difference. Puritans believe that all sex (or at the very least, the kinks they don’t like) are innately creepy, and will be unable to differentiate between genuine creeps and abusers, and people who simply acknowledge that sex and kink is a part of life. Conversely, there are those who cannot tell apart kink and abuse because they are the exact type of abusers that puritans believe all kinksters are.

The biggest irony of this is that puritans and abusers are often one in the same, because puritans cannot understand abusive behavior or dynamics beyond “this group is ontologically evil and deserves any mistreatment no matter how depraved.” This is why you see so many Catholic Priests who molest kids while also ranting about the depravity of the homosexual agenda, and this is also why so many predator hunters get outted as abusers. The people who are most vocally opposed to perceived “degeneracy” are those that consider it a bigger mark against one’s character than genuine abuse, and thus, “degeneracy” can be excused so long as it is against the right target.

I’d normally drag the exposition out a bit longer, but I’m currently so disgusted that I just want this piece to be over and done with. The reason those last few paragraphs are relevant is that Ivad has a habit of pretending he’s MamaMax whenever he talks about me, and likes to present himself as this sort of defender of justice against devious sexual predators… while he’s also grooming his underage sister. Oh believe me, we’ll get to the evidence against him, but first, I’d like to talk about his “evidence” against me.

His accounts get suspended so frequently that he needed to make an alternate account to list his “evidence” threads. His thread against me consists of a bunch of inane gish gallop that only works against people with no critical thinking skills who already are leaning towards the same conclusion, if they aren’t outright lies.

Literally the first post in this thread is some terminally online nonsense about me “supporting antis who hate lolicon” while being a lolicon and… saying that lolicon is drawings of minors. I love how people like Ivad are so steeped in terminally online discourse that the first post in their “Annie is a pedophile” thread is “Annie is mean to lolicons,” when I’ve been significantly nicer to this community than the vast majority of the population. But yeah, me liking a few troll posts meant to take the piss out of manchildren whose entire life revolves around defending their right to jerk it to anime children is definitely a mark against my character. Oh yeah, they also take issue with me calling them anime children, which I’m sure is not a perspective shown through any of his posts…

Oh look, according to his Carrd.co page, Ivad’s ideal woman is 17 years old. Keep in mind, this man is at least 25, probably 26. Given that he thinks it’s incorrect to call fictional characters “minors” and believes it’s a sign of predatory intent, then surely the same standard would suggest that this is reflective on his real life preferences?

So, Ivad has retweeted a post saying to “use your fingers” on girls under ten. I’m sure Ivad would say this is some erotic fantasy larp that doesn’t apply to real life, but fictional characters don’t have ages! By Ivad’s own logic, this is evidence of him being a pedophile.

Okay this one doesn’t even have the pretense of being about fiction, what the actual fuck dude? You think that me correctly describing the content of loli hentai is proof of me being a pedophile, yet you retweeting posts about diddling 10 year olds is just fine? It’s genuinely amazing how, depending on the situation, Ivad is either proud of his degeneracy, or ashamed of it. He won’t admit that lolis are typically child characters, yet he’s comfortable having his pinned post be a sixteen tweet thread about how he would rape Nadeko Sengoku?

The full thread has been archived btw (Very NSFW). This is an account that he got into serious arguments on. I know because this was the first account of his I ran into.

Oh, and about that thread, he was actually mad when antis attacked him over it. Note that antis are typically teenagers; so commonly that they are frequently referred to as “puriteens.” Ivad is basically bragging about showing his rape fantasies to minors, and trying to pass it off as a political statement against transgressive fiction. Let me be clear, Ivad’s rape fetish isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that he loves to shove it in people’s faces, and complains when people are horrified. He thrives off of weaponizing his controversial kinks to upset others, and then uses pro-fiction beliefs as a shield. Keep in mind that exposing children to NSFW content is a common method of grooming.

As for the thread itself, Ivad describes Nadeko Sengoku as “peak age” (she’s canonically 14). He also includes the phrase “I would tight her up, and record it all and send to her parents thought an anonymous email, they don’t seem to actually care but I know her dad would get off to it.” Broken English aside, one can obviously ascertain that Ivad has some sadistic tendencies based on this sexual fantasy of his. Sadistic sexual fantasies in and of themselves are not innately immoral, but it does explain a lot of his personality. It explains that he gets off on horrifying and traumatizing vulnerable people with his abusive behavior and personality. If anything, his online activity of traumatizing teenagers and exposing them to sadistic rape fantasies could simply be an easier method of getting his rocks off than actually abusing a child in real life.

I also want to address that “lolicon trad fantasy is worse than pedophilia” bit in his call out thread against me. The reason I said this is because innate sexual preferences are not an indicator of moral character. Ivad loves to give me shit over my friendship with Zeeb, but I’ve never seen Zeeb post rape porn in front of minors and brag about how triggered said minors are. Now this discussion is moot because Ivad is obviously a pedophile, but even if he wasn’t, it wouldn’t mean shit. Most child molesters are not even pedophiles in fact, but instead get off on asserting power over vulnerable people, much like Ivad does.

Continuing with Ivad’s idiotic cancel thread, he cited me being mildly defensive of Sophie Labelle and posting stock photos of toddlers to show that they don’t look like anime drawings, as me being a pedophile. I never knew how to respond to this one, not because it’s a solid argument, but because it literally isn’t an argument. Stock photos of children makes someone a pedophile now? Well someone better tell Google, because apparently they are hosting a mother load of CSEM. He also claims that it was while I was talking about hentai, but I literally wasn’t.

The thread in question was in reference to a viral tweet where Mindle, a fairly infamous lolicon shitposter, posted a screenshot of an anime toddler captioned with…. well you can read it yourself if you really care. Point is, the screenshot is of an anime toddler that is fully clothed, and the anime in question is not a hentai, it’s just Mindle doing… Mindle things. As an aside, Mindle hasn’t done anything wrong other have gross fetishes that are too much even for me. None of his posts are intended outside of his own following, and as far as I know, he hasn’t acted like a creep towards any real life minors, so I have no issues with him.

The thread I posted was about the nature of artistic perspective and how cartoons are not a 100% replica of their real life equivalents. Given how much Ivad and other loli cultists have attacked me over this, I can only assume that they disagree, and believe that lolicon is pedophilia… oh wait, that’s what they accuse me of believing. I also want to draw attention to the specific screenshot that Ivad uses in his call out.

The first thing I want to note is that this person chose to pixelate these images of clothed toddlers in a direct attempt to make it look like CSEM, and then this person claimed that it was done as a joke when called out on it. Given what I know about this person, I genuinely don’t know which one is true because they are kind of an idiot. Either way, the important part of this is who this person is.

This person is known as Emma The Ice Goddess, or Azura, or Phoebe, she goes by a bunch of different names. She is a former member of my community, and she occupies the same space as Cassandra Mel in terms of worst people to ever set foot in my community. As far as I know, she has completely fucked off, and thus is not anyone’s problem. This was a wise decision on her part, because the only thing stopping me from giving Emma the Cassandra Mel treatment and letting the world know the fucked up shit she did to my friends, is the fact that said friends don’t want to re traumatize themselves by reliving it. I have yet to do serious investigation into Emma’s shit, but what I’ve already heard indicates that she may be even worse than Cassandra. I hope that this is the last that I or anyone else has anything to say about her.

I bring this up because Ivad goes on to list my prior association with her as a point against me, in spite of the fact that they used Emma’s screenshots as evidence. They also cite a thread by CocoGoatCutie as evidence, who you may remember, is the same person who claimed I’m sexually attracted to my mother, who is also my rapist, and told me I was too ugly to be a victim of CSA. Yeah, some wonderful people in this crowd. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of CocoGoatCutie in the replies of known CSEM distributor Dom Lucre, and her claiming that Cassandra Mel and Ghislaine Maxwell are “anti pedophilia.”

Unsurprisingly, Ivad didn’t know shit about the situation with Emma, and proceeded to make up a narrative in his head. For one, Goddess Sky was 18 at the time, clearly not a fucking minor, and Sky also had some allegations of misconduct with minors (though I don’t know how substantiated they are). The screenshots in question not only show me being up front about the kind of shit Emma was accused of, they show me trying to warn Cocogoat of what she is, because she’s uncritically citing Emma’s testimony against me. The screenshots literally show Cocogoat defending the same rapist pedophile that they accuse me of defending, while this person cites screenshots from that aforementioned rapist pedophile.

One other bit of misinformation spread by Ivad is the claim that Emma is in my private server. This is in spite of the fact that the member list of that server was leaked, and that anyone who looked at it could see that Emma was nowhere to be seen. He literally just included Emma in that list because it better suited his narrative. The assertion that I would have let Emma in my private server is absurd because, aside from the fact that I found her to be an outright creep even before I knew that she raped a friend of mine, she had an entire arc where she went running to Fate CEO because I talked to Goddess Sky in DMs. Keep in mind that a private server is supposed to be PRIVATE. It means you don’t invite loud mouth idiots who will turn on you over the slightest move against them.

So, the non-bullshit version of that story is that Emma was a supporter of mine, but she always had significantly stronger feelings about me than I did for her. The one genuine error I made in the past few years was the belief that I could fix people like Emma and Cassandra. People like this will swear up and down that they want to change and that they want help, but they rely on someone else to “fix” them, and they attach themselves to that person like a parasitic leech. Trusting these people on any level was an egregious error of mine, and criticism towards me for it is absolutely warranted. The problem is, Ivad is the last person who should be offering it.

Ivad also went after me for attempting to reform Cassandra Mel, and then proceeded to use screenshots that Cassandra Mel leaked to Fate CEO against me, in spite of the fact that Cassandra quite literally groomed and gaslit me into believing I was a pedophile. My brother in Christ, you literally cited two different offending pedophiles for evidence against me, while also claiming I support them. Also I like how Ivad thinks that MAP flags in drawings is a mark against me. What happened to “it’s just a drawing” Ivad?

The rest of Ivad’s thread consists of

Ivad’s thread against me is a perfect example of Brandolini’s Law, “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it.” I genuinely did not catch all of the misinformation present in Ivad’s thread until I sat down to write this post. I could debunk Ivad’s lies and misinformation until the heat death of the universe, but engaging with it any further would be playing right into his trap. The point isn’t to attack me, it’s to keep me on the defensive so I don’t go looking into his shit. And it worked for a while.

That being said, if Ivad didn’t want me to uncover his shit, then maybe he shouldn’t have accused me of so many things that he’s guilty of himself. Examples of this include…

That all being said, the most noteworthy hypocrisy is him claiming Zeeb is pro-contact, considering some of his past statements.

“Depends on the age gap?” Well Ivad, that sounds an awful lot like “kids can consent” to me. Zeeb’s post at the very least had additional context that connected it to non-sexual subject matters. I will fully admit that if you showed Zeeb’s post to a random person on the street, they’d probably be a bit suspicious. But this here is literally just “some kids can consent.”

Shit like this is what happens when you think that “degeneracy” is a bigger mark against a person than their willingness to exploit or abuse others. Because to HELL with teaching young people how to properly navigate relationships with vulnerable people. Clearly the solution is to say that some behavior is okay until it suddenly isn’t. Oh wait, Ivad thinks the only danger at play is an older person being attracted to a younger person… oh wait, Ivad has literally admitted that moral character is of greater concern than innate attraction… I think…

In very broken English……

In all fairness, this is an incredibly vague and incomprehensible statement. This could also be interpreted as him saying that he believes pedophilia isn’t innate but that bisexuality is, and that child predators targeting children of both genders proves it. This is of course, nonsensical, because there’s no research that suggests pedophiles are all bisexual (though he may be citing some far right crank that says that pedophiles are disproportionately LGBT, and is just trying to launder it to appear more respectful). There IS some accuracy in that serial abusers do tend to target vulnerable people of all genders, but then again, serial abusers don’t just limit themselves to children either. Jeffery Epstein, Jimmy Saville, and R Kelly all had adult victims. In fact, Jimmy Saville’s oldest victim was 75. Good God almighty, Ivad spews out so much misinformation that I’m getting distracted from the initial point just to debunk his dumb bullshit. Anyway, he has another post literally saying the exact point I’m trying to make. Now back to Ivad’s weird takes about consent.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh no, Ivad, a twelve year old should not be dating a sixteen year old. You all have lost the plot on why age gaps are wrong in relationships SO fucking bad! Yes, it’s creepy if someone in his 50s dates someone in their early 20s, but the higher number in an age gap is not nearly as important as the lower number. There is a significantly larger gap in maturity between a twelve year old and a sixteen year old, than there is between a thirty and a sixty year old. Also keep in mind, 23% of cases of child sexual abuse are committed by people under the age of 18. To respond to the inevitable definition trolling, I’m just going to quote another piece of mine.

One other tactic that Fesh likes to employ is to engage in definition trolling, where he’d deliberately post shit like “you can’t commit sexual assault over Discord because you have to be physically present.” This was meant to invalidate Saige’s anger towards being sexually harassed by @AztecTunes. Yet, it’s sneakily worded so that Fesh can nuance troll and say “well ackshually that would be sexual harassment, not assault.”

Replace Fesh with Ivad, “sexual assault” with pedophilia, and remove the references to specific victims and perpetrators, and you have the exact same situation here.

You might be wondering why I’m taking the time to debunk these precise statements of his, and how they are evidence of abusive or predatory behavior. Well, the thing to remember is that people who don’t understand consent will often violate it, and Ivad has a child’s understanding of consent. Knowing the signs of abusive behavior is very important to protecting oneself and others from it. But yeah, it is dragging the pace of the article, so I’ll just post a few more incriminating screenshots before diving into the meat of his abuse.

Ivad literally blaming a minor for adults creeping on them.

Okay, now that this is out of the way, we need to address the serious shit. Everything up until this point is just to set the stage and to demonstrate Ivad’s true character. Ivad has the tendency to use “irony” and memes as a means of shielding his true attractions and beliefs, and to lend himself more plausible deniability in case anyone decides to go looking into his shit. This behavior is quite common in loli fash circles, given the amount of overlap between loli fascists and “ironic” 4chan Nazis. Their tactics are to condition people to accept pro pederast rhetoric as “memes” so that actual abusers can hide in plain sight. Some of them may just be playing along with the joke and not even realize what they are doing, and that’s what makes this such an effective tactic.

This is why I felt the need to point out the inconsistencies in Ivad’s supposed world view. Normies may assume by default that all lolicons are degenerate predators, but they aren’t the intended target. They instead want to recruit vulnerable, impressionable young people with nowhere else to go. One of the key reasons I was open about my odd sexual preferences on Twitter was because of this. Deranged puritanical antishippers have an unfortunate habit of pushing traumatized, vulnerable people right into the arms of fascists, and the only means of preventing this is for more leftists to opposes puritanical “progressivism.” And this is, in turn, why people like Ivad despise me so much.

There’s also a disturbing correlation between fascism and pederasty. This trend is so common that it has been dubbed “pedocon theory.” If you want to see how prevalent this is, just look up #notadragqueen on Twitter. What we also know about fascists, especially loli fascists, is how much they love to flagrantly accuse their critics of “projecting” their own pedophilic desires. Literally the equivalent of a small child saying “I know you are but what am I?” over and over again. The irony is that it is them that are projecting. In fact, they are quite literally projecting the fact that they are projecting!

But I think it’s about time to cut the political commentary short, and cut to the chase. Ivad is grooming his underage sister, and the evidence is all in plain sight. You know how loli fascists love to make pedophilic statements, and act like replacing “child” with “loli” or adding “in anime” to the end makes it not sound creepy? That shit is cringe, but it’s also harmless fantasy as long as they aren’t doing that shit where they shove it in people’s faces to trigger them. The tendency to bring real children into fetish art is typically regarded with disgust even in lolicon circles. The importance of distinguishing between fiction and reality is considered ubiquitous.

Ivad however, crosses this line quite frequently. As opposed to simply making a pedophilic statement and replacing “child” with “loli,” Ivad replaces it with “my sister.” And yes, Ivad has two underage sisters. Ivad makes so many sexual comments about his sister, that the 14 pics I’ve saved have not scratched the surface. Anyway, here’s a sample of them.

Yes, I had to censor that last image.

At this point, there’s still enough plausible deniability to assume that this is all a shitpost. While one could argue that these are done in poor taste, it’s hardly enough to indicate that there’s any illegal activity going on. It toes the line between “tasteless enough to offended puritans” and “not enough to ethically incriminate oneself.” As I said, people like Ivad use stuff like this to hide in plain sight, so they can condition their audience into believing that anyone who calls them out is nothing more than a puritanical scold (and also a pedophile because they call everyone who hates them that).

I also made a point to exclude the posts that reference specific physical activities or sensations, IE stuff that does not read as fantasy age play, just to illustrate my point. Here’s a few more screenshots.

Note: “unironically” means “not ironic.” IE literal. He’s saying he literally blows raspberries into his sister’s stomach, in reply to a NSFW gif. For context, here is the gif.

With the exception of that last one which is included for the sheer creep factor, notice how each of these feel less like punchlines and more like him just… describing what he’s doing. How exactly do you know what your sister smells like if it’s all just larp? How do you know her body temperature? And why would you include that she just woke up? It’s all oddly detailed and specific.

While it may be a stretch to say that Ivad is recounting actual things that he has done with his sister, it DOES seem likely that these mentions of specific sensations speak to certain carnal desires. There’s only so many ways that one can interpret you talking about how nice your underage sister smells, or how warm your sister feels when you sleep together and how you “can’t get enough” of it. The most charitable interpretation I can offer is that these are fantasies Ivad has of his sister. Keep in mind, this is an actual child that is right next to Ivad. This is not a fictional character, or a re-enactment done with a consenting adult that he calls his sister for roleplay purposes. Ivad is deadass posting sexual fantasies of his sister. Oh, and here’s another screenshot I only just now found.

As you can see, this is CLEARLY NOT ABOUT A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!!!! It just says “child in a bikini.” How is there any sort of debate around this? I’m a fucking pedophile for claiming that loli depicts fictional children, but Ivad can deadass say he wants to be mounted by a child and not be a pedophile? You’re not even adding the “in Minecraft” anymore. Oh wait, this was posted before this chode even met me! He was always like this! He even had weird incest takes on his old MyAnimeList account, back in 2017!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

It does NOT end here. I repeat, this does NOT fucking end at this sick bastard posting his sexual fantasies involving his underage sister and defending incest because muh Bible! It doesn’t end, because Ivad’s sister has a Twitter account, and one of his old accounts had that account name listed in his bio. That being said, I will be censoring the account name of his sister, because she did nothing wrong here.

Yeah, Ivad went ahead and listed his underage sister in the bio of his Twitter account, where he frequently shares NSFW material and talks about how he wants to fuck said underage sister. And this is on an account that’s still up by the way. Oh, and his sister goes along with it.

Oh look, it’s Ivad’s underage sister making incest jokes. I wonder where she got that from? And she even mentioned Ivad in her own bio.

Also notice the 18+ in the bio there… remember how Ivad accused me of exposing minors to NSFW content? So not only do we know he allows minors to see porn, he fucking retweets his underage sister’s NSFW account. But I know what you’re thinking, where’s the proof that Ivad’s sister is underage, and exactly how old is Ivad? To answer that, we’ll need to go digging into archived accounts. Ivad tends to give a generic listing of “over 21” on his newer accounts, but he did list his age on older accounts.

This was archived on The Wayback Machine on August 17th of 2021. Ivad was 23 on that day. This would mean that Ivad is either 25 or 26.

The age of Ivad’s sister is less concrete, given that she never included her age in her bio, and that Ivad has stated that he often claims his sister is younger than she actually is as ‘LARP.” Ivad also has multiple sisters, so it’s not always clear which one he’s referring to. That being said, he has admitted multiple times that at least one of them is underage in non-joke posts.

There are additional posts where Ivad brings up the ages of his siblings. Also as an aside, Ivad says that his sister didn’t start puberty until she was 15. That explains quite a bit.

One can ascertain from these screenshots that the younger of Ivad’s two sisters was 11 in 2022, which would mean she’s probably 13 now. The older of the two, and the one with the Twitter account, was at least 15 as of April of 2022, though she’s likely at least 16 since “when she was 15” implies that she’s not 15. There’s one other piece of evidence that leads me to believe that Ivad’s sister was underage at the time Ivad started thirsting over her. Ivad also has a brother, and much like his sister, he also has a Twitter account. Unlike Ivad’s sister, however, I won’t be censoring their username, for reasons that will become apparent.

Now, you may be wondering why I said that Shocktified is Ivad’s brother, when this bio list them as his sister. Well, the reason for this is that Shocktified is most likely a severely repressed trans woman who chooses to not identify as such, and that Ivad simply decided to do something nice for them. There are additional comments on Shocktified’s Twitter that indicate this, despite them identifying as male. And yes, Shocktified has also made references to incest.

The more disturbing part, however, is that Shocktified’s Twitter account is still up, albeit with all their old Twitter posts deleted, and I did a double take when I saw who they were following.

I have some prior experience with this person here. Sarah, known mostly by the online identity of SaraisStupid, is is good friends with Cassandra Mel, and is an alleged CSEM distributor. Note that this allegation comes from a tweet that was in Cassandra Mel’s likes. Given Cass’s tendency to say the quiet part loud and admit to serious crimes, it’s likely an admission on her part. And because of Cass’s stupidity, she brought Sara down with her. Although if she didn’t, the fact that their friend group openly discusses it on a public Twitter account probably would.

So this is where we are at… Ivad attacked me for my association with Cassandra Mel, when said “association” was being her abuse victim, and then proceeded to cite Cassandra Mel’s own screenshots against me, while his brother is following one of Cassandra’s friends, who also distributes CSEM. What the actual fuck? And I better not hear Ivad say that he had nothing to do with Shocktified, because all you need to do is look at their former handle to see them in the mentions of Ivad’s good friend “WalterAt3AM,” who by the way, has ALSO participated in the pile-ons against me.

Update: I have since been informed that SarahIsStupid is a minor, and that the CSEM in question are nude photos of herself. It’s less appropriate to call her Cass’s “friend” and more so her grooming victim. This makes it even more disturbing that Shocktified is following her. Please do not harass Sarah!

Normally, I would end a piece like this on this note. Unfortunately, there is still more to all this. For starters, Ivad has admitted to “accidentally” showing his underage sister loli porn. I’d be willing to believe something like this is an accident if you haven’t been sexualizing said sister for three years now, and if your brother didn’t follow CSEM distributors, but at a certain point, good faith just doesn’t exist. Oh, said CSEM distributor also follows your friend Shroom! Oh gee, I wonder why a CSEM distributor may be drawn to Shroom’s account when he continuously posts bangers such as…

I can also add based on private testimony that SaraIsStupid was part of a telegram group with Kolonya, a Lolicore music producer who creates a ton of alts to troll lolicons, and is mostly known by the username of Rowawa. Rowawa has been a chaotic actor in lolicon cricles, as he has mass reported the accounts of myself and Fate CEO, and has created several troll alts to impersonate Fate CEO after his main account was suspended. More disturbingly, there are people who claim that he has shared CSEM in DMs with them “as a joke,” and there are also claims that his Telegram group distributed CSEM as well.

Now, it’s difficult to fully substantiate this since you can’t archive evidence of CSEM distribution without distributing said CSEM yourself, so the only evidence is based on testimony. There are some people close to me who claim that this is true, and some who also claim this is misinformation. It’s important to note that Ivad has parroted these accusations, and has attempted to tie him to me because he was in my old server for 30 minutes before I figured out who he was. This is in spite of the fact that Rowawa was previously friends with a lot of people in Ivad’s circle, and none in mine, and that Rowawa was responsible for my main Twitter account getting suspended.

Update: So, while trying to look into the situation with Rowawa, I saw that many of the people calling him out seemed to be angrier about him being mean to lolicons and trolling them than the alleged CSEM distribution. This included Ivad, who seemed oddly charitable towards someone that he believes posted CSEM. It’s incredibly revealing. It shows that these people have no set of ethics or values, and the only thing that makes a difference is whether or not they are a part of their cult. If you’re part of it, they’ll treat you with utmost charity. If not, then you’re guilty of whatever depraved shit they can project onto you.

It appears Ivad’s family is quite dysfunctional.

This brings us back to the issue of Ivad’s sister. It did not end at Ivad thirst posting about his underage sister, and writing out his sexual fantasies about her. It did not end with said sister being listed in his bio, and said sister also getting in on the incestuous references. It did not end with Ivad’s brother following a CSEM distributor. But this is where the piece will reach its climax.

Ivad brought his underage sister onto a Twitter Space Voice chat, in front of Ivad’s followers, who have been conditioned over the course of years, to view her through the lens of incestuous lust and desire. Ivad considered this chat special enough that he recorded it. I have not been able to find this recording, and to be honest, I don’t want to. There’s a reason I kept the name of Ivad’s sister blurred throughout all of this.

Content based around exposing predators has a habit of becoming as exploitative and perverse as the people it chronicles. People love to engage in a sort of ritualistic shaming and humiliation of predators for reasons that have nothing to do with protecting victims, and instead to feed a sadistic desire. The subject of predator hunters being shitty people has been discussed to death, but WHY they are the way they are is not often brought up. Sometimes it is just clout seeking drama whoring or a desire to attack a convenient target, but at its root, it’s often self aggrandizement. People want to be a hero and protect the innocent, and one will often notice how these types of people are melodramatic and LARPy as hell. Even those with good intentions tend to engage in predator hunting for themselves, and not to help vulnerable people.

Speaking as a survivor of both CSA, and of longstanding online harassment campaigns, I understand the desire to retake control, and to put one of your tormentors through the same shit you went through. That being said, I know a lot of innocent people who have been hurt by predator hunters, and I have also been a target of at least one. I’ve made a strict point of preventing this piece from falling into the same traps, despite the fact that I would personally LOVE to see Ivad experience a fraction of the shit he put me through.

This was in the replies to Ivad’s post about his Twitter space with his sister. According to Google translate, these tweets say “stop bullying my future wife” and “she deserves it” respectively.

The truth is, there is little chance of Ivad facing legal consequences for his actions. There is enough evidence against him to draw serious suspicion, and to paint a dark portrait of his character and intentions, but it’s not enough for authorities. Additionally, the age of consent in his home country of Brazil is 14. If there WAS enough evidence for authorities, I would be contacting them instead of writing this piece. This is why I don’t intend on writing any other pieces about Cassandra Mel until she’s in prison, institutionalized, or dead.

It’s easy to speculate as to what sort of horrible things Ivad is doing in his private life when there’s no one watching, but this piece exists because of what has been confirmed about Ivad. Even if all of his posts about his sister are complete LARP and he has no such relationship with her, or if his sister is an adult, it STILL demonstrates that he is invested in conditioning people who are otherwise attracted to fictional characters, into being attracted to actual minors. He does this by blurring the lines between fiction and reality, and passing one off as the other, so that his audience conflates one with the other. He also conditions people to be less likely to recognize the signs of actual abusers, because he “ironically” engages in such behaviors himself.

He’s also shown a willingness to expose minors to such material, and someone he considered close enough that he listed them as family in his bio is following a CSEM distributor. There is no positive or rational explanation for the shit that Ivad does, and even the best case scenario demonstrates that he’s a deeply abusive, dangerous, and unwell individual. People like this are not to be trusted, and the only recourse in dealing with them is to mass report their accounts and archive incriminating shit in case they ever return. In fact, here’s his current accounts, along with their Twitter IDs in case they try to change their names.

@̶U̶n̶c̶l̶e̶̶A̶b̶b̶y̶̶ -̶ 1̶7̶2̶6̶0̶5̶8̶4̶6̶8̶3̶7̶5̶6̶8̶7̶1̶6̶9̶ (̶M̶a̶i̶n̶ A̶c̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶)̶ (Suspended)
@Bratfier – 1781883239726043136 (Main Account)
@GosickAgora – 1683650390397517824 (Used for accusations of what he deems “criminal” activity)
@CunnyDeflowerer – 1753500844262129664 (Used for what he describes as “petty drama.” Said drama includes accusing Fate CEO enabling dangerous predators because he reported my doxx in his server.)
@SaveAnchorPoint – 1726030299874611200 (An anchor point where he posts his new accounts whenever they get suspended.)

Now that I’ve gotten this shit taken care of, I think it’s time to discuss another reason why I felt this piece was pertinent. It’s not just because of the potential criminal activity that Ivad is engaging in, or the harassment campaign he waged against me. It’s the fact that there are people who still trust him. One particularly egregious example is that of Centipede Chan, a trans lolicon who I used to be friends with, but proceeded to stab me in the back because I wouldn’t throw Zeeb under the bus. After several months of not talking to her, I decided to reach out during what was a difficult moment of time for her. She repaid me by outting my private accounts to Ivad so he could more effectively stalk me. Centipede Chan has fully admitted that she did this because she wanted to get Ivad and his loli fash cult to leave her alone. Well congratulations cunt, you helped assist a groomer in order to save your own skin, now everyone gets to know the shitty thing you did.

Following Ivad leaking my private accounts, his callout thread against me was also cited by some of Zena and Poppy’s hate stalkers who were displeased at the fact that I think it’s wrong to launch a harassment campaign against a rape survivor for outting her rapist. One of them was some bottom feeding drama whore by the name of Goddamnit Malcom. I should note, I did not watch Malcom’s assembly line slop about Zena and Poppy, nor do I have any intention of doing so, and my awareness of the fact that I was mentioned comes from being told by friends. It’s incredibly transparent that Malcom is butthurt over the fact that Zena and Poppy called him out for being a trans medicalist, and like every other butthurt internet retard, he looked for the first source that enabled his world view and allowed him to attack whoever he felt wronged him. And in this case, he cited Ivad’s thread against me in order to pedo-jacket me, and thus claim Poppy was harboring predators. Bravo guys, I’m sure that citing a legitimate sexual predator will do wonders for the credibility of your hate campaign against a rape survivor.

The claim about the 14 year olds comes from Fate CEO by the way, and said evidence is so flimsy that Ivad didn’t even bother to include it in his thread.

Perhaps the funniest and most ironic bit of all of this is that Ivad’s thread has also been cited by Lily Orchard’s somehow more deranged sister Courtney. Yes, you read that right. Courtney Orchard, someone who is most known for being raped by her sister Lily Orchard, went ahead and choose to align herself with the creepy, conservative, trad cath, lolicon version of her rapist because she’s too much of an impulsive and thoughtless idiot that she can’t bother to vet her sources, so long as they say something negative about someone she dislikes. At least Oedipus had the decency to gouge his eyes out.

And speaking of Courtney, a friend of mine went ahead and posted a 8,000 plus word doc of all the creepy and abusive things Courtney has done. I’d highly recommend giving it a read.


I genuinely don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse that the people who hate me are the stupidest people to walk the earth, but I do know for sure that it means I’m on the right side of things. Anyway, I have no idea what I’m going to do after I post this. I’m likely going to need to make a follow up piece about the Poppy drama, but also, I want to make sure I post at least some normal content before then.

Writing this piece has been emotionally draining. In some ways, it’s vindicating to know that all my suspicions about the people who have targeted me have been confirmed. Unfortunately, it all means nothing unless the culture that creates people like Ivad changes. Don’t get me wrong, it would be cathartic as hell to see Ivad get a taste of his own medicine, but there’s a fuck ton of people like him out there, and I can’t write an 8,000 plus word take down piece on all of them. Even if I did manage to, it would amount to little more than a drop in the bucket. That being said, I believe I’ve made my intentions clear, and if you can look at this and tell me that I’m in the wrong, then so have you.

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