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Amazing VGM: Tranquility (Sakura Spirit)

I’ve made my opinion on Sakura Spirit pretty clear in the past; I don’t like it. As much as I exaggerate my own sexual deviancy for comedic effect… you know where this is going. Having nice… scenery… can only get you so far if you are vapid and uninspired. But enough about Katy Perry!

No that’s not the song, that’s just an attempt to convey a sound effect even though that shit does not work in text. Thankfully there are no air horns in Sakura Spirits OST as the game’s music as actually pretty good… except for THAT song… fuck that song.  Seeing as how I did not even notice how great the music was until I re listened to some for when I put my review up on this blog, so I don’t even know which scene this song plays in. Not that it matters since Sakura Spirit’s story was garbage anyway but nonetheless, this song is amazing even without context.

The track is titled “Tranquility” yet it actually is a bit on the sad and emotional side. It is a bit simplistic but it is nonetheless effective. The piano melody doesn’t sound the most original but hearing it here, I can see why. It does carry a solemn air to it, albeit not as overwhelmingly mournful as some tracks. And the use of that traditional Japanese string instrument… I forget it’s name… holy shit I’m using a lot of ellipses in this piece… creates both a contrast to the piano melody while also driving home the “bittersweet remembrance” feeling that the song is going for.

Yeah I know there isn’t much to say about this track but it is a good one nonetheless… would really help if the game it was from was any good or even memorable in the slightest.

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