Poem #136: Cage

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CW: Abuse, grooming, gore suicidal ideation.

All of these people you admire are better than you, that’s because they are normal people. You Annie, are a defect. You can’t even function in a social setting without breaking down emotionally, and there’s no one who was as mentally ill as you who ever went on to become successful. And right now, you’re vocalizing your self hatred by speaking about yourself in the third person, because you’re so desperate to be literally anyone else in the universe but yourself. You see, you’re a very likable person…so as long as you are behind a computer screen, where you can hide the parts of yourself that drive people away. And really, who ISN’T a better person when that happens? Where you fail is when it really counts, when you get to know someone personally. The more that someone gets to know you, the more they see behind the veneer of fancy and passionate writing. Remember [NAME REDACTED]? There was a time when she loved you, and viewed you as an inspiration. She met you through your writing, and said that piece about Leelah Alcorn was so inspirational. Now she hates you, and views you as a petulant child who never grew up. Oh, and speaking of children, do you really think you’re just going to stop at drawings? Normal, well adjusted people don’t look at drawings of little girls being disemboweled to calm themselves down AnnieGal. They don’t get off on the thought of being groomed at eight years old to sexually service older women, yet you would spread your legs for any woman that asked, and even some men, all just so you can feel something, because you’re so desperate for the approval of others that you’d do ANYTHING for it. You’d even abuse and hurt others. Remember [NAME REDACTED]? After almost pushing her to suicide, you tried to gaslight her into taking you back by invoking her own trauma behind past abuse. What excuse do you have for that? That you felt like you were going to die? That you were panicking and couldn’t control your thoughts? If that’s true, then what’s to stop you from doing it again? You’re a danger to yourself and others, and it’s only a matter of time before you do something that you can never take back. And yet you still try to grow an audience? And you still try to make friends despite knowing that you will one day do some irreversible harm to them? You really are disgusting Annie, both physically and morally, and anything done to you is inherently justified.

Get back in your cage Annie, you’re not a real person, and you never will be. This cage is just as much for your own good as it is there. Now stay there and rot.

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