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Amazing VGM: Battle 2 (Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest)

Admitting that you like Final Fantasy Mystic Quest… is kind of like admitting you are sexually attracted to trans women. A lot of people will strongly and adamantly deny it to save face… but everyone secretly likes both and it’s more cool to admit you do than to deny it…

…it’s a joke…

…no I don’t support lesbian erasure…

Anyway, this is Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest’s boss theme.

This boss theme is absurdly addicting right off the bat in a way that almost anyone can agree to. This track is intense and fast paced all the way throughout without a single dull moment. Despite the fact that it is only 45 seconds long before looping, this track is addicting enough to last for up to an hour… not that I tried or anything…

What really makes Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest’s music so interesting to me is how the lack of a serious narrative means that the music requires less subtlety and can go straight for the jugular. Similarly to that of “Voltage,” this track makes EVERY battle feel like you are fighting to save the world and are on the near brink of both victory and death constantly. The contrast between the the rough sounding synthesized guitar and the upbeat brass melody is what symbolizes the nature of combat against a formidable foe perfectly, and it also makes every boss battle all the more exciting despite how easy the game is (unless you’re playing the fan remake which is absolutely brutal just for irony’s sake).

On top of all this, the strength of the SNES sound chip just makes this track so much stronger. I have yet to find a remix of this track that comes anywhere close to the original. The guitar is smooth enough to not sound overpowering or grating but is strong enough to sound absolutely badass. The melody is catchy and addicting all the way through and the entire thing is flawless. Also of note is that brass chord right before the melody starts up the second time. It’s a small detail but I also love how it also expresses the medieval fantasy setting like that in contrast to the hard rock style of the rest of the track.

What really is brilliant about this piece though is that it’s not only addicting as hell, but it’s also addicting for obvious reasons. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest was an attempt to appeal to kids/RPG noobs, and thus its music was made in a way meant to leave an impression. Most of the tracks are short and simplistic but also emphasize strength and melody; IE they are made to leave an impression! Many people at the time played this as their first RPG, and what better way to sell people on an entire genre by trying to make things sound as exciting as possible?

I have always held an unnaturally strong appreciation for video game music. It is one of the main reasons I make these articles despite the fact that they tend to be among the least viewed of my work. I always had a strong fascination for retro JRPGs with little emphasis on plot and much more on combat and exploration. As much as I love a good story, sometimes it is just fun to explore and immerse yourself in a virtual world; and there is not much of a better way to emphasize said immersion than using music to fill in the blanks?

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If you would like to play Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest for yourself than it can be purchased here.

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