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The Poppy Diabolique Drama Has Reached its Disgusting Peak (NSFL)

CW: In depth discussion of rape, manipulation, gaslighting, emotional abuse, violence, domestic abuse, child abuse, misogyny, DARVO, transphobia, racism, ableism, rape apologia, objectification, sexual harassment, pedo-jacketing, stalking, doxxing, suicide, human trafficking, infanticide, slavery, revenge porn, cults, and organized crime,. This piece will deal with some very heavy subject matter.

Rape culture is not only alive and well on the online left, it is absolutely thriving. I want to make things absolutely clear, my last piece on the matter was not just a statement. My statement is also a line in the sand. If you are a supporter of mine, and you think that Poppy did anything to deserve this horrific mistreatment, I don’t want you here. I do not need, nor do I want the support of rape apologists, no matter how numerous they are, or no matter how they try to justify their morally repugnant beliefs or actions. I also know for a fact that the willingness to attack Poppy is not based on fact.

An unfortunate fact of life is that some people are just too far gone, and there’s nothing that can bring them back. This should be obvious in an age where white supremacy is on the rise, and when we see hate crimes and mass shooting every other week, but I wanted to believe that maybe the people that call themselves “leftists,” and who claim to stand against this shit, are more than willing to engage in the same violent and hateful rhetoric and behavior.


So yeah, things got worse for Poppy, holy fucking hell did they get worse. While I am hopeful that my writing may change some minds, that is not the ultimate intention behind this piece, as I honestly believe some people are just not worth trying to reason with. Instead, this is meant to serve as a record of what really happened, and not the distorted, view put forward by deranged hate mobs. I will not abide this any longer.

I will spare the recap of everything that happened since then, because that is not the point of this follow up. I am instead, going to be linking what I believe are relevant videos or articles to contextualize what is going on, if one want to familiarize oneself with this situation. I will also be including the handle and Twitter ID of the people in involved in this harassment campaign, so that you all know to avoid them, and to report their TOS violating Tweets.

First of all, I would like to recommend some of Zena and Poppy’s own videos on the subject, specifically the following.

So… We Have Been Gone For A Minute: Toxic Situations, Mental Illness, & Harassment (Disk Horse)
When The Online Left’s Problem With SA Culture Comes Home (Disk Horse)
The Weaponization Of Adrian: Addressing My Estranged Child’s Allegations pt. 1 (Disk Horse)
Transphobes, So-called Leftists, KF, Drama-mongers & Coordinated Harassment Campaigns (Disk Horse)
Oops, All Bigots!: We Need To Talk About Benjanun Sriduangkaew & her Baeddelist cult (Disk Horse)

Given how often harassment campaigns exist to pre-emptively poison the well against their specific target, the best thing one can do is to actually listen to what Zena and Poppy say on their own. Most of the people who have attacked her have not done that, and those that have do so with the direct intention of clipping and quote mining her.

“When The Online Left’s Problem With SA Culture Comes Home” is probably the most important of the bunch, not just in relation to Zena and Poppy, but in regards to rape culture as a whole. Rather than simply addressing her own abuse and trauma, Poppy choose to start her segment by talking about rape culture as a whole, and the various and subtle ways it manifests in every day life. This doesn’t just contextualize what happened to Poppy in a way that allows her audience to more easily understand, it also has helped also helped a few people realize they were sexually abused, and has allowed SA survivors to feel less alone.

These responses are why supporting Poppy in this crucial moment is necessary. Because abusers protect abusers, and if survivors have the means to recognize their abuse, then they can no longer abuse others without consequence.

“The Weaponization Of Adrian: Addressing My Estranged Child’s Allegations pt. 1” is also a necessary video to see, simply so one can see the contrast between Poppy’s actual words, and the way that her rapist and stalkers characterize her. I have not addressed this particular criticism of Poppy because there’s nothing to address. Contrary to popular belief, someone writing a lengthy document with a lot of words and some pictures in it does not guarantee that one is in the right. One of these days, I’m going to create an alt, and will make some of the most heinous accusations I can against a public figure I don’t like, and will use screenshots that vaguely hint at what my narrative, but offer no evidence. And all I will need to do is make sure it’s very long, and BAM, there goes someone’s entire career.

The last Poppy video I’d like to make special note of is “Oops, All Bigots!: We Need To Talk About Benjanun Sriduangkaew & her Baeddelist cult.” This specific video talks about Baeddels, an extremist group among trans women who support sex based gender essentialism that states trans women are an innately superior sex, and that trans men are innately evil and abusive. This form of extremism bares striking similarities to that of political lesbianism, a Radfem movement that pushed for women to date other women not out of attraction or romance, but out of hatred of men.

In both cases, these are people who co-opt a queer identity and choose to pervert them for the sake of a political agenda. They directly choose to confirm right wing propaganda about how being gay or trans is a choice as a means of fueling both their ego and their irrational hatred towards men. Suddenly it makes sense why these people claim that Zena is the true mastermind behind everything. I don’t feel like wasting my time discussing these people, but it’s worth knowing that Poppy’s rapist (@Noehflake – 237268142) is part of this cult, while also living with her trans masc ex. Remember, people like Noehflake rarely have only one victim.

I’d be remiss to also mentions Saige’s video addressing her suicide attempt and how her former friends AztecTunes (@AztecTunes – 885272050918596608), Admiral Paco, and Ciara Rayne Cloud (@CiaraRayneCloud – 289231271) put her life at risk by failing to inform Poppy and Zena, who were located only 10 minutes away from Saige’s location, and instead choosing to leave things to their own devices. Considering that these three were located much further away Saige’s current location, this meant that they inevitably choose a process that was less likely to save Saige’s life. These people choose to put Saige’s life at risk because they had a grudge against Zena and Poppy.

On top of this, Ciara Rayne Cloud and Aztec Tunes have both engaged in creepy, objectifying, and sex pesty behavior towards Saige. To quote Saige’s original document recounting her experience.

“It was not uncommon for Rayne to flirt with myself, Aztec, Zena, or Poppy in voice calls. This is not necessarily a problem in itself, but it often devolved into her begging (sometimes literally) for myself, Aztec, or Poppy to flash her our breasts. Many comments would be made by her about how attracted to us she was but that she couldn’t have us because she knew we wouldn’t reciprocate because of her weight or age or appearance, & because her wife was monogamous & she couldn’t keep the relationship if she wanted to be polyamorous she reiterated this to me in person both times that I visited her IRL, & the first time she even noted the same thing about Poppy as well).

This was all before Aztec proceeded to begin visibly masturbating, without having asked for Saige’s consent. To once again, quote her document.

I don’t remember the exact dates, but sometime in late March to mid April, I had a call with Aztec where she was laying down in bed. That day, she’d been upset due to dysphoria, & I’d called her to help reassure her because she reached out. After she kind of calmed down the flirting happened & I reciprocated since, again, I was already not really sure how to address things with her, & I felt guilty & like I’d throw her a bone cause she was clearly having self image issues that day. In this call she began masturbating in response to my flirting. Her facial expressions, the way she was positioned, her body language & movement – she was on her phone with her camera on so I couldn’t see everything, but enough to know what she was doing. I didn’t know what to do, so I kinda froze & just tried to roll with it. I’m fairly certain she knew I was aware, but it never went addressed. There was never any agreement or consent for any actual sexual stuff made between either of us. I never spoke of it to anyone because I felt embarrassed & kept blaming myself for egging her on by flirting with her. But it made me extremely uncomfortable & I just felt gross afterwards. I did continue to interact with Aztec, but I limited any contact alone with her after this when I could.

One of my regrets with my original piece regarding Zena and Poppy is that I didn’t go into greater detail regarding Saige, and didn’t do more than include a link to her document in a hyper link. I regret not discussing this because it did not contextualize one of the more disgusting comments by GayFesh (@GayestFesh – 79044819), which I will re-share.

People like Fesh fail to realize that real life sexual abuse isn’t a fucking debate topic to nitpick and nuance troll abuse survivors over. There are real people who are hurt by the shit that he adamantly bases his online towards defending. His scumbag “nice guy” devil’s advocate bullshit has been used by serious predators who have engaged in the most wretched, cruel and deplorable acts of sexual abuse to ever exist. For God fucking sake Fesh, shit like this can be used to defend Matthew Falder, a man so depraved and sick that three of his victims committed suicide. And seeing the dishonest and sickening way this man has engaged with Poppy and Saige, I know for damn sure that he’s aware of this. He just takes sadistic delight in torturing a rape survivor because said rape survivor said “I don’t care” to him. No seriously, the entire reason he turned on Poppy was because she said “I don’t care,” in a slightly aggressive tone to him, because he wouldn’t stop “Devils Advocating” for her rapist.

By the way, there’s good reason to suspect that Gayfesh was a part of Keffal’s secret doxxing server, if the words of someone in DemonMama’s community is accurate. While there is little documented evidence on said server existing, much less who was in it, it’s important to keep in mind that most of Fesh’s support comes from DemonMama’s community, and that Fesh is literally shouted out in most of DM’s videos. Given that Fesh was also commonly associated with Keffals community, it’s at the very least a reasonable assertion. If that was the case, it could imply that Fesh was okay with Keffals casually collecting dirt and doxxing people who criticize her.

Back to the subject of recommended videos, Liana Kerzner has made two videos supporting Poppy and countering the narrative present in Milena’s Docs as well. These are the videos in question. I don’t have much to say about them, but they are recommended nonetheless. Poppy has also had two segments discussing these videos.

Drama Sidebar: Poppy and Zena’s Haters Riled Up My Stalker. I’m P*ssed Off
Lies! Delicious Lies! (Feedback Friday)
@RedLianaK Deconstructed The “Poppyamory” Doc By Mz Milena & NoehFlake Proving It False (Disk Horse)
@RedLianaK Proves That Milena & Noeh Are Lying About The Poppyamory Doc (Disk Horse)

That being said, the biggest game changer has been the writing of my good friend Night Wyld. Both of his major writings have been large documents detailing the abuse of Courtney Orchard (@PleaseTieMyShoe – 1686114335955746818), and MzMilena (@Transpersian – 1324103776102309888) respectively, both of whom have played major roles in the harassment campaign against Poppy.

Courtney Orchard: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
Milena: Great Value Sephiroth

The Milena doc is the more important of the two, but I would like to talk about the Courtney Doc since she’s a piece of shit and should have more people calling her on her abusive nonsense. The key points made against Courtney are as follows.

Since this Doc was released, Courtney went on to claim that Pedophilia OCD is not real so she could continue to attack me. Only problem is, she admitted to having POCD while she was on Poppy’s stream. So I guess that means Courtney Orchard is a confessed pedophile. Though she later backtracked and said POCD exists, but claimed I’m faking it, which makes her look SO much better. By the way, she also claimed Poppy molested her cousin as a child (it was the other way around and her cousin molested her), yet she admitted on Poppy’s stream that she re-enacted some of her own sexual abuse on other children. So uhh, by her own standards, she’s a confessed OFFENDING pedophile.

Yeah, this is a grown adult who expresses no remorse for beating a literal infant to death, and claiming that “the meth killed the baby.”And that’s only the start of the document.

The real bombshell, however, is the Milena document. These can be seen in its structure alone. The Courtney Document is at 8181 words, which is a lot to most people (it’s about the length of some of my longer pieces). The Milena Document, on the other hand, is 29,252 words, more than three times the length of the Courtney Doc. It’s more than warranted.

I have my own experience with Milena, hell, some may even remember that she was a patron of mine. In fact, she was present in my Discord server. You might be wondering why Milena changed her mind about me? Well, there is a complex story behind that, and by “complex story” I mean that she changed her mind about me because she couldn’t buy me, and I would not justify her deranged hate campaign against a good friend of mine. Milena has a habit of infantalizing anyone who criticizes her deranged behavior, and using either their young age or mental illness as a means of denying them their agency, because clearly we can trust the mental state of a women who declares herself the cleansing light of the sun mid fit of predatory rage.

Milena believes Poppy making a light pass at someone in their 20s on Twitter is predatory, but Noehflake literally dating and fucking a 19 year old is perfectly fine. Note that she thinks Night Wyld, who is 20, is too young to criticize her. Keep in mind, these are the same people who throw around the words “sex pest” and “predator” to describe a rape survivor. The intention is to dilute the meaning of these words, so that people are less likely to take the accusations against people like Noehflake seriously. It’s the same reason why the fascist right is obsessed with calling their opposition “groomers” despite the fact that we can’t go a week without one of them being caught with CSEM. It’s entirely projection and deflection. Remember, Ivad Yurei did the same thing.

Additionally, let me put Noehflake’s relationship with that 19 year old into perspective. Noehflake was 32 when she met that 19 year old. I could go into some shock value shit about how this girl was 6 when Noehflake graduated high school, but that would be missing the point. The problem with these types of relationships isn’t “large age gaps are gross and degenerate,” but rather, it’s the power imbalance at play. The reality of such a relationship would be that the balance of power favors the older person, and when someone that old has greater financial support and power than the younger person, but is about as mature or less so, that’s a serious recipe for abuse.

A few years ago, a fellow content creator who was 19 at the time expressed some pretty strong feelings of attraction towards me, both romantically and sexually. While it’s flattering to have someone share such feelings with me, the thought of pursuing such a relationship just felt wrong. Not only would they have been emotionally dependent on me, but the gulf in life experience between someone who just got out of high school, and someone who, at the time, was about 26, just felt enormous. But Noehflake doesn’t seem to have that concern at 32, despite that being three years older than I am now, and six years older than I was at the time.

Oh, one last thing. Milena has used the word “cunny” in her ERPs with Poppy (much to Poppy’s disdain), and has told me in private that when she was younger she was an “absolutely filthy 15 year old.” It’s so blatantly transparent that Milena cannot live up to the puritanical standards of lefty Twitter, yet she’s chosen them as her target audience. We’ve already seen her self destructive decisions fuck her over by pissing off Courtney Orchard, and it’s only a matter of time until one of these chuds like Stardust (@tweetsfromstar – 3051623806) or Malcom (@ftmongeese -837780336905854977) gets tired of her woke bullshit, and she becomes “Poppy 2.0.”

That’s the irony of all this. I tried to warn Milena about where her bullshit would lead, and even offered her to come back to my server if she needed to. This was before she went full Walter White though, so she’s fucked now. And yeah, this will probably happen to Courtney as well. It’s genuinely amazing that you all think Kiwi Farms is your ally, and won’t proceed to fuck you harder than Cassandra Mel fucks her neighbor’s dog. These people have knowingly collaborated with and abetted a site associated with four suicides and a mass shooting, and they think it’s on the side of justice? I can’t say I’ll feel too sorry for them, knowing what they intended to use KF for.

As for the contents of Night Wyld’s Doc, I strongly advise reading the thing in full, but I’ll try to summarize to the best of my ability. This Doc starts by expressing the underlying ableism of Milena, who at one point, literally attacked Zena for trying to prevent her from being triggered, by asking to save a voice chat until they are not dealing with PMDD symptoms. This was after Milena had a meltdown due to Zena having a PMDD breakdown in a previous VC.

This situation is what is called a double bind, a situation where both choices lead to the abuser being upset. If Zena went ahead and gave Milena her voice call, they’d have struggled to manage their PMDD while Milena pushed their buttons, and then Zena would have had another meltdown, which Milena would have cited as Zena being abusive and controlling. Yet as you can see, Milena also gave Zena shit for trying to prevent that. Abusers use double binds as a means of controlling their victims through guilt and manipulation, in a direct attempt to attack them for who they are rather than what they do. They do this because victims who feel they are innately abusive, will in turn become conditioned to accept towards them.

Keep in mind, this is the incident that has started Milena’s nearly year long harassment campaign against Poppy. The truth of the matter is, Milena wants Poppy for herself, and hates Zena for being in the way. But at the same time, Milena does not genuinely love Poppy; she objectifies her and lusts after her. She quite literally compared her love towards Poppy to how a mother would love their child that shot up a school. Ignoring the fact that Milena only dated Poppy for 24 days and never met in person, Milena believes that a romantic relationship is about control, and about bending someone to your will to make them into your image.

Here’s another example of a double bind. QP shames Poppy for filing a police report against her rapist, yet if she didn’t, they’d cite that as evidence that she wasn’t raped. Noehflake later claimed that Poppy didn’t file a police report, which she cited as proof of her innocence, but she liked this post beforehand.

I recognize this mindset, because this is precisely what Cassandra Mel wanted me to do to her, and ironically, what she was trying to do to me (and would later go on to do to literal children). People who get it in their mind that you belong to them, and that they either have to abuse you until you change or destroy you are some of the most dangerous and toxic people on the planet. This is the mindset of fascists and child abusers, they exist to assert their own morality onto people they deem lesser, and they tell themselves that they are “saving them.” In actuality, it’s their rationalization for their own carnal desires to inflict pain and suffering.

I’m not the only one with this interpretation. Night Wyld is a survivor of a cult and of child sex trafficking, and goes into extensive detail about how much Milena reminds him of his handler. In his own words…

Perhaps this is an assumption on my part due to the striking resemblance in tactics and behavior to one of my traffickers, specifically my handler, when I was growing up. It goes beyond a typical instance of getting triggered and crosses over to the realm of her acting in ways that some of the worst of the worst people involved in organized crime do. Pretending to be a savior and (if these messages are any indication) a motherly figure to someone, only to feed them to the wolves and tear them apart with no warning, is an incredibly common tactic in these groups. The espoused idea of a false love is meant to restrain a victim to an extent, muddying the waters and convincing the victim that their abuser truly loves them and is there for them is the goal. Milena is not only an abuser in her own right but the bridge between one abuser and another: she prepares people to accept being abused. The abusers who struggle to hide how blatantly evil they are need someone else to help them convince others of their innocence, since anyone not properly groomed into a mental state of willingness would immediately realize what was going on.

Milena’s response to this was to tell Night Wyld that he’s too young and mentally ill to know what he’s talking about. It’s genuinely amazing. Milena’s mannerisms and way of speech remind me of Mother Gothel from Tangled, in just how transparently predatory they sound. Let me just share some key pieces of text from the meltdown she had in Poppy’s DMs when she decided their truce was over.

Notice how quick Milena is to engage in movie villain tier gaslighting. How she chooses to speak over Poppy and Saige’s own trauma, that she wasn’t there to see. This is frightening and controlling.
Milena stating it’s not Poppy’s place to not want her partner to date someone who almost got her killed, because she couldn’t block her. Poppy made a simple request for Amy as a means of managing her own BPD, which she didn’t go through. It was not wrong or selfish to set this boundary. This is another double bind.
Milena literally telling Poppy that she knows better than a trained mental health professional. Milena Knows Best after all.
Milena thinks disagreement is narcissism, as opposed to something that literally everyone does.
Milena has literally used the “they made me mad” excuse to justify her hate campaign, and is also inserting herself into a relationship with two people she’s never met, and who are happy with each other, because they don’t fit HER view of what a healthy relationship looks like.
You thought the “wanting to replace Zena” part was just speculation? Nah, it’s fucking canon now!
Why does Milena talk like she’s poppy’s mom? Does she think that a parent and child is the ideal model for a romantic relationship? This is someone Milena dated for only 24 days.
This is the person who wants to claim they have greater authority on Poppy’s mental health that her actual therapist.
I’ve seen dialogue in ASMR Yandere videos that was less unhinged than this.

Anyway, I know this is a lot of text, but it’s still short compared to the full document. Milena admitted to doxxing a child, and said it’s okay because she has BPD. Milena also planted the “emotional terrorist” line into Poppy’s mind, and later attacked Poppy for publicly posting it (her own doc mentioned this). She was also the one who convinced Poppy that what Heyleigh did to her was rape, and then claimed that Poppy falsely accused Heyleigh later on. She bullied a 15 year old in Courtney’s server, and also blamed the same 15 year old for running an account that she ran herself (and gave away the 15 year old’s first name), has harassed an artist who drew art for Poppy, and has generally been rather creepy about Poppy’s child Adrian (child as in the gender neutral term for son or daughter, they’re 24,).

There are two more noteworthy bombshells from Night Wyld’s Doc that need to be brought up. The first of these is that he also had a section where he discussed Poppy’s rapist Noehflake, and her interview with some scumbag drama Youtuber who doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned. In this interview, the aforementioned drama parasite fake claims Poppy’s DID, and Noeh misgendered both Poppy and Zena, claimed that Poppy wasn’t raped because she tried to get Noeh to take her back, while also mocking her for it. The Domestic Abuse Hotline states that “survivors of abuse return to their abusive partners an average of seven times before they leave for good.” This is literally evidence IN FAVOR of Poppy being abused!

Noeh also claimed that her first response to Poppy telling her that she raped her was to laugh at it. This type of response is incredibly revealing, because to demonstrates how self centered and narcissistic Noeh is when she’s being criticized. Just picture an abused child trying to reason with their abusive parents, and said parents mocking them for believing they are abused. This isn’t just abuser logic, it’s the STEREOTYPE of abuser logic! All we need is for Noeh to say “look what you made me do” and we’d have a maxxed out bingo card. There’s also one bit from Night Wyld’s Doc that’s especially poignant.

As the conversation continues on, she gets asked about her initial reaction to being accused of sexual assault (aka rape) by deception. Her answer is that at first she laughed about it. I want you to think about that. Think about a time that somebody has accused you of something as serious as rape. I want to be clear, based on Noeh’s diction and the way she holds herself throughout this call, it doesn’t sound like nervous laughter – she found being accused of sexual assault to be a matter of hilarity. When I was falsely accused of being an abuser, I didn’t laugh. I was terrified. I became incredibly confused and insecure in my own identity and sense of self. I started questioning everything that had happened in the relationship with the person who was claiming I had been abusive. I started to believe for almost a year that I must have actively secretly been abusive and, because nobody would tell me what I had done wrong, I believed I was evil and could never get better.  That I just deserved to be hurt even more. That’s the kind of reaction that you get from people who are falsely accused. In my own situation it merely turned out to be the fact that I had a lot of untreated mental illness and my ex-girlfriend had a lot of untreated mental illness, and we were both dumb teenagers who were in no way, shape, or form equipped to handle a relationship with those factors present. I didn’t abuse her and the times that I had initially thought she abused me, she didn’t.

And I’ll let you all in on a little secret, too: Poppy has been worried that she was secretly abusive and that Noeh is right. Noeh has never shown any signs of that distress and fear. You can’t be scared that you might be something if you already know, after all. Innocent people fear hurting others. Guilty people laugh about the harm they cause.

It isn’t enough for abusers to protect themselves and their reputation, they often need to let the mask slip just to torment their victims. Think of all the serial killers who taunt the police and their victims. Think of how often Jimmy Saville made rape jokes, think of OJ Simpson writing “If I Did it.” Think about George Zimmerman taunting the family of the child he killed. Think about R Kelly making an underage singer perform a song called “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.” Think about the amount of references Ivad Yurei makes to grooming his sister. Think about how often Nazis pass their racism off as “edgy jokes.”

Neither Noehflake or Milena have responded to this assertion…

Abusers can’t just get away with their bullshit, they need to torment and hurt their victims, and they are willing to cross whatever lines they can to do so, because torturing their victims means more than their reputation, and the more time passes, the more they let the mask slip. This is why Noeh is willing to misgender Zena and Poppy, despite being a trans woman. This is why she’s willing to mock people with DID, despite being a system herself. Hell this is why she chooses some transphobic and ableist nobody; it’s because she’s not concerned with defending herself, she wants to punish Poppy for slighting her, and will do whatever she can to do so.

It was also revealed that Noehflake shared her DMs with Poppy to Milena. Those DMs contained Poppy’s nudes. Noehflake has literally engaged in revenge porn, which in her home state of New York, can result in either jail time, a fine of up to $1,000, or both if it’s a first offense. Is this your precious “uwu smol precious bean” everyone? A literal revenge porner? It’s genuinely amazing how often Baeddels like Noehflake will run around demeaning their critics as “birthday boys,” a term that’s pretty much identical in usage to the racist slur “dindu” but that targets trans mascs instead of black people. People like this will accuse trans mascs of using soft aesthetics to hide their abusive behavior, yet that’s literally what everyone who defends Noeh is doing. “Oh, she’s so nice and precious! How could anyone hate her!” If a cis man did even half the shit that Noeh is doing, the online left would have thrown them into the Brazen Bull.

The second bombshell, however, came from Milena’s unbearably creepy and unhinged thread about Slay the Princess, where she self inserts herself and Poppy into the game’s characters.

This thread is an explicit statement of homicidal ideation on Milena’s part. It states that she knows she’s an abuser, that she knows that she is ruining her life in service to this harassment campaign, and it demonstrates that she intends for it to end with Poppy broken and unable to resist her abuse, or it will end with her dead. As horrifying of a realization this is, I still think Night Wyld didn’t go far enough.

Night Wyld has stated on multiple occasions that Milena reminds him of his handler, the woman who existed to “prep” him for abuse at the hand of worse and more violent individuals. The reason for this is because Milena’s intentions and methods are identical to that of Night Wyld’s handler. Milena isn’t just trying to condition Poppy into accepting emotional abuse, she’s trying to condition her into accepting sexual abuse. Milena literally convinced Poppy that she was raped, and then proceeded to protect her rapist. The message is clear “if Poppy is raped, it’s her fault.”

Considering Milena’s lust towards Poppy, and her intention of breaking her down, and the willingness to condition Poppy into tolerating sexual abuse, a horrifying picture of Milena’s ultimate intentions is paint. Milena wants Poppy as a sex slave, and if she can’t have her, no one will. In other words, Milena is trying to groom her. With this realization in mind, I highly encourage you to go back and look at everything Milena has ever said and see how much shit is re-contextualized with this knowledge.

Milena organized a harassment campaign in order to get Poppy to lose her job, so she’d be financially dependent on her. She wanted to get her offline so Poppy couldn’t speak about any abuser Milena put her through. She didn’t want her to believe Noeh sexually abused her so that Milena can sexually abuse her herself. And what does this say about her uncomfortable interactions with Adrian? That Milena is going to the lengths of dismantling Poppy on a psychological level. To take every bit of trauma from Poppy’s past to deconstruct her entire sense of self, entirely for the purpose of rebuilding it. She even dug up a website that was owned by Poppy dead wife so she could taunt her with it. What lengths are there that Milena won’t go to, and who else is she willing to hurt so she can isolate Poppy? And what’s even worse, is that Milena has been “supporting abuse survivors in deep and intense ways for decades.”

Even without taking everything else into account, just think of what it says that Milena has spent decades inserting herself into the affairs of abuse survivors without any formal training. I’ve been involved in Anti-CSA advocacy for less than two years, and even I understand the risks better than Milena has. The Dunning Krueger effect is in full display

Milena disturbs me on a level that very few have ever managed to. Not just because she’s trying to put one of my closest friends in danger, but because the only reason she hasn’t succeeded is the fact that she picked a bad target. Normally, people who do this shit target children or other emotionally vulnerable people. If Milena had chosen a target with less of a support system, they would have taken their life. Hell, if this was some alternate universe where she fell for me instead of Poppy, I can’t say I would have survived this shit. Believe me, there’s a reason that this article is marked NSFL. Milena, reminds me of the worst aspects of my abuser. The version of her that shows up in all of my worst nightmares. Even thinking about her makes me feel dirty and unclean.

I haven’t met another human being who triggers my fight or flight response so bad, and this was before I knew about her fucked up intentions. Even while I was still friends with her, she got under my skin. The entire reason I became such close friends with Poppy is because of how unnerved I felt when talking to her. It was, hard to put into words the effect she had on me, but I was able to sense how dangerous she was. Perhaps it was the steamrolling personality, the emotional manipulation, the frequent attempts to make me feel like I couldn’t trust myself, while also combined with the perception of love and affection, which in turn disarms me. Milena has the personality of poison mixed with painkillers, you don’t even realize she’s killing you.

These were my DMs after I had first ended my friendship with Milena. This is the side that Milena doesn’t show you. I initially took Milena at her word, I expected Poppy to be upset that I showed Milena such compassion, like Milena said she would. Instead, she comforted me, because she knew what it was like. The entire reason I’m so close to Poppy is because of our mutual experience with her. I regret that I ever thought otherwise, even for a brief moment.

I also recently got the chance to talk to Milena in private, in relation to her statement about her prior friendship with me. I got access to this statement of hers early since she wanted to assuage any fears I had of her writing a slander piece about me. This version is the original unedited one btw, I changed nothing other than the title. She quite literally told me that she refused to go into detail about me having POCD, saying that there’s only a “semantic difference,” and let people believe I’m a pedophile… because people wouldn’t listen to her if she did. Once again, this is someone who believes she’s more qualified than a mental health professional. She tried to frame this as if this would be good for me, and that it wasn’t about her display of cowardice. She also chooses to leave out this passive aggressive remark of hers, and makes a number of backhanded comments. I also love that she implied that I’m more likely to abuse children because I’m opposed to her abuse of Zena and Poppy.

Milena believed this didn’t come across as an abusive or backhanded thing to say. She believed this would assuage my fears of her. Keep in mind, a sexual predator groomed me into believing I’m a pedophile, and this is how she talks about me.
She also casually slips in an accusation of Poppy “molesting someone as a teenager,” when Poppy was the one molested by her cousin. This is someone who claims to speak for and to care about victims. Someone who will casually pedo-jacket CSA survivors and take advantage of their trauma.

This was in direct contrast to how she treated me in VC, where she was talking about how wonderful and empathetic I was, and how she wished I was on her side, and how she wanted to file litigation against Courtney and Britt to legally gag them so they couldn’t talk shit about me, despite the fact that she couldn’t even commit to mentioning I have POCD. She tried to play off her support as a big thing in private, but she says it’s not a big deal in public. It’s so blatantly transparent that Milena views me as someone she could manipulate, and that she pities me for my mental illness and CSA trauma. She also has talked about how she’s the only one holding the anti Poppy people back from further abuse, and talked about how frustrated she was with Noehflake and Gayfesh. She talked about them with such disdain and frustration, she does not view these people as friends, she views them as lower, inferior creatures to be managed or… handled… like some sort of handler…

It’s blatantly obvious what she was trying to do, she wanted me on her side, and she wanted to pretend that she was sticking up for me when she willingly conflates pedophilia with POCD. Milena was trying to groom me, only a few months after I realized I was groomed by Cassandra Mel, using the same method that Cassandra used. She won’t distinguish between POCD and pedophilia, because she needs my self esteem shattered just enough so that I’m willing to trust her at her word out of desperation. She needs people to hate me so she can play off my fear and insecurity, and claim to want to protect me. I had realized the horrifying truth behind Milena’s tactics just a few weeks before she tried to use them on me. And had she done this a year ago, it would have worked.

Problem is, I have real friends. Friends who actually care about me and my well being, and who are willing to look out for in spite of the controversy surrounding me. I’ve put myself on the line in spite of the horrific attacks against me because I know Poppy would do the same for me. I’ve seen so many people claim to support me in private, but who do the opposite in public. There are very few people I feel as safe around as I do Poppy and her community. I know what real support looks like because of her, and it’s because of this that I recognize Milena’s fake support for what it is.

Pictured: Heloise, aka QP, aka “Zena&Poppy on Tumblr” lifting images straight from Kiwi Farms to use against Saige.

Time and time again, survivors of abuse and trauma have tried to warn the public at large of dangerous abusers, and they’ve frequently been ignored. The left has claimed to be there for survivors, and to stand against abuse, but the evidence is right here, and they don’t even choose to ignore it. They choose instead to mock it, and to derail Night Wyld’s Doc’s by attacking him for using Milena’s legal name. Suddenly, all the people that were quick to retweet the name of Hans Kristian Graebner, and at least a few of whom are posting on Poppy’s Kiwi Farms thread, are concerned about doxxing.

You people don’t fucking understand. The last few articles, have been fucking HELL for me to write! I did not fucking imagine, before last year, that I would come across anyone so vile that even thinking about them triggered a full blown panic attack, but now, I see them CONSTANTLY!!! And so many of them were people I thought better of. I’ve had numerous friends of mine express serious concern for my mental health and safety over the past two years.

Most recently, it’s been Cassandra Mel, and having to hear the horrible, depraved things she’s done, and seeing first hand what she’s done to literal children. The article where I talk about that shit will sound more like a fucking horror story than an opinion piece, but that’s not coming until she’s in jail. I should not be writing this fucking shit right now, but then again, people who call themselves “LEFTISTS” should not be swarming around a rape survivor to kick her into the ground and stan for her rapist and stalker.

Between Ivad Yurei and Cassandra Mel, I’ve come to a life altering realization. Any opinionated douchebag you come across online is someone who is potentially abusing their loved ones in real life. For as much as my sanity has been slipping, some of my predictions have been quite accurate. Right after this harassment campaign against Poppy started, there was wave after wave of scandals and controversy occurring. Shit like a prominent leftist influencer getting outted as having faked her friendship with a trans suicide victim, or a sexual predator getting outted via another person’s suicide note that cites several other trans influencer as the cause, some of whom include Keffals and Brianna Wu. Oh, and then there’s Keffals. I’ve considered dedicating a portion of this article to calling out Keffals, but I’ll just leave it at “watch Mutahar’s video, and then DemonMama’s.”

Anyway, I I’ll spare you the section where I point out how Poppy’s haters all sound incredibly rapey when they talk about Night Wyld, and just leave you with the short version. QP (The Zena&Poppy blog on Tumblr) described Night Wyld as a “barely functioning younger person” and a meat shield, which is probably not the greatest word choices to not sound like human traffickers. Z&P’s former mod Kriese (@Xerink – 590549004), while in an argument with Night Wyld, said that he’s “easy to manipulate,” which was probably not the best word choice for someone who deliberately crawls into the DMs of the youngest people in Poppy’s community, and who has been accused of being manipulative and predatory towards young people. And President Sunday (@PresidentSunday – 1081453920801574912) proceeded to play internet tough guy and berate Night Wyld while challenging him to a debate about whether or not rape is bad, which certainly does not make you sound like you’re trying to intimidate a rape survivor out of standing up for his friend who has also been raped.

Oh, and there’s at least one person on Tumblr that has tried to trick Night Wyld into disclosing the trigger phrase that Courtney used, so that they could also torment him using it. This section of the online left has decayed into such a state of immorality that they are using the tactics of cartel sex traffickers. And one of them mocked Night Wyld for being a cult survivor. I also just need to re-enforce how disgusting it is to call someone who was forced to be a sex slave for most of their life “meat.” That specific quote was also liked by Milena and Noehflake. Noehflake (who is white) also proceeded to like a post claiming that Night Wyld is lying about his native heritage, meaning that there’s now two ways she can win at Scrabble when the word is Ra_ist. There is no more room for good faith and ambiguity, these people are predators, and they are unashamed of it. At this point, it’s necessary for me to be as vocal in my condemnation as possible, because lord knows there’s some poor souls who are too scared to share the story of their own abuse.

Misogynistic, consent challenged men seem to universally believe that human trafficking survivors have gone unchallenged for too long, and need to be taken off their high horse.

So many people have outted themselves as abusers and predators throughout this whole mess. One particular example is that of Ellen Degenerate (@2Ellen2Degener8 – 1720482577402806272), who is being called out for having a hissy fit over the “women think bears are safer than men discourse,” and has once told a domestic abuser survivor that “she should have been hit harder.” Oh, and he’s a sex pest who creeps on lesbians. Staroxvia, who recently started participating in the harassment campaign against Poppy, has literally defended a woman flashing her tits at random strangers because “it’s hot when girls when girls do it.” It’s almost as if people who defend rape are bad at consent. Jade Headbug (@Headbug_inc -1557692542984114177), a rando user who has been bitching about Poppy, has succumb to so much brain rot that she defended revenge porn because Poppy was the recipient of it.

Oh he should be “fixed” alright, just not in the way he wants.

Oh, and then there’s Stardust, who said… this

Stardust saying that it’s not pedophilic to jerk it to the little girls from Cuties because some people think Arianna Grande is kinda hot… this was the same person who retweeted Malcom calling me a pedophile… every accusation is a confession.

I just know that if I did a deep dive into every one of these rape loving parasites, I’d find a whole bunch of fucked up shit. There’s part of me that’s tempted to do just that, but there’s also a part of me that knows it would be horrible for my mental health to do so. I can’t waste my time on every no name clout chaser who wants praise because they attacked the rape victim that all their rape apologist friends are mad at. Let’s be real here, did anyone give a fuck about Goddamnit Malcom before he made 20 videos, each 2 hours in length, bitching about Poppy? No one but the most deranged and butthurt individuals have the patience to watch through all those. And no one who cited Milena’s documents as sufficient evidence against Poppy has actually read the damn things, because they are poorly written and have nothing of substance to back them up. They fucking contradict each other at multiple moments, as Night Wyld pointed out.

One of the most common bits of criticism from Poppy’s detractors has been to call her fanbase a “cult,” and to claim they don’t bother to seek out sources other than Poppy and Zena themselves. This is literally the same line of logic that Trump fanboys use, where they claim their opposition is brain washed because they don’t watch brain rotting far right bullshit like Fox News or OAN that feeds them exactly what they want to believe. The “cult” line of attack is especially absurd considered how they responded when an actual cult survivor called them on their bullshit.

“Rayne wasn’t a sex pest to me, therefore she wasn’t a sex pest to anyone else.” This shit is literally the stereotype of rape apologia, like, something you’d hear in middle school health class as an example of it.

One of the biggest red flags for a potential abuser is someone who views a person’s past abuse and trauma as something that discredits them, as opposed to something that makes it all the more vital for them to be heard. These people believe that Night Wyld being trafficked and forced into sexual slavery as a child is a moral failing on his part, and that he is defined by his victim hood. And thus, Zena and Poppy are just another cult to him. This pattern has been seen with abusers throughout all of history. Women who were rightfully fearful of their safety were branded as “hysterical” and declared mentally ill, and trans people are declared victims of big pharma who are ruining their lives by mutilating themselves, and in both cases, the testimony of the people they claim to care about is ignored, because it counters what they want to believe.

In the process of writing this piece, Night Wyld has leaked his DMs with Kriese, a former mod of Zena and Poppy’s server who turned on them. Kriese has repeatedly attempted to reach out and coerce the youngest and most emotionally vulnerable members of Poppy’s server into betraying her, a move that is incredibly manipulative and predatory. Kriese has frequently tried to portray herself as someone kind and welcoming to vulnerable people. The leaked DMs show Kriese’s true colors. I’ve decided to go into more detail than usual, given that this represents a turning point in this hate campaign.

The problem with Kriese’s scummy argument is that she fails to take into account that it’s entirely possible for both sides to believe the same thing about the other, and for only one of them to be right. See the alt right playbook, They Go Low, We Go High.
Kriese never addresses this, because she knows she’s wrong.
She instead decides to tattle on Night Wyld, because she doesn’t want to hear that a survivor of child sex trafficking thinks her friends are similar to his handler, and wants to silence him instead.
Night Wyld’s based response, because I refuse to platform Kriese’s bullshit arguments without a counter.
Kriese accuses me of doxxing because I said Milena works at Meta. When NW points out that this isn’t where she works, Kriese responds by gaslighting, and also infantalizing Night Wyld, which she knows hurts him.
If I were to make a movie where I portrayed Kriese as the villain, I would leave this bit unaltered.
If Milena saw herself as both characters, that means she has guilt on her conscience, and is fully aware of the harm they cause. This makes her look worse.
Once again, a common sign of an abuser is someone who thinks being a victim of abuse impairs their ability to recognize abusers. It’s the only way that someone like Kriese can justify talking to a sex trafficking survivor this way.
Kriese is inches away from calling Night Wyld a “professional victim.” She expresses such seething contempt for Night Wyld whenever his trauma comes up. I’ve literally seen child predators express this attitude towards victims.
The way that Kriese asserts her version of the truth with no consideration for the fact that she may have incorrect information. This is frightening levels of abuse and manipulation.
Since Milena and Kriese want to hide Night Wyld’s testimony so bad, I will make sure they are front and center. Here’s the link in question. Notice how similar RGR’s rhetoric here is to Kriese’s. Almost word for word the same response. Keep in mind, both Doe and Night Wyld are sex trafficking survivors.
God, I’m so tempted to clip chimp this. It would be so funny…
But nah, having ethics is boring sometimes. Anyway humor over, back to serious commentary.
“RGR may have sexually objectified a child sex trafficking survivor while repeatedly pedo-jacketing her and accusing her of being manipulative for talking about her real life experiences, but she never said mean things about me!”
Kriese is comparing the DARVO by Poppy’s abusers to the very real sex abuse trauma that Night Wyld has experienced. Abuse apologia by co-opting anti-abuse language, this is frighteningly effective.

Kriese desperately trying as hard as possible to claim that Night Wyld is too mentally ill to recognize abuse, even going as far as to claim his ASPD disqualifies him. Said ASPD is a common symptom of abuse trauma. Awfully convenient that this disqualifies victims from having an opinion.
I wonder why an abuse apologist wouldn’t be comfortable with victims collecting evidence of other people’s abuse?
The video Kriese mentions does not even mention Milena by name. The only reason anyone knew it was her is because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut and got butthurt. Milena also admitted that she never wanted peace with Poppy, and was manipulating her. She literally called it “Deep Cover.”
I don’t believe Kriese is indifferent about Poppy’s safety actually. These people have shown themselves to be quite invested in causing as much harm as possible.
Kriese literally saying Poppy deserves to be harassed by Kiwi Farms because she outted her rapist. She let the mask slip.
Once again, am making sure to include Night Wyld’s full response. Kriese blocked NW after this because she couldn’t respond in any way that wouldn’t make her look horrible.

Yeah, I know, that was a bit of a read, but Night Wyld’s treatment is especially disgusting even by the standards already set. It continued to grow following these DM leaks. Following the DM leaks, QP proceeded to poison the well by claiming Night Wyld went into “graphic descriptions of his abuse,” which he did not. This serves to not only discourage people with trauma from seeing the evidence for themselves, but it’s also worded in a way that’s meant to subtlety blame Night Wyld for his own rape trauma, and frame his trauma as a moral failing on his part. Remember, the cruelty is the point.

Notice the specific emphasis on “as all provided by Night Wyld.” QP is trying to as hard as possible to claim that Night Wyld is a freak for being a victim of trauma, without saying it outright. This combined with the fact that the logs did not contain detailed descriptions are meant to make an obvious point: That Night Wyld being a victim means he’s not to be trusted.

Following that, Noehflake let the mask slip, and said that Night Wyld should be “on permanent grippy sock vacation.” Translation: She wants Night Wyld involuntarily committed, to become property of the state, and to be stripped of his basic human rights. She said this about someone who was a sex slave for most of his life, as punishment for speaking out against a rapist. You could not be more on the nose if you tried. This is the equivalent of a KKK member saying that a black person should be lynched for criticizing racism. This is rape culture in its most purist and least subtle, and you STILL have people who claim that Noehflake is innocent. And this was before one of Courtney’s fanboys started sending racist DMs targeting Night Wyld’s trauma.

Note that Native people are disproportionately trafficked, and that Night Wyld’s mother quite literally bleached his skin in order to get him to assimilate as white. This is a serious point of trauma for Night Wyld, and Noehflake and her supporters know this. Once again, the cruelty is the point. Also NW never mentioned he’s Shawnee until after this post, meaning the person who sent this had contact with Courtney Orchard; IE Noehflake herself or one of Courtney’s cultists. Just a reminder that these are the same people who claim that they want to rescue Night Wyld from Poppy’s cult, and who believe he’s in danger. Wouldn’t targeting his trauma do the opposite of that and encourage him to not trust you?

Notice that they have no way of proving that NW is lying, yet they state it with such certainty. Abusers are quite proficient as stating their own truth with such conviction that they mistake it for the real thing. Back in 2017, U.S. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway defended Trump Press Secretary Statement Sean Spicer, when he made a false statement regarding the audience numbers at Trump’s inauguration. Conway’s defense was to say that these were not lies, but rather “alternative facts.” This phrase was regularly mocked, as people caught on to how Orwellian it is in its nature. It speaks to how abusive people see the world, they do not believe in the concept of objective truth, and instead believe that anything they can convince someone to believe becomes the truth. On top of this, Night Wyld started receiving these posts more frequently after they got the impression that these posts made him suicidal, indicating that these posts are a direct attempt to drive Night Wyld to suicide.

This right here is a a threat, that they want to leak Night Wyld’s pictures. Keep in mind, Night Wyld is a survivor of organized crime. They are deliberately playing on his fear that, if this info gets out, that his traffickers will find him and kill him. These people, are willing to utilize the threat of cartel sex trafficking in order to silence a survivor from speaking up about a different abuser. If you continue to defend this, you forfeit the right to call yourself a human being, and are worth less than garbage. And no, do not give me this “I disavow but Night Wyld is still bad” bullshit, if you justify this to ANY extent, you do so with the knowledge that you are taking the same side as someone willing to utilize the threat of being tracked down and killed by an international sex trafficking ring. You deserve so much worse than anything I can say.

Let it be known, this disgusting behavior towards Night Wyld is not happening in spite of his past as a sex trafficking survivor, it’s happening BECAUSE of it. The most common narrative against Poppy is how she’s supposedly dangerous to vulnerable people, and a sex trafficking survivor supporting Poppy’s assertion that Noehflake raped her AND recognizing that her abusers bare a number of striking similarities to the people that trafficked him is irrefutable counter evidence to that. The only response they have is to poison the well and to bury the receipts. Whenever a new piece of “evidence” comes out against Poppy, her first response is to debunk it. When a piece of evidence comes out against Milena or Noehflake, they do whatever they can to keep people from seeing it.

There is one more series of videos I would like to recommend for those that want to understand this harassment campaign. These videos do not pertain to the campaign itself, or any of the people involved, but instead cover the tactics used by each of these individual. These tactics all come from a pre-established playbook, a playbook that is mostly known for its use by the alt right. A sort of alt right playbook perhaps. You see what I did there Kriese? I know how much you love this series, probably because you use it as a handbook. You love it almost as much as you loved my post defending ZeebDemon. You were the one who introduced that to the Foundation after all.

Oh, what’s that? You didn’t think I’d go there? You thought that I’d just be a vulnerable, and passive victim, and that I wouldn’t call out your disgusting rape apologia because you were nice to me? I guess you didn’t have me pinged quite the way you thought. I stand by my friends, and I stand by my decisions. I personally do not think any of these people were wrong to defend me, this is not what I have a problem with. It’s the hypocrisy that’s the problem.

It baffles me how many people who saw first hand what happened to me who would later go on to do the same to Poppy. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? You saw the HELL that I experienced, and decided to inflict it on someone who you considered a friend? I don’t know what’s worst, that, or the fact that any of you thought I would stand for it. Milena actually tried to tell me that I was “being gaslit by Poppy, to see Poppy’s harassment as similar to my own.” She said this while knowing fully well that Courtney and her followers would pedo-jacket me. You didn’t think that maybe you were in the wrong when you were in fear of me putting myself in danger if I decided to stick up for my friend? Or maybe that was your plan. You hoped that if you financially supported me while also trying to scare me out of speaking out, then you could have steered me away from Poppy. And when that didn’t work, you retroactively decided that I deserved the abuse I received.


You’d be surprised how many of these people were fine with me until I defended Poppy. It’s not just Milena, it’s not just Kriese, it’s not just Gayfesh, but it also applied to Beyond Safe Words, and maybe President Sunday (he was mutuals with me way after most of lefty Twitter did, but we never really interacted, can’t say for certain). Oh, and to respond to Fesh’s stupid bullshit, I never considered you a friend, I only knew you from a handful of Twitter interactions, and from when we were on VC in Poppy’s server, where you didn’t seem to have much of a problem with me, despite your assertion that I’m Poppy’s “MAP Friend.” I simply expected better of you, because you didn’t fall into the same trappings as the rest of lefty Twitter.

Okay, back to the alt right playbook, since I got distracted by how hypocritical and two faced these people are. The first two videos in this series are titles “Control the Conversation” and “Never Play Defense. I’m grouping these two together because of how often they coincide. Both of these techniques also work in tandem with each other. The former technique is to use bad arguments as bait to steer your opponent away from a topic that makes you look bad, and the latter is to spend more time making accusations and “short, quippy, and wrong” statements to put their opponent on the defensive.

Both of these tactics have been crucial to this harassment campaign, enough so that this was literally how Milena argued with me in voice chat. She would continuously make loaded accusations, and change the subject whenever I provided a counterexample. One example was how she told me how much Poppy has been abusing Saige, and changing the subject when I point out that Saige herself never agreed with this characterization, and that Milena has continuously defended the three people who almost got Saige killed.

Yet another tactic explained in this series is the “Ship of Theseus,” where an accusation takes so many liberties with the truth that an accurate representation does not resemble the base accusation in any way. The following images appears less than two minutes into the video.

This is suspiciously close to what happened to Night Wyld. People claimed that Poppy doxxed Milena and Noehflake. In actuality, Night Wyld shared their legal names in his doc, which he created independent of Poppy. This is genuinely amazing. Milena honest to God replicated the exact hypothetical used to demonstrate this tactic, you cannot make this shit up. This also coincides with the previous two tactics, since this was done to distract from the damning evidence against Milena in Night Wyld’s Doc.

By the way, here’s a reminder that both Noehflake and Milena are guilty of revenge porn against Poppy, that Milena has expressed homicidal ideation towards Poppy, that Milena was the one who convinced Poppy that Noehflake raped her, that Milena believes it’s not wrong for a confessed rapist in her 30s to date a 19 year old but that a 20 year old is too young to criticize her, that Milena doxxed a child, that Noehflake misgendered both Poppy and Zena on stream, that Milena continuously praises the people who almost got Saige killed (two of whom sexually abused her) as heroes while dismissing Saige herself as an abuser, that Noehflake cited evidence that proves her guilt as evidence Poppy was supposedly lying, that Milena has stated support for two different offending pedophiles (Ivad Yurei and Cassandra Mel) in their harassment campaign against me, that Milena went on the stream of someone who is friends with Richard Spencer and Mr Girl, and that Milena wants to isolate Poppy so that she can groom and sexually abuse her.

Yet another example of these tactics being used, was the claim that Poppy was guilty of “attempted murder” because she tried to get Ruadhan’s Patreon and Kofi taken down, in response to him trying to find Poppy’s house on Google Maps, and making thinly veiled threats of violence towards her. At the time this occurred, I attempted to inform Loomie, the wife of White Nervosa, one of the creators of White Forest, of this activity. This was her response.

Loomie’s response was to treat an attempted cyber stalking as if it was casual discourse. Her attempt to compare this to castle doctrine is frankly absurd, as calling the police on someone threatening your life and trying to find your home address on a live stream, is not the same as shooting someone’s head off for trying to steal your lawn mower. The only way one can be deranged enough to think this is an appropriate reaction to someone engaging in cyberstalking, is if you want this abuse to succeed. Also worth noting that Ruadhan (@ruadhan1334 – 5505442) actually left a comment on my last piece, telling me to show the part where he tried to doxx Poppy, and then said that I was lying because I wouldn’t share information about my friend’s home address. And for the inevitable “but you could DM me!” response, what reason do I have to trust you or engage with you?

My only exposure to you has been you threatening my friend, defending her rapist, and making gross and bigoted comments about people with BPD. What reason do I have to approach you in good faith? Nothing on your part leads me to believe you are worth wasting my time trying to reason with. The most good faith interpretation I can give of your actions is that you are so unhinged and violent, that you genuinely cannot see how your aggressive actions can come across as frightening to trans rape survivor. And honestly, how do I reason with someone that can post something like this, and think nothing about it comes across as threatening or creepy.

Anyway, my initial plan for this article was to go absolutely ham on both White Nervosa and Loomie, and leak DMs showing our prior friendship, and that she had been a member of my server for a long time, as well as some unhinged things she said about Poppy in DMs. The inevitable result would have been Loomie getting very upset and hurt, and White Nervosa screaming “MAH WAIF!” and becoming increasingly aggressive, which in turn only serves to discredit her and her brand further. This would be in addition to a lot of shit to suggest that the White Forest collective is corrupt and shouldn’t be trusted.

The reason this changed is because, a few days ago, Loomie reached out to me to apologize for her involvement in this harassment campaign. She told me that seeing the horrible ways that I and Night Wyld were treated has disillusioned her with the conflict as a whole, and that she did not like the person she became. I’ve been talking to her a lot recently, and I admit I’m still a bit apprehensive since she’s expressed hesitancy to apologize to Poppy directly, and still seems to accept the framing that all sides are bad. I do know that Loomie has expressed some personal issues that she had with Poppy in the past, and said that they are a motivating factor rather than existing claims against her.

I’ve been talking to Loomie the past few days, and it genuinely sounds like she has done a lot of self reflection and growth, and that the loss of our friendship really hurt her. I was surprised to see this because of how often I’ve dealt with two faced people who will turn on me the moment it’s convenient to do so. Even more so, she has agreed that our friendship will no longer be a secret, and was outright enthusiastic about the fact that she plans to stand up for me. She has since followed through on that, which has been much appreciated.

I love that I live rent free in Ms “jerking it to Cuties isn’t pedophilic” head that she had to copy the featured image of my last article. Also, this image makes Poppy look so hot, and she can prey on my pussy any day.

What has been the most meaningful, however, is the realization for why Loomie was initially a part of this campaign, and what her issues with Poppy were. She had previously told me in private that she was jealous of Poppy because she got so much more support than when Loomie came out about her rape, and because Loomie had been conditioned to repress her trauma out of fear of backlash, she resented Poppy for not doing so. A lot of people have become conditioned to view their abuse as a badge of honor, and that tolerating their abuse is a virtue, because it’s easier to accept that than to admit that you were taken advantage of, and because fighting back against your abusers is frightening and traumatizing.

After having talked things out with Loomie that past few days, she’s shared a lot of concerns about the rhetoric used by her supposed allies, and how she felt it was impossible for these people to support her when she was raped based on the arguments used against Poppy. She also told me about how they primed her to believe that I would have found an excuse to end my friendship with her regardless of if she got publicly involved. This whole time, I’ve been lead to believe that none of these people valued my support or friendship, and that I’d be nothing more than a dirty little secret. Yet, I meant so much to Loomie that she’s willing to risk her existing support to defend me, and has even reflected on a lot of past trauma to do so. That means a lot to me, and it’s because of something like this that the plastic and hollow “support” that Milena claims to offer me is so much more egregious.

Heather was among the likes on Loomie’s thread condemning the harassment I faced over my CSA trauma, much of which had to do with people who didn’t approve of my taste in fiction, which was often a way of coping with said trauma. Here she is, attacking Poppy, who is also a CSA survivor, for something far more tame. Do you even know who I am Heather?

Since things worked out with Loomie, I have been contemplating whether or not I should try more civil discourse with some of these people, and whether or not it’s worth it. I can’t think of many people on the opposing side that I’ve had an especially close friendship with. Honestly, I was surprised to see that anyone on that side liked Loomie’s post defending me, since supporting me feels outright incompatible with the sentiments used to attack Poppy and Saige. For instance, I have no fucking clue how Mystic Heather (@CryingIntoAbyss – 1596518808600051713) could like Loomie’s post defending me when the rhetoric she uses is identical to that used against me. So much of it comes across as unbearably puritanical and unhinged, attacking Poppy over fictional kinks, throwing highly charged allegations without evidence, defending people who abused them as kids, and demonstrating little more than a desire to cause as much pain and misery as possible against an “acceptable target.”

Oh, and she has also advocated for Night Wyld to be made property of the state in retaliation for creating a document on an abuser who behaves identically to the woman who groomed him to be sexually abused as a child. Let me make this clear, any support offered to me wring absolutely hollow when you say shit like this on the sidelines. It tells me that you are nothing more than an abuser with no morals or values. And I also know for a damn fact that Heather’s response to this will be to immediately decide that all harassment I sustained based on my CSA trauma was retroactively justified because I called out her disgusting bullshit, because that’s how everyone from this sphere except for Loomie has treated me. Just know that survivors see you for what you are, and they know not to trust your ass.

The ghoulish way she pivots from the prejudiced and gaslighting statement that Night Wyld should be stripped of his human rights, to “I don’t think he should be abused.” It’s nothing short of sickening.

As much as I do appreciate having Loomie back as a friend, I do feel it would be irresponsible of me to not discuss White Forest’s role in all of this, so a lot of the harsher text criticisms will remain unaltered, though I will be removing some parts that I don’t feel will add to discussion. Given that I had a positive history the White Forest co-op, and that Loomie seemed to be the one who cared the most about this conflict, I am open to discussion with any of them, but I also cannot abide the way they have treated Zena, Poppy and Saige, and if they continue to double down on this shit, then this will prevent any sort of friendship from forming between us, and any relationship we have would be purely diplomatic.

I had no issue with White Nervosa until she decided to cut off my friend’s income for outting her rapist, something that her wife has referred to as attempted murder. But I guess it’s only okay to cut off someone from their income for outting their abuser and not for violently threatening and trying to dox someone. And White Nervosa had the nerve to post some vapid quote about how seeking revenge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I’m sure that White Nervosa is a very wise and calm individual who has shown no willingness to lash out in any petty or immature ways. Right?

White Nervosa got shit for this of course, but it didn’t stop them from deflecting when Poppy countered with a quip about White Nervosa’s drinking. Personally, I think it’s fair to point out that neither Loomie or White Nervosa are in any place to take shots at someone’s mental illness, but that’s not how they decided to spin it. It was instead about how Poppy is being ableist and bigoted, and using dirt from people’s private messages. Yes, the same people who clip chimped Poppy’s DMs with Noehflake to claim she was the abusive one, have an issue with leaking DMs now. Even funnier since these were not even DMs, they were posts in Poppy’s own server.

This here is an example of yet another alt right classic, the “They Go Low, We Go High” maneuver. The point of this tactic is to preemptively shame your target of what you yourself are doing, so that they don’t do the same to you. Demand that they have a higher standard to meet, while also straight up lying about your own behavior. This is done to Poppy CONSTANTLY, mostly framed through the lens of “she’s a mental health professional, she shouldn’t be doing this!” The implication is that it’s okay for them to do so. Some examples of this include…

  • Calling Poppy an “attempted murderer” for trying to report Ruadhan for cyberstalking, which would take away his income, while contacting Poppy’s workplace in an attempt to get her fired and deleting her Whiteleaf Site. These people have also frequently targeted Saige’s fear of abandonment, and have posted screencaps of a period where Poppy considered breaking up with Saige, as a means of hurting her, in spite of the fact that she’s previously attempted suicide over Zena breaking up with her. And also trying to drive Night Wyld to suicide. And also while Milena has expressed homicidal ideation towards Poppy.
  • Calling Poppy a doxer for sharing Night Wyld’s document, while they defended the aforementioned Ruadhan, and while most of these people use or actively post on Poppy’s Kiwi Farms thread (Milena, QP, Britt, and Courtney have admitted to it, and Fesh used to be P&Z’s “sewer diver” before he turned on them, meaning he frequently visits them). Also Milena literally doxed a child.
  • Attacking Poppy for dating “barely legal trans women while Heyleigh dates a 19 year old, and while most of them objectify Night Wyld, who is 20.
  • Repeatedly kink shaming while most of them have more taboo kinks than she does (Both Courtney and Noeh share Poppy’s incest fetish. Again, having dark kinks or fetishes is not bad, just don’t throw stones in glass houses.)
  • Claiming Poppy “falsely accused Heyleigh of rape” when Heyleigh has claimed Poppy sexually abused her and recanted the moment she was pushed on it, only to start accusing her again months later.
  • Claiming that Poppy is harassing Heyleigh for breaking up with her, when that’s literally what Milena is doing to Poppy.
  • Accusing Poppy of ableism when they mock Saige’s suicide, and repeatedly making gross, bigoted comments about people with BPD, DID, and PMDD.
  • Accusing Poppy of “misusing her position as a therapist to diagnose people” while claiming that Poppy is faking her DID, and diagnosing her with “NPD.”
  • Accusing Night Wyld of dead naming while my last piece about Poppy was flooded with trolls using Poppy’s dead name.
  • Claiming that Poppy changed her story, when her story has been consistent, and it’s Heyleigh who keeps changing hers.
  • Accusing Poppy of sex pest behavior for being horny on main, when many of her abusers are outright rapists or sex pests themselves. (See Noehflake, Courtney, Rayne, Aztec, and Ellen Degenerate)
  • Pedo-jacketing Poppy and her supporters, while citing actual pedophiles who have made smear threads against me (Citing claims that came from CEO of Fate and Ivad Yurei, and screenshots leaked by Cassandra Mel. Also in Courtney’s case, reblogging Blake Diamond, who threatened to have Patchwork Heart trafficked.)
  • Repeatedly calling Poppy and her supporters a “cult” while mocking and harassing an actual cult survivor.
  • Claim that the lengths of Milena’s documents is proof of Poppy’s abusive behavior, while ignoring Night Wyld’s document, which is longer than all of Milena’s Docs put together.
  • Accusing Poppy of manipulating young and impressionable people in her audience, while Kriese and Milena literally offer financial incentive for vulnerable people in Poppy’s community to turn on her.
  • Attacking Poppy for being friends with Liana Kerzner over Liana having some bad takes in the GamerGate era, while Milena goes on stream with Stardust, who platforms Richard Spencer and who has defended open pedophile and domestic abuser Mr. Girl.
  • Claiming Poppy keeps nudes of the girls she flirts with, while literally distributing revenge porn of her.

The hypocrisy is the point. These people have no values or morals. They have no principled objection to Poppy, they just want her gone, and will say or believe anything that leads them to enacting the most cruel and sadistic behavior towards her as possible. This brings us to the next video of the playbook, “The Card Says Moops.”

It is incredibly telling about what kind of community this is. I remember when I was still friends with Milena, she vented to me in private about how Courtney turned on her for her temporary truce with Poppy. They said something to the effect of “I thought that shit about being open to a conversation with Poppy was just to cover your ass, I didn’t think you actually meant it.” As if to say that they are so used to weaponized dishonesty that they expect everyone else is as empty and deceitful as them.

I’ve also recently realized that Enny and Thaena were among those that liked White Nervosa’s post mocking Saige’s suicide attempt. Thaena, along with White Nervosa, actually offered support to me in DMs when Cassandra Mel was suicidal, and Enny was a Patreon supporter of mine right up until the my Patreon was taken down. Interesting to know that mocking the suicide attempt of a Nazi pedophile is too far, but mocking the spouse of a rape survivor is fair game. Even taking into account that Cassandra was far less unhinged and criminally deranged at the time, it’s quite telling that one did not apply the standards equally.

The reason I stuck my neck out for Cass at the time was because it’s a part of a broader problem on the left, where people think being a bullying scumbag is okay just as long as you pick a convenient target. These were people that were mad that I didn’t let them do their stupid mean girl shit and reminded them that there are real life consequences to their stupid fucking actions. No one involved in any of this was concerned with protecting people or saving lives, they only wanted a socially acceptable target they could abuse. It’s why, when Cass actually started to do shit that hurt people and endangered lives, I was the one who started investigating her post history, contacting law enforcement, and comforting her victims. None of you fuckers did shit. In fact, some people such as Dreamleaf collaborated with Cass so they could attack me. And you bet your ass that Dreamleaf is also attacking Poppy now, because these people will help any rapist they can just as long as they can stick it to someone they have a grudge against.

The same person who choose to boost a Nazi pedophile’s claims against me for Twitter points is leaping to the defense of sexual predators once again (not Loomie, were cool now.)

While this shit is obvious in the case of petty, interchangeable mean girls with no personality other than vanity and attention seeking, this especially needs to be brought up in regards to the White Forest Co-op, who have framed themselves as an organization dedicated to promoting leftist causes. Poppy is not the first streamer to have her site removed because some clout parasite like Fesh had a grudge against them. Rosewrist also had their site dropped based on the whims of a man whose crowning achievement is “making the funny bathroom song for DemonMama.” As much as I appreciate the support that White Forest has offered me, their willingness to condone this vile rape apologia, ableism, and transphobia is unacceptable.

At the time of posting, there’s a significant update that made me change the title of this piece, since it has been a game changer. Drama Youtuber Turkey Tom has made a video covering Zena and Poppy where he proceeds to uncritically parrot every accusation against them, and pepper said video with misinformation and blatant transphobia. The video quite literally claims that Poppy is friends with Tipster and Keffals, both of whom have distanced themselves from Poppy because neither wants their squeaky clean public image tarnished by defending a rape survivor. Considering that Turkey Tom has over 1 Million subscribers, this will inevitably draw a lot of attention to the existing Kiwi Farms thread, and the harassment against Poppy will get significantly uglier.

I recognize that my choice to put out this piece will also put a target on my back, which is why I will not be engaging with this conflict any further following this piece. There has since been a flood of statements from leftists who started this campaign, who have condemned Turkey Tom’s video, and have privated their accounts in order to distance themselves from this campaign.

This was the moment that Poppy was vindicated.

I think this attitude is quite telling. The goal was always to hurt Poppy, and to insight harassment towards her, yet when you get what you want, your response is to lock your account and hide away? If Poppy is as much of a dangerous predator as all of you claim, shouldn’t you be celebrating this? It’s almost as if to suggest that these people always knew they were wrong, yet choose to proceed regardless.

And then there’s the case of Milena, who has proceeded to take down her documents, and has asked to “negotiate” with Poppy, only for Poppy to refuse, and for her to start threatening to put them back up. Keep in mind, this is after Milena directly stated that her lawyer has advised her to stop talking about this shit. With the Turkey Tom video up, and the ensuing harassment and potential danger this puts her in, likelihood of Milena being liable for a lawsuit is significantly higher. And the fucking idiot is still making threats, despite the fact that “I’m the cleansing light of the sun” is far from an effective defense in court. Then again, this is to be expected for someone who goes lawyer shopping on Tumblr. Oh wait, she already put them back up. Two fucking days was all it took for her to go back on her word.

You can expect more of the “lefties” that started this campaign to get right back into their shit right as soon as they think they can get away with it. This hear is the final alt right playbook reference I will be making, The Death of a Euphemism. The point of this is to couch one’s “concerns” in euphemistic language as a means of courting both fascists and normies, only to ditch the euphemisms once they are no longer needed, and once everyone has become as toxic and bigoted as they intend. Milena loves to couch all her rhetoric in how much she cares about protecting abuse survivors, that is until an abuse survivor such as myself or Night Wyld calls her out on her shit. At that point, she’s more than willing to use old ableist tropes to dismiss her critics as unable to know what’s good for them.

Turkey Tom getting involved was not a fluke, it was the logical conclusion. Right from the start, people were using rape apologist cliches like “this isn’t how a victim is supposed to act,” “why didn’t she come out about this sooner?” “she was literally asking for it,” “she was just mad that she broke up with her,” and “she’s mentally ill and unstable, she can’t be trusted.” Milena choose to court the attention of scumbag drama Youtubers like Goddamit Malcom and Stardust, and she choose to base her harassment campaign around mocking Zena and Poppy for being mentally ill and “degenerate.” Despite their claims otherwise, both Noehflake and Milena have had continuous interactions with a transphobe who is also a serial doxxer (@NoHoldsBarred98 – 1599149123009015808) who has been frequently stalking and threatening Poppy and her friends. These people immediately condemning Turkey Tom is not a epiphany, it’s and admission of guilt. They always wanted this, they just didn’t want to be publicly associated with it.

Oh, and the Twisty DMs should be posted soon. Yeah, “deep cover” is not so fun when you’re on the receiving end of it, eh Milena? We now know you were fired, and that Noehflake blocked you. You remember when you said to me in DMs that “I was right, but you wouldn’t have listened to me?” You deleted that shit, but you know you said it. I gave you so many warnings about where your hate campaign would lead, and more and more. I’m being proven right. I heard you were rather flirtatious with Twisty, I wonder what it says that you keep developing romantic feelings for the people you are trying to “rescue?” I wonder if you had any feelings for me?

Oh I’m sure you’d never admit it if you did, but some of the things you said in that last VC, it sounded like you still thought highly of me on some level, yet not enough to heed my advice. But I know I never would have been anything more than your dirty little secret. It’s a shame, I genuinely believed in you Milena. I was hoping that you’d eventually be allowed back into the Foundation. It’s not as if your support didn’t mean anything to me. It’s just that I expected so much better of you. And now, I look at you and see nothing that separates you from Courtney, or from CEO of Fate, or from Ivad Yurei. Hell I even see a bit of Cassandra Mel in you. You’re nothing more than the next in a long line of abusers who have tried to hurt me and my friends. The only difference is that I had hope for you, it’s gone now.

And now you lost your job AND at least two noteworthy figures have since apologized to Poppy in private. Still think you have the upper hand? Because I’ll let you in on something, even when she was at her lowest, Poppy has been in better emotional health than you were in our last VC. And this is when you think you are “winning.” I’d hate to see what you’re like when shit starts going south. And believe me, I know what’s coming next.

Hurts knowing that someone you claimed to care for and even had romantic feelings for views you with utter disgust and disdain, and was more than willing to play with your emotions just to get one up on you. Doesn’t it? I’d tell you to reflect on your actions, but you’ve long since proven you never will.

Anyway, this will be the last that this blog engages with this topic barring unforeseen circumstances. I’ve had at least a few friends who were seriously concerned about my mental health due to focusing on this harassment campaign, and with over 15K words, this better be enough to make my point. All I can say is, take a look at every leftist who participated in this, and know that if you are an abuse survivor, you are not safe with them. For the sake of your safety, do not every trust any of these people ever again.

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Update: I wanted to add a few more receipts here for everyone to see.

1: Noehflake is following a Nazi account with its username literally being set as “Is Saige Alexis Dead Yet?” This account has also referred to black people as “3rd world animals” and has mocked the deaths of Palestinian Children.

And speaking of racism, leaked DMs with Twisty show that Milena has fake claimed Night Wyld’s Native heritage, and went full Candace Owens to defend a friend of hers who was also racism towards Night Wyld.

Note: Milena is not black, she’s Iranian. Twisty is black. Despite this, Milena is trying to compare Poppy calling out Rayne’s bigotry to using the N-word. Despite Milena’s skin color, you cannot get more white than that.

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