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Ruroni Kenshin Mangaka Charged With Possession of Child Pornagraphy – What it Means

TW: Pedophilia, child abuse, rape, murder.

Well it is Thanksgiving and I’m doing great. HRT has greatly cleared up my emotions, motivation is at an all time hi–oh shit, the creator of Ruroni Kenshin just got caught with kiddy porn, and fuck my life. Somehow I thought I would escape unscathed from the frequent murder of faith in humanity that has arisen from every famous person ever being outed as either a rapist, a pedophile, or both because I’m not interested in normie culture. However, I’ve already made it clear that I have grown way too attached to the games and TV I grew up with because I had next to nothing else. Unfortunately, this does not look fake since there are four sources provided in the article listed so this isn’t good.

Anime Commentary Anime Commentary: Keijo!!!!!!!!

Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 5: The Day My Butt Went Psycho

Note: This was originally put up as a Deviantart journal entry on November 5th of 2016, in order to explain references to events that were relevant at the time.

This commentary contains spoilers for Keijo!!!!!!!! episode 5.

Episode 5 huh? We are close to halfway through the first season already. Time moves so fast, yet also so slow. Either way it still feels weird that this is the only series I have been keeping up with despite the fact that there are likely better ones. Either way I may do something with some of those ones but for now we have our fanservicey sports series.

The last episode ended when all the less important team members that aren’t Nozomi had their matches and won, except for Kazane who lost due to titty hypnosis. This time, however, we finally get to see Nozomi in her first real match since episode 1, and she is up against Kotone Fujisake. Nozomi is just coming off from having trained with the UTB, and she feels much lighter having ditched the suit and likely has her skills increase tenfold by hyperbolic time training logic, and Kotone’s mother was a prize queen and her sister already has a professional career. As a result, Kotone is basically very skilled by default. Also she’s thinking about yaoi all the time.

Game Reviews Gaming Indie PC Gaming Quick Reviews Reviews Visual Novels

Quick Review: Lily’s Day Off (Steam/Ios)

I decided I am going to start posting the links to my Brash Games and Oprainfall reviews. However, I want to give each review its own post because it would be more organized, and I am unsure if linking directly to them on my Curator Page would violate some kind of copyright.

Anyway yeah, this was the first of seven reviews put on that site. I actually bought this game on my own and have not received a review code, so this was just up there cause I thought it would be seen by more people that way. Dunno if it was but whatever.

Lily’s Day Off Review

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Anime Movie Review: Midori (Shoujo Tsubaki)

Just to get one thing out of the way first.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Rape, pedophilia, animal abuse/murder, and gore, as well as violent imagery.  This anime should NOT be watched by anyone under 18, and even a lot of those that are 18 or older probably shouldn’t watch it either. Yeah, this one is pretty fucked up.

I am… unsure how to really feel about this movie. I feel like there are a lot of things, both good and bad that I can say about Midori, and a lot of different ways it can be interpreted. I will say that it did turn out better than I expected since I went into it expecting it to be absolutely terrible, especially since I first discovered it from a “worst anime of all time” list.


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