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Anime Review: Death Note


Death Note is one of those series that is considered required viewing for any anime fan, and because I don’t like to play by the rules I have not actually seen this series until a few months ago. Specifically I decided to give it a watch because everyone was ranting about the Amurikan version and how it was nothing like the original and thus terrible. I may or may not decide to check out that version for myself at some point and form my own opinion, because it could go either way.

The reason I say this is because Death Note… is no masterpiece. It certainly made for an intense viewing experience and had me hooked for all of the 40 plus episodes, but there is a lot of it that falls apart under close scrutiny. Death Note is meant more so to entertain rather than serve as any high art, which is contrary to what some may think given the high concept nature of its premise.

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Anime Review: Mahou Shoujo Site

TW: Violence, abuse, suicide, self harm, transphobia, rape.

It just recently occurred to me that I have not done that much content on anime despite my weeb tendencies. Thus far the only anime content created specifically for this blog has been my review of Shoujo Tsubaki so I should probably fix that.

Anyway this is Mahou Shoujo Site, an dark magical girl series in the same vein as Madoka Magica, the series from the fucked up mind that brought us Say no Uta and that forever ensured all future magical girl anime had to be twisted and edgy. Thankfully I like dark and edgy almost as much as I like cute and endearing so this doesn’t effect me. The short version is that I enjoyed Mahou Shoujo Site and find that a lot of the criticism towards it is flat out moronic. Yes I know, how unexpected of me.

Our story stars Aya Asagiri, a girl whose life is complete and utter shit. She is often violently beaten and assaulted by the other girls at her school and her narcissistic older brother uses her as his punching bag to cope with the stress that come from their parents neglect and overly high expectations of him. The first episode opens with Aya contemplating whether or not to jump in front of a train on the way to school so unlike Madoka Magica, there’s no pretense about being kid friendly.

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 4: The Battles Begin

Note: This was originally put up as a Deviantart journal entry on October 28th of 2016, in order to explain references to events that were relevant at the time.

This commentary contains spoilers for Keijo!!!!!!!! episode 4.

Keijo is a pretty strange series to say the least, and not even due to its premise either. What is instead strange about Keijo is the way how it plays this premise straight… yet still manages to make it work. Granted it is hardly a serious series in any sense, but the fact that it isn’t a straight up comedy is what defies expectations. Keijo manages to be entertaining more so based upon the sheer amount of thought put into the fictional sport itself and how individual players approach it.

This is something that was excellently illustrated in this week’s episode. The previous episode ended on a cliffhanger taking place before the class change match. In this episode, we get to finally see some actual matches for the first time since episode 1, starting with the match between Sayaka and Rin.

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Anime Movie Review: Midori (Shoujo Tsubaki)

Just to get one thing out of the way first.

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Rape, pedophilia, animal abuse/murder, and gore, as well as violent imagery.  This anime should NOT be watched by anyone under 18, and even a lot of those that are 18 or older probably shouldn’t watch it either. Yeah, this one is pretty fucked up.

I am… unsure how to really feel about this movie. I feel like there are a lot of things, both good and bad that I can say about Midori, and a lot of different ways it can be interpreted. I will say that it did turn out better than I expected since I went into it expecting it to be absolutely terrible, especially since I first discovered it from a “worst anime of all time” list.