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Maggot Baits (PC): A Masterpiece of Blood and Guts (Detailed Review) (NSFL)

CW: Rape, torture, dismemberment, necrophilia, murder, violence, bestiality, pedophilia, and all around extreme gore and sexual violence. I can not even begin to list every potential trigger in this game. If you have no triggers, you will after reading Maggot Baits. The content of this game will be described in detail in the text of this review.

So, I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this one. It’s been almost four years since I posted my review of Euphoria. It’s kinda strange to think that of every review I’ve written, that one was the one that blew up the most. It’s fucking insane how much traffic this review brought in compared to everything else I’ve written. I think it’s the closest that Guardian Acorn has come to going viral, and it’s weird to think that it’s about a game like Euphoria. Four years later, and I’m still stunned that a game like Euphoria exists. Something so brutal and potentially traumatizing yet also beautiful. I’ve written over 20,000 words about it on this blog and it still does not feel like I’ve done it justice, yet at the same, I’m so hesitant to recommend it.

Given the significance that Euphoria held to both me personally, and the growth of this blog, it only felt right that I cover Clockup’s spiritual successor as my 200th game review. You know, there was part of me that was worried that Maggot Baits wouldn’t live up to my expectations. After all, nothing has really come close to the WOW factor that Euphoria had on me. While I do still prefer Euphoria overall, I must say, Maggot Baits comes pretty damn close. However, the same warning as Euphoria stands. Maggot Baits is absolutely FUCKED!!!!

Actually no, that’s nowhere near enough to sum things up. I started out my review of Euphoria by pointing out how potentially psychologically damaging this could be to anyone who plays it. Maggot Baits is not only more disturbing than Euphoria, it’s A LOT more! let me put it this way; Euphoria actually had to have a lot of violent and grotesque content removed in order to get it approved by a ratings board. Euphoria… was the result of Clockup holding back. That’s right, you fuckers thought Euphoria was as horrifying as hentai got, but it gets so much more sadistic, depraved, and outright traumatizing. For Maggot Baits, Clockup just went to a different ratings board that wasn’t as restrictive towards violence. Maggot Baits is what was created when Clockup is no longer held back.

You REALLY came to the wrong neighborhood motherfucker!!

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this because I dislike Maggot Baits. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to put up with for an amazing story. Given that there are likely plenty of amazing stories out there that don’t risk traumatizing you, it comes down to whether or not you are looking for something as dark, horrifying, and depraved as this game. Those that actively seek out the kind of stuff that will push them to their limits and that depict the side of life that most of us ignore will love this game, but to everyone else, proceed with serious caution.

You need to be a special level of desensitized to get through this game. It’s not enough to say “oh I made it through Euphoria, I’ll make it through this.” If Euphoria was so intense that you couldn’t play it for more than an hour at a time because it was just that scarring, don’t even entertain the thought of playing Maggot Baits. Otherwise, I have a test for you to determine if you can make it through this game.

Go onto Youtube and type “[ Maggot Baits ] Alison-Chan Roulette Torture ( Gore )” into the search bar, then click on the first video. See if you can make it through the whole scene without stopping the video. If you can’t do that, then this game will fuck you up. I say this because the scene in question is one of the tamer scenes in the game.

For those that are too scared to look it up, don’t play this game for one, but I’ll also describe the scene in question. Picture a crowd of rich assholes crowded around a young girl strapped to a table. One of those roulette wheels from the casinos is set up, and each spot is labeled with a different body part. In order, the body parts the roulette selects are her left ear, right leg, left breast, and her right eye. All four of these body parts art then removed from the girl’s body in graphic detail, each complete with her horrific screams and cries. And when I say “graphic detail,” I mean in both the text AND the artwork.

For those of you who just want to know what kind of fucked up shit happens in this game, but know they can’t handle the game’s actual content, here are some brief summaries of the most horrific scenes. Just don’t read this list while eating.

  • After being raped, a girl gets her stomach carved open and has her intestines pulled out and stuffed into her mouth.
  • A woman gets fucked by a pig.
  • A woman has a torture device stuffed inside her vagina that tears open a hole so wide, you can’t tell where her vagina ends and her asshole begins.
  • A graphic scene of mass rape and mutilation that involves more than one woman’s breasts and limbs being torn off, having holes carved into them that are fucked, and one of them either eats a woman’s eyeball or crushes it in their hands. Yes, I know, you’d think I’d remember but this game just throws so much fucked up shit at you.
  • A woman gets kidnapped, and when she has no way of escaping, resorts to saying that she’ll sexually please her kidnappers in an attempt to get them to spare her life. Her kidnappers are also necrophiliacs, so she has to offer less resistance than a corpse would and pretend she likes it, or else they’ll kill her.
  • Maggot larvae (“Maggots” in the context of this game are revolting tentacle demons that rape women) crawl into every orifice on a woman’s body and crawl around inside her. At one point, they almost cause her eye to pop out.
  • A woman literally gets fucked in the head to the point that her intelligence is reverted to that of a 3 year old.
  • A woman is fucked after having all four limbs cut off.
  • A woman has a demon baby pulled out of her womb by hand and is then impregnated with another demon baby to replace it.
  • A woman is burnt alive inside a brazen bull. Most of the cast are immortal and can’t die, including the woman in this scene.
  • A woman is crushed by a steam roller and you see her blood and guts get squeezed out of her.

I warned you.

These grotesque torture scenes are intended for two types of people. The first of those are people who are looking for material that will push them to their limits. The types of people who go into these games to see something they’ve never seen before. That was the key reason that I went into Euphoria to begin with, and it definitely applies why I went into Maggot Baits.

The second group of people that this game can appeal to is fetishists, particularly guro fetishists or sadists. I’ve recently discovered that I fit into the former category. Guro is one of those fetishes that, as far as I know, only exists in people suffering from some sort of childhood trauma, which is why I’m firmly against the moralistic puritanism in leftist circles. That being said, even I have my limits when it comes to guro. For me at least, it’s not just about throwing blood and guts all over the place. Instead, it’s more about the contrast between something horrifying and something beautiful. I often find that a lot of guro artists think that throwing blood and guts all over the place will make something erotic to guro fetishists, with a similar logic to those that think giving a woman giant tits and a small waistline will make something erotic to normie cishet men and lesbians.

Maggot Bait’s artwork evokes a horrifying sensation even when censored.

As was the case with Euphoria, Maggot Bait’s sex scenes are poorly written and often grotesque. While Maggot Baits was better than Euphoria at occasionally invoking sexual arousal, the majority of scenes just did nothing for me and have the same problem as a ton of other eroge I’ve reviewed in that the description is repetitive and mind numbing. I want to make it clear that Maggot Bait’s story is an absolute masterpiece of writing talent, and it hit me on a number of emotional levels, but Jesus fucking Christ does that not show during the sex scenes. I must have seen a variation of “this once mighty and ferocious warrior has been reduced to nothing more than a squealing, perverted pig” at least twenty times in this game. I’m kinda kicking myself for not keeping count, because it’s so fucking absurd.

The biggest exception to this seems to occur in scenes of outright torture, where the description is every bit as gruesome as the accompanying visuals and sounds. I assume that there was significantly more effort put into these scenes because they actually lend themselves to the story. These gruesome moments of carnage and depravity convey an overwhelming sense of fear and dread. Despite the intensity of these scenes, I could not look away from the screen because I kept wanting to see what happened next, and the most disturbing scenes were when the torture was emphasized rather than the porn.

Despite how fucked this game was, they really dropped the ball in regards to the titular maggots. The game tells you that they are these, disgusting, revolting creatures that are a key plot point, yet the scenes involving them are among the least interesting in the game. The reason that they end up as uninteresting as they are is because whenever they become part of the plot, this game suddenly remembers that it’s a hentai game. And believe me, I’m not one of those people that thinks a game can’t have both a good story and some smut, but Maggot Baits just isn’t very good at it.


The most egregious example of this has to be the “Welcome to the Monkey House” route, which completely abandons any semblance of plot in favor of the type of idiotic nonsense that’s normally reserved for something like Starless. To be fair, the content of this route is not as scarring as Starless with exception for the pig fucking scene, but they are just as dumb. You have this route where the main character is dead and the rest of the remaining cast is at the mercy of the main villain. This route could have amped up the horror factor to an even more absurd height, but instead, they decide to just graft giant dicks onto all the women and have them fuck each other.

While I applaud this obvious attempt at pandering to my tastes, it’s kind of a mood killer to constantly see the phrase “male genitalia” thrown around, despite the fact that the genitalia in question is clearly attached to women in this context. I get that this was inevitable in the original Japanese script given that it was 2015 and all, but this is the kind of shit that localization exists for. It’s not like changing this specific phrase will alter the plot in any specific way. Hell, you’d get a major boost in exposure when The Quartering makes the inevitable “Sadist rape hentai goes WOKE???” video? I can guarantee that making the overall experience better for trans people will offset the performative backlash stages by people who had no interest in it to begin with. If Jast USA can get away with shoehorning dated memes into their and still profit, I’m sure that you guys can manage as well.

Another problem with this route is the obvious plot hole that grafting giant dicks that cum buckets every two seconds onto witches that literally get their power from semen. I swear, no fucks were given on this route, and I can’t tell if it’s better or worse than how Euphoria handled its boring ass sex scenes. While the pacing is far better on the two serious routes, it effectively makes the Monkey House route worthless. The plus side is that it is entirely skippable, and you only need to read through the Red Harvest route to access the Ashes and Diamonds route.

You can’t write a line like that without having at least one chaser on the team.

It needs to be emphasized that Maggot Bait’s extreme content is the biggest barrier it has to accessibility. But at the same time, that’s also what makes it special. With exception to the Monkey House route, the content is so intense because of the amazing writing at work. This story is very much worth reading for those that can stomach this kind of content. Maggot Baits is far more than just mindless torture porn, and there is a lot to unpack regarding its story and characters.

Maggot Baits takes place in Kantou, Pandemonium, a ghost town inhabited by all manner of criminals and is the host to constant murder, rape, and bloodshed, so much so that the government has given up on policing it. The city is a horrific war zone where it’s every person for themselves, and where the horrific atrocities of the outside world are everyday occurrences. On top of this, the area is host to immortal, destructive beings called disaster witches, who frequently leave destruction in their wake.

The game stars Shougo Tsunuga, an ex-cop who returns to Kantou seven years after failing to stop a massacre that lead to the city’s degradation. Over the course of the game, he teams up with many of the disaster witches to take on the cabal of criminals responsible for the incident seven years ago, and who participate in the subjugation, rape, and torture of the disaster witches in retaliation. Over the course of the game, you learn the truth about the incident that took place seven years ago, just what the disaster witches are, and how they all tie together.

Not only is the story intense and compelling, but the writing is also incredibly deep, enough that I plan to write an essay about this one as well. I mean, what choice do I have? Every time I write something like this, I can just imagine someone laughing their asses off in background. But I’m serious, games like Euphoria and Maggot Baits have vastly more emotional depth than any mainstream AAA games or blockbuster Hollywood movies. Part of me wants to say that these writers should not be stuck working on sadist rape hentai, but there’s also part of me that thinks these games work precisely because these writers know what type of game they are making.

That’s the biggest contradiction with these games, that both of them simultaneously indulge in what they critique. Similarly to that of Euphoria, Maggot Baits is loaded with feminist symbolism and commentary. In fact, it’s even less subtle about it than Euphoria was. The game even directly paraphrase’s one of Andrea Dworkin’s most infamous quotes. You know, the one about how under patriarchy, every woman’s fear is to be raped and abused. Of course, the disaster witches are a stand in for women as a whole in Maggot Baits, a choice which is hardly subtle given the feminist connotation that witches have. That one torture scene I referenced earlier in the game even directly states that the event is a modern day witch hunt. Honestly, I can go on for hours about the feminist subtext of this game, but I’ll save that for the inevitable analysis I have planned further on down the line.

“By the time we are women, fear is as familiar to us as air; it is our element. We live in it, we inhale it, we exhale it, and most of the time we do not even notice it. Instead of “I am afraid,” we say, “I don’t want to,” or “I don’t know how,” or “I can’t.” – Andrea Dworkin

That is not to say that Maggot Baits is intended as a feminist commentary, In fact, there’s a wide variety of themes touched upon in this game. One significant example is our protagonist Shougo Tsunuga, who is intended to be a depressingly realistic take on a typical action hero in fiction. He goes into the police force due to a combination of a propensity of violence, and a naive, childish faith that good will always prevail over evil. His entire worldview and reason for living is shattered after he becomes the sole survivor of horrific massacre in which several women were violently raped, dismembered and killed, and that killed Tsunuga’s entire squad. After waking from a five year coma caused by his wounds, he becomes cynical and jaded, and is focused solely on putting an end to the organization behind the massacre by any means necessary.

Tsunuga’s character arc represents the inherent contradiction in a society that glorifies violence while also criminalizing it, and also serves as a more realistic and thus more morbid example of what the violent action hero would look like in real life. In order to achieve his goal, he becomes a jaded asshole who treats his allies like pawns, and even puts them in danger in a few situations. This interpretation is also emphasized with the game’s title theme, “Tomorrow Never Comes.” The track sounds like theme to an intense action movie, which is probably because it was originally intended for the Justin Timberlake film Time’s Up. It also sounds like something by Linkin Park, which is fitting considering the amount of edge in this game.

There’s also a great deal of religious symbolism involved, particularly the type of symbolism that is very critical of Christianity. The character of Valentinos, is a self described servant of God who believes that God’s will is to enact violence and genocide on all that do not follow his teachings. What’s especially compelling about his character is not only the stylistic flair he his given in his dialogue and voice acting, but that he’s able to back up his twisted logic with scripture, and that he comes across as someone who genuinely believes in the fucked up shit he’s preaching. If it weren’t for the fact that this game is very anti-christian in a variety of different ways, I’d actually recommend this to this to Christians due to how heavily this game leans upon Christian mythology. One particular moment that stuck out was when Jesus’s crucifixion was described in grotesque detail in a way that drew attention to how barbaric of a practice it was, and when described in that way, it fit right in with the type of horrific torture depicted in this game.

It’s really amazing just how much personality every character in this story is, and how fascinating their backstories and motivations are. Everything from the romance between Tsunuga and Carol, to Alison’s naive desire to be a hero, to Sandy’s motivation in aiding the villains being rooted in her fear of oppression, and even the main villain who seeks to endure a greater collective torment than that of Jesus in order to save humanity from itself by removing their ability to sin entirely. There’s just so much I could discuss that the idea of writing about all of them is tiring.

Violent torture eh?

The presentation is equally astounding, with some incredibly talented artists and illustrators on board. Half the reason so many of the H-scenes are so disturbing is because of the artist’s ability to convey pain and horror through art. And while I may not have been fond of the writing in the sex scenes, the character designs are all spot on. Oh, and there is actually an in-universe reason the witches all have ridiculous outfit, and it’s not even contrived! The only downside to the artwork is that there were a handful of backgrounds re-used from Euphoria, which kinda took me out of the mood.

As for the audio, I need to give serious props to the voice actors. Those scenes were so convincing because the amazing voice performance that these VAs showed. One of them was actually so convincing that they had the cops called on them in a recording session. The same also goes with the sound effects, which are also quite effective in every scene. As for the music, I am a bit disappointed that there was only one original composition, but the music selection was quite effective, and it’s hard to imagine some of these scenes with any other tracks.

I ended my review of Euphoria with perhaps the most powerful words that I will ever write in a game review. I said that it’s more appropriate to compare Euphoria to life itself than any other work of fiction. I said that as someone who suffers from frequent suicidal ideation and depression, and often struggles to find a reason to go on. I decided to end my review that way because there was no possible way that I could end it like a normal review. I don’t feel like I can end this review normally either.

I consider Maggot Baits to be one of the best visual novels that I’ve ever read, and I am glad I was able to cover it. And yes, I plan to also cover Clockup’s other dark eroge like Fraternite, Natsu no Kusari, and Erewhon if they get localized. And like I’ve been saying this entire time, proceed with caution on this one. The nature of this game ensures that it can never be anything more than a niche title, but it’s not always about how many people it appeals to. Sometimes, it’s about having a strong effect on a small amount of people, and if nothing I said has swayed you from playing this game, there’s probably a reason for that.

If you are interested in playing this game for yourself, it can be purchased here (download) or here (hard copy).

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33 thoughts on “Maggot Baits (PC): A Masterpiece of Blood and Guts (Detailed Review) (NSFL)

  1. The world concept of maggot baits struck me as more interesting than the world of euphoria, though both fascinated and horrified me it was only with drunken confidence I tried to check out maggot baits—and I did make it through the Allison-Chan scene but alas I haven’t had the courage to push past the… brr… Iron Maiden scene of Edna. That did make my stomach turn a bit.

    I remember right off the bat I was struck by how flowing most of the translation and writing was. Like damn, they really went all out for a niche ero-guro game. I might return to it, and I do love the design of the characters if nothing else. The girl with the dragonfly wings on her head (god forgot her name off the top of my head, as I said I wasn’t far in) was really cool.

    Maybe I’ll gather my courage to peek at it again later. In the meantime I always enjoy your reviews of what I can’t always stomach!

    1. I actually considered the Iron Maiden scene to be one of the tamest scenes in the game, even more so than the roulette scene. And I think the dragonfly wing girl is Wilma, iirc. Also thanks!

      1. I think its the claustrophobia that got to me more than the gore itself honestly, probably a small thing to get wigged out over after watching a poor girl get her eye torn out, but everyone probably has odd blind spots like that.

  2. Read your Euphoria review awhile back and now enjoyed reading this one. I feel as though these reviews fairly deep with a great sense of writing. Excited that you are looking to check out future ClockUp titles if they get localized, as this review and the one on Euphoria has solidified me on playing both. (I already finished Euphoria!)

  3. > “You humans are like that sometimes. Occasionally emotion, not logic. Violence, not dialogue. Those are closer to the truth for you all”
    > “the writing is also incredibly deep”

    So deep indeed ! I feel so smart after reading this screenshot… and the usual “I have a fetish for atrocious, disgusting things but really, it’s because I have childhood trauma”… a classic

    1. The fact that every time I get a hate comment, it’s from people as shallow and unintelligent as you is all the vindication I’ll ever need. And If it were possible, I’d be even more perverted than I already am specifically so I can see people like you shit their pants over it.

      1. Girl don’t get me wrong but like. Why would the person put any effort into writing a long winded paragraph if they disliked the content?
        It’s better they leave it at that than write anything actually damaging. Which is what this visual novel does. I don’t even care anymore that people consider it “puritanism”, I’m just tired of being reduced to a piece of meat at every corner I go. Can’t even use games as escapism because something will distort even criticisms about patriarchy into wank material (again. Like this vn did) 🙄

        1. That’s an awfully lot of words for “I like to go online and complain about visual novels I never read.”

      2. while i don’t agree w the wording of the comment u replied to, i do share maybe a similar concern?? ur able to admit that these personal fetishes came from trauma. and u have also admitted the extremity of these fetishes. do u think it’s healthy to indulge these fetishes, being aware they came from trauma and being aware that they are extreme? i’ve also experienced trauma as a child and an adult, would u encourage someone like me to explore content with fetishes like this, based on my personal experiences? i’m just going off what u have written, but i feel like encouraging something like this could kind of be like telling a rape victim to go watch some hardcore porn to feel better and then jerk off to it. this isn’t coming from an anti-sex perspective either, I collect erotic literature and i literally have a De Sade collection in my personal library. (however, i don’t read De Sade for sexual enjoyment, Anne Rice is enough for me lol)

        1. I quite literally am a rape victim and enjoy this type of content. I’m actually not sure where you are getting these impressions of my beliefs, though I appreciate that you were polite about them. The issue I had with the previous commenter is how clear it was that they haven’t read the VN in question, and are attacking what they believe their idea of it is, and there is no way to engage with someone who is effectively attacking a strawman.

          As for whether or not I’d recommend this type of content to a rape survivor, well, it depends. People are effected by trauma in different ways. People make the false assumption that the only proper way to respond to trauma is to have it shatter one’s ability to hear or see sexual content without it triggering them. In actuality, it can just as often have the opposite effect. Both myself, and a lot of people I know who are into stuff like Maggot Baits, are CSA survivors. It’s fairly common for abuse survivors to fetishize their own abuse as a way of recontextualizing something that hurt them, and turning it into something that gives them pleasure. In regards to your question about if it’s healthy, quite literally every therapist and mental health professional I’ve talked to seems to agree that it is. It feels like that specific question comes specifically because you personally can’t see how someone with severe trauma can enjoy something like Maggot Baits without it being unhealthy, and are making an assumption based on your own personal intuition.

          What really frustrate me with people like Darius isn’t just the aggressive, bone headed way they comment, but the sheer disregard they have for any CSA survivor that isn’t like them, as if being a victim of child rape isn’t enough, I need to worry about not being the right kind of survivor, or pieces of shit like this will claim I’m the same as my abuser over what fiction I consume. It’s absolutely repugnant.

      3. I’m happy that my existence causes you so much anger and frustration that your only available response is to try and become even more of a degenerate subhuman. Not because you know how to enjoy good media or good stories, but because you are still so emotionally immature that you act like a teenager angry that their parents made them go to church and so now you’re a militant atheist.

        That’s how shallow and pedantic you are. I will always be here. I refuse to stop existing. I know I’m better than you. Deal with it ; )

      4. Saying “I like degenerate, disgusting and it’s NORMAL” isn’t intelligent behaviour. In fact it always comes off as pathologic as mentally ill people often tend to demand recognition for their bizarre fetishes.
        “Hurr durr I’m gonna be even more retarded on purpose”, heh, definition of childish pettiness.

        1. Uhh yes, hating mentally ill people is bad actually. And bigoted people like you who do that should feel bad about it. I have no problem acting petty towards people like you, and more people should do the same.

  4. Hm, after reading this review, I might check this game out. I’m not into the fetishes, but I figured I’d use this to see just how desensitized I am to gore. I watched the video, and was entirely unfazed. I can’t help but feel that is a bad thing, considering my perspective. (I’m basically a normie who is discovering stuff about anime) Maybe I’ve just seen too much real gore to care anymore. But whatever, probably will check this game out if I remember.
    (After Note: Just read through the comments, I think it’s time to go to bed now.)

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the review, and lol at your reactions to the comments. There have been some real… characters here, or more so, a single character using multiple accounts.

      1. Yeah, (I decided not to go to sleep, am now having fun with youtuber buddy) dude was not having any of it for some reason. This is an obscure reference, but he sounds like some guy on the discussion part of the wikipedia page for the Bismarck (Boat, not guy) who was being stubborn about information regarding it’s sinking. (He was being adamant and very rude about everything, not even trying to be nice or anything)
        Wait a minute how did I even-? Nevermind, lol.

  5. tysm for such an amazing summary of this game, I’m an MlM who is trying to resensitize myself to gore so I find these specific types of VN’s quite hard to handle currently, which sucks because the stories/lore/themes etc. are always so fascinating!! I’m always so thankful that people such as yourself are willing to deep dive into and share the plot and interpretations of these games. Will defo be checking out your Euphoria review as well now!

  6. “Moralistic puritanism in leftist circles”. Huh. As a leftist (at least a self-described one), I find that … odd. I mean, unless “don’t be an asshole and don’t hurt others” counts as such, I generally am not that way. Fine, that is not the main point of the essay but I felt I had to make a comment (even though I ought to know better)
    . i e’o ko ko kurji (Take care of yourself)

    1. Yeah, it depends which section of the online left. I see a lot of people who will claim to support sex workers and queer rights, while also demonizing porn and kink. “Don’t be an asshole and hurt others” is a reasonable philosophy that any sane person should abide by, so I don’t see how that would coincide with moralistic puritanism, since many people engage in the latter as a means of hurting others.

  7. I remember getting into maggot baits because of how extreme it was. All the scenes got boring fast as you always expected the unexpected so you kinda had an idea of what would happen next. But apart from the scenes I really enjoyed the story. Some of the messed up concepts like the witches being reborn to suffer for a perfect utopia and the whole story behind the main character Tsunuga was really interesting. Characters like Tsunuga with the whole revenge thing are pretty common but with the world building maggot baits’ universe has it adds more importance behind all of Tsunugas actions
    Another thing was the way religion was applied to the story. It did feel like it came out of nowhere half the time but the philosophy behind Valentino was hilarious in how ironic it was but it was also a very interesting shift in its religious portrayal.
    The thing I do feel maggot baits did right was the way it contrasted the beauty and disturbing nature of life. With its disgusting and repulsive scenes showing how depraved people can be. But then showing one of the purest forms of love with Tsunuga and Carol in any story I’ve read or watched.
    I think its a shame that story is entangled with all the ero-guro as maggot baits would be something I would read unironically if it wasnt for those scenes. But then again it wouldnt be maggot baits without all the maggots, gore, blood etc and thats what makes it unique for the better or worse. Maggot Baits is truly a masterpiece under all the blood and guts.

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