Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 5: The Day My Butt Went Psycho

Note: This was originally put up as a Deviantart journal entry on November 5th of 2016, in order to explain references to events that were relevant at the time.

This commentary contains spoilers for Keijo!!!!!!!! episode 5.

Episode 5 huh? We are close to halfway through the first season already. Time moves so fast, yet also so slow. Either way it still feels weird that this is the only series I have been keeping up with despite the fact that there are likely better ones. Either way I may do something with some of those ones but for now we have our fanservicey sports series.

The last episode ended when all the less important team members that aren’t Nozomi had their matches and won, except for Kazane who lost due to titty hypnosis. This time, however, we finally get to see Nozomi in her first real match since episode 1, and she is up against Kotone Fujisake. Nozomi is just coming off from having trained with the UTB, and she feels much lighter having ditched the suit and likely has her skills increase tenfold by hyperbolic time training logic, and Kotone’s mother was a prize queen and her sister already has a professional career. As a result, Kotone is basically very skilled by default. Also she’s thinking about yaoi all the time.

Go back to Yuri on Ice!

After some exposition, we now move on to the fight between Nozomi and Kotone, as well as two red shirts. However, Kotone apparently thinks she’s all that so she does not even face their direction and fights with her back turned.  Technically, she doesn’t even fight at all because her ass has a mind of its own and homes in on her opponents. Not even going to bother trying to understand how that works because to do so, I’d probably need to snort a pixie stick.

Keijo | Cerberus
It is at moments like these that I am eternally grateful that there is no toilet humor.

Anyway, the two red shirts lose because they are red shirts and the match is now one on one between the two characters that matter. At this point it is important to note that the episode touches upon Kotone’s motivation, or lack thereof. Unlike Nozomi, who is willing to put in everything she has in order to become the best, Keijo is just work to Kotone and she does so out of obligation. However, things change for her when Nozomi actually gets out of the way of her attacks and she has to turn around. As such, Kotone has Nozomi on the ropes but she still can’t quite seem to beat her. Yes she hits her but she keeps landing on her feet.

Keijo | Shoryucans
Oh the puns!

It is at this point that Nozomi decides to use her special technique that she has been training to be able to use, so she fires it off… and misses. Nozomi is still able to use another one because of her hyperbolic time chamber training, and the two go at each other full force with their attacks for dramatic effect.
Keijo | vbc vs Cerberus
…Of course, Nozomi’s is stronger because she is the main character and she wins.

Keijo | Victory
And her suit gets torn for good measure.

Kotone then swims back up to the platform where Nozomi offers to help her up, but she gets up on her own because she’s butthurt about losing and suddenly has motivation to play the sport because of it. As for Nozomi, we then cut to a scene of her begging for mercy and apologizing to Nagisa for breaking her promise to not use the vacuum butt canon… that she never made.

Yeah, the series kinda forgets that the entire reason Nozomi trained using the suit was so that she COULD use the move. Saying that Nozomi couldn’t use it it even if she did train with the suit would have made the entire thing pointless. Granted the scene isn’t as jarring as it could have been seeing as how Nagisa didn’t scold Nozomi and instead praised her performance, although said she should have asked her first, which is a stupid suggestion because there is no way to predict if an opponent is strong enough to require it.

The next day, everyone wakes up awaiting their new placements and Kazane is all mopey because she thinks she’ll get held back for losing. However, she still gets promoted along with the rest of the team anyway. The reason given was that Kazane basically had Mio backed into a corner and would have won if Mio had not used a banned move, and that Mio was punished for using it. So everyone moves up and all is well.

Keijo | Class Change Notice

So yeah, the show seems to be proceeding well, and it is good to hear that the show itself has a sense of self awareness with how cheap titty hypnosis is. There are 7 more episodes to go and hopefully the show keeps it up.

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