Zena & Poppy’s Newest Video

I recently posted a lengthy piece detailing the harassment that a good friend of mine has received in response to outting her rapist. She now has a video out about her speaking out about her rape, and about rape culture as a whole. I highly implore you all to give it a watch, and to also share it, like it, and comment on it, as that all helps boost it in the algorithm and gets more people in front of it.

Honestly, I’m fucking tired just hearing about this shit. So much shit has happened since the last piece, such as Poppy getting fired from her job, getting targeted by a certain fascist doxxing site, and having her site taken down. Rape culture is alive and well, and I want to say that things will get better, but I honestly don’t know.

People like this want Poppy dead. We already saw how they were willing to condone Ruadhan’s threat, but now some of these “leftists” are directly collaborating with the farms. In a just world, everyone involved in all of this would be ruined. My disgust is immeasurable at this point and I hope everyone involved in this gets what they deserve, and that Zena and Poppy continue to speak out about this.

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2 thoughts on “Zena & Poppy’s Newest Video

  1. I’d like to kno ur thoughts on the recent allegations coming out against zena and poppy’s treatment of their kid. it’s a little confusing to me that u like to bring up that ur a victim of child abuse in many of ur posts, and clearly have a personal stance on how it can affect someone’s wellbeing, but haven’t brought it up at all in this current situation. it’s also confusing to me that in one of ur posts u say ur unsure u were a victim of csa, but then say in the same post (and multiple others) that u are. if ur unsure, i think it could be potentially harmful to claim something so serious in order to defend ur arguments or point, it doesn’t rlly seem appropriate to urself or others.

    1. I never said I was unsure whether I was a CSA survivor, I said I didn’t have a direct memory of it. Any thought that I may have fabricated being SA’ed by my mother is internalized guilt and insecurity. I become “unsure” of whether I was CSA’ed in the same way I become “unsure” if I’m trans or if I don’t have POCD. Said insecurity would not exist without the frequent gaslighting I’ve experienced. To cite this as evidence that I wasn’t a victim of CSA is the equivalent of going up to a depressed person talking about how the world would be better off without them and saying “yeah, that’s basically true.” I’ve went my until life experiencing frequent nightmares of my mother molesting and objectifying me, and every therapist I’ve ever talked to has confirmed that I have all the resulting trauma of a typical survivor. It is technically true that perceiving something as sexual assault could result in the same trauma as if they were actually assaulted, but even if that was the case with me, it would only be possible because of the frequent emotional abuse, gaslighting, and creepy disrespect of physical boundaries that I DO remember my mother showing me. In a case like this, the only reason that one hold it against me is to frame being sexually abused as a sort of stolen valor that one takes pride in, rather than trauma resulting from a horrifying experience in childhood.

      You are not in any place to say whether or not I am allowed to give a name to my trauma or my experiences, because it is not your trauma. The only people harmed by me sharing my trauma are my abusers, and if you consider this harmful, then I can only assume you are aligned with them. You do not get a say in whether or not that is appropriate, and I will not tolerate any further “questions” about it.

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