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Site Progress & Personal Update: September 2021

Greeting everyone. I am fucking tired. I don’t want to be writing this right now, but it would be wrong for me to do so since I didn’t have a site update piece last month. Anyway I’ve decided I’m going to have Site Updates be bi-monthly instead of monthly. Having a Site Update each month puts me behind schedule on other content I wish to create since I just don’t have as much energy as when I first started. Also it’s political season again, which means political pieces, which require a lot more time and energy. So yeah, that’s why there was only one game review in August. Anyway here’s the recap.

Quick Review: BRKÖUT (PC)

A Goddess’s Will: Chapter Five – La Petite Mort (Erotica)

The Rest of the 2021 Elections (Pink Tsunami)

Yeah, most of this month was spent on that political piece, which I did not expect to take as long as it has. I was thinking it would just be a few elections, but NOPE!! Turns out that when you take local races into account, there’s quite a bit going on even in off years. And now I’m wondering whether or not I should cover them in the 2022 pieces. On another note, I was planning to make a piece about previewing the 2022 elections, but honestly there’s so much shit that I’ll probably just try and get a head start on the individual state pieces. There is SO MUCH going on in these races. The only problem is that it will be difficult to write about them all considering how much energy I need to expend, and I don’t want to have a gap in game reviews for a significantly long time like what happened in 2020.

Speaking of game reviews, I am going to prioritize them throughout September and October. This month’s planned reviews include Celestial Crossing, Super Mario Land III: Wario Land, Majikoi: Love Me Seriously, and Digital Seclusion. Maggot Baits will be in the beginning of October. I do have stuff planned for October as well, but I’m going to keep those a secret for now.

It does feel like I’ve been dealing with some stress the past few days, and have felt particularly drained, which has made it difficult to really write this piece. Although I suppose if I just sorta transcribe my thoughts then it would be an adequate “personal update.” I can’t think of anything specific to say, so I guess I’ll just ramble.

Right now, I’m listening to my “soothing music” playlist, which is made p of a select few songs that calm me down down and help me relax. A lot of them are video game music of course. The current song is “Little Goth” from the Celeste OST. I imagine that people who haven’t played the game are wondering what the fuck is up with that song title.

Playlist is now on “Reflection” from the same game. I forgot to set the playlist to shuffle, so that’s why it’s these two specific songs together. God, Celeste has such and amazing soundtrack. It really is a beautiful game, it made my Top 5 review’s of GA’s 4th year for a reason. Uhhh, God, what else is there to talk about? My mind seems to be drawing a blank, because I’ve been conditioned to think I need to have a reason for everything I say. It’s often difficult to just infodump, unless I have particular reason to think that someone is invested. Hell I literally created this blog so I could go into detail on my thoughts and have people read them.

Oh boy, the next song on the playlist is the theme from Nekromantic, the 1987 movie about corpse fuckers. I haven’t seen the movie, and don’t have much interest, but the song is nice. God, I really have neglected every other form of media aside from games. I’ve barely dipped my toe into film, literature, television, music, comics. Hell I haven’t even watched as much anime as some would expect. I mean, I know about a lot of shit, but haven’t actually read/watched/listened to them.

Next playlist song is “Ricercare del Secondo Tono – Marco Antonio Cavazzoni“which is a classical song, and one of the earliest transcribed songs specifically for the organ. Yeah, I did a piece on the history of the organ and its use in media for a college class. I could post it here if there’s any interest. I remember my professor quite enjoyed it. This was actually the only online course I ever took. A basically bombed half the exams, yet still passed since I did such a spectacular job on the essays. Of course, online courses just didn’t work to me, so I still have yet to go back to college, and don’t plan to in the near future.

Okay, I think that’s enough filler. Time to shoutout patrons. Special thanks to Rin Clarita, Dia, IceTheRetroKid, Kelly Gallagher, Sam, Brittany Eakin, Krista, Wendy Gowak, Jimbolance, D Inacio, and Nora Codes. I know I give this whole spiel every time about how much you all mean to me, but I really mean every word of it. It it because of you, and everyone else who has ever supported me over the years that I am able to keep doing this. And to be honest, I hope I’m able to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

Does it sound a bit idealistic? I’m sure it does in this economy. I don’t often go into detail about how much my mental illness’s effect my every day life, at least not on this site. At this time, there are six known mental conditions I have, those being autism, social anxiety, depression, gender dysphoria, borderline personality disorder, and agoraphobia. My ability to function as a normal adult is severely limited because of these, and I really don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t privileged enough to have a supportive family capable of providing for me, loving partners who care for me, and fans like you who have helped get me to where I am now. Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart.

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