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Site Progress & Personal Update: March 2023 (Fatigue Edition)

Okay, so a lot happened in the past few months. Some of it is really good, some of it is really bad. I honestly don’t know where to begin, but that’s also cause I’m exhausted. The short version of it is that a content creator that I look up to shouted me out on her stream which lead to a drastic increase in Patreon support and Twitter followers, which is good. The bad news is that I’ve been dealing with a specific group of people who have been harassing me and spreading lies about me on Twitter for almost a year, and this hatedom also keeps growing and getting more and more unhinged. Anyway, we will start with the recap of the last few months.

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There’s been so much drama happening that I can’t even remember what happened back in January, or why I was as slow on update as I was. What I’ve been trying to do is to get into a rhythm of one new piece a week, but the only way I can manage that is if I put out a short, low effort, piece every other week or so. There was a point where I would be posting shit nonstop back when I just started that blog, but that was back before I got into politics, which drained most of my serotonin.

Anyway, my next review will be of Yangyang Mobile’s Saint Maker, which will be posted on Fuwanovel because it’s a visual novel. I have also recently been playing Cuphead and Neptunia: Sisters Vs Sisters. There is a lot of stuff that I want to play and review this year, but I also am not sure about my ability to do so given my overall lack of energy in recent times. I’ve been spending more time doom scrolling Twitter and watching videos than I have writing or playing games. And I’ve also been kinda overwhelmed due to SAD, constant Twitter harassment and stupid discourse, and it’s effected my overall output.

It’s frustrating because Twitter is toxic cesspool of abuse and harassment that is also run by a fascist, but it’s also one of the few communities I have, and given my agoraphobia, I don’t know if I can change that. It’s also the best way I have of growing my blog, and the vast majority of patrons are people I met from Twitter. Oh what’s that? A trans woman was deported to Saudi Arabia where she was forced to detransition and then took her own life? It must be Tuesday!

I don’t think I have the energy to talk about this shit, I just want it to be over, which has motivated me to focus more on political research for PV23. We need to make sure that as few of these murdering psychopaths are in power as possible, because they are getting worse and worse with each passing day.

Anyway, time to shout out Patrons. I got a LOT of new patrons in the past few months, significantly boosting my Patreon earnings. Anyway, my new patrons are Mallory Wolfe, Marking 14, Keffals, MzMilena, Public L, Bondage Kitty, Mr. 1-87th Sane, Kyle Brazell, Null Blahaj, Enny, and Burrbank. I would also like to thank my pre-existing patrons Jimbolance, Silvermoon9000, Diana Asteria, Cat Stedman, Sam, Yuster Yumeister, Ciro Duran, Kelly Gallagher, narumolly, IceTheRetroKid, D Inacio, Kino 2049, and Rana Newlove.

I’ve said this dozens of times before, but it does not stop being true that I really have all of you to thank for getting me where I am. I’d be nothing without all of you, and I’m hopeful that I can continue to produce quality content that lives up to your standards. Thank you all so much!

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