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Impressions & Commentary: Alpha’s Adventures Demo

Alpha’s Adventures is an eroge, meaning that some pics will be NSFW. Additional TW for mentions of rape and incest.

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I pretty much fell in love with Alpha’s Adventures at first sight. I don’t just mean upon playing the demo, I mean upon first discovering its existence. I remember that my first exposure to this game was through the creator’s Twitter account, but I cannot remember how I came into contact with said account. My twitter account is occasionally followed by small indie developers who may be trying to promote their game. I do not know if she followed my account or if I came across her game from somewhere else. I do know that she did temporarily follow me since I linked the Greenlight page for this game, but I don’t remember the specifics.

The reason I mention this is that this game is one of those games that I feel like I’m predestined to love, and that any type of critique of it would read as if I pulled a Nathan Grayson and was actively fucking the developer (which I wouldn’t be opposed to but I am kinda taken and don’t know if my GF is down with the whole polyamory thing). Just about everything with this game clicks with me and I do not see how this could end up being anything less than amazing. I don’t just mean this in the “it has all my kinks that’s so fucking hot,” aspects, but even in the more subtle areas that only an autistic nerd like me would notice. It isn’t like this game is going to revolutionize eroge or any of that stuff, but I personally never got attached to the stuff that was revolutionary.

Alpha's Adventures | Alpha with longer hair

My favorite games in general have always been based on whatever felt the most unique and had the most personality. Anyone who knows my taste in games shows that I have a strong thing for games that are made with the intent of quality over profit. Games that feel like a true expression of soul. The difference between being unique and being revolutionary is that the latter will end up being copied and inevitably outdone by dozens of other title, while the former will never have anything else like it. It is why most of my favorite games are titles like Earthbound, Undertale, and NieR Automata. To make an even more out there connections, it’s a large part of why I didn’t outright despise Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki.

So what does any of this have to do with a yuri eroge, one may ask? Well, the ability to make connections between vastly unrelated subject is just one of my many strange idiosyncrasies. The same principals definitely seem to apply in regards to this game’s backstory. And no I do not mean the in game backstory, I mean the creation of it, which I found out about after stalking looking through lead developer Officeryou’s Tumblr feed.  She was apparently inspired to create Alpha’s Adventures after being Queer baited by the anime Manyuu Hikenchou and the disappointment that followed.

Manyuu Hikenchou | Give me your boobies
Pretty easy mistake really.

One thing to note is that, despite being a critic, I am fully aware of the fact that it takes a lot of work to make a game, and I have a lot of respect for developers for that reason. I specifically have a lot of respect for them because I have wanted to create a visual novel myself, but I lack the necessary drive to put everything I can into it. Granted, the reasons why tend to relate heavily to a lot of serious personal issues, but regardless, I can respect anyone who has a serious passion for game development, especially for those who do so without the pursuit of commercial benefit.

Anyway, the main premise behind Alpha’s Adventures is that you are in the shoes of Alpha, a strong willed, incorrigible, and generally arrogant woman who stops at nothing to get what she wants and lets no one get in her way.  Her goal is to attain her own yuri harem, and once she sets her sights on someone, she doesn’t let them go. For obvious reasons, it is not easy to right a character possessing these traits whilst still making them likable, and the reason for that is because these traits would be utterly abhorrent in real life.

Alpha’s name is supposedly meant to be “alpha female,” which is pretty much the same as an alpha male except with tits. It initially just seems to be double standards at work where Alpha, as a character, works because you don’t often see many female pick up artist types either in media or in real life; it’s always male chauvinist douchebags like Roosh V.

Roosh V Books
The only only way I’d ever bang Douche V is with a gun.

However, I don’t think that Alpha is only likable because she’s a woman, as there have been male variations of these characters done well. Despite having yet to play any of the games, it is easy to see that Alpha’s character is greatly influenced by Alicesoft’s Rance series based only on what I have heard about the games. Granted, she only does something Rance-like on Iori’s path (at least from what the demo has shown) and different sides of her character are shown on the other paths.

Based on the general tone set by this game, Alpha’s Adventures comes across largely as what is intended to be an escapist fantasy. Of course, since this is a dating sim, that is probably a “no shit” observation, but it is easy to tell that this comes from a special place in our developer’s heart. Alpha comes across as the type of character that a lot of us shy and nervous types wish we were. Of course, I have no clue what Officeryou’s real life personality is, but I can definitely say that I would envy someone like Alpha. I say this coming for the position of a shy, meek, and timid woman with a lot of insecurity and self doubt. Even though Alpha has some qualities that realistically, would not good to have, I admire the ability to brush off whatever anyone else says and to just not give a fuck. I admire the strong will and the willingness to put in serious effort.

Confidence in sexual prowess and ambitions is something I can’t help but admire, at least to an extent. I certainly won’t deny that if I was hit on by a woman like Alpha irl then my panties would drop faster than Chris Christie walking a tightrope, yet there is no way that I can act with the same confidence. Most likely, it is because I’m a trans woman and it often feels like that instantly takes away any right to be confident on the spot cause I don’t even know if most lesbians count me as a woman. Thanks to TERFs, any time a trans woman expresses any sort of sexual desires, it is twisted to make it seem like we are fetishistic, predatory, men who want to “rape the gay out of lesbians.”Yes, the former was one I’ve actually been accused of word for word, which is absurd because the gayness is the best part. As a result, I often feel like I’m taking a major risk when even mentioning anything remotely sexual or anti PC outside of my own personal echo chamber. I care too much what and am too afraid of what people think to feel any sort of self confidence, and as such, I end up admiring the exact opposite who is so confident that they act entirely of their own accord.

TERF hate comment
This wasn’t even in response to a specific post. It’s just cause I’m a trans lesbian on Tumblr.

Yet, I do find myself remembering that the “predatory lesbian” is an unfortunately common stereotype, and that historically, black women were also presented as overly sexual and promiscuous in order to justify abuse against them. Yes Alpha is a fictional character so none of those things matter in-game, but it does bring something to mind regarding the creator’s approach. Either she is also black and is choosing to simply not worry about implications or what Tumblr will say and all that shit, or she is white which… doesn’t make things any different, but Tumblr certainly won’t feel the same way… if they even know this game exists… which they probably won’t so that’s a moot point. Chances are, this type of stuff was never even thought of to begin with while this game was being planned, but that’s exactly what I like about it. The fact that it makes me overthink this much shows that this game must be a strong expression of one’s self on some level, and I feel as though those make the greatest games of any genre.

In short, I like the parts of Alpha’s character that I don’t have irl, and it would be interesting to actually have the main character be someone we want to be rather and not a generic, stupid, sexually repressed moron that a bunch of corporate drones think their audiences are. Yes, the latter more accurately describes the faults of the harem genre than the yuri genre, but that is because the latter does not have nearly as many attempts at escapist fantasies.

The reason for this is obviously because no professional developer would think it would be profitable enough to create something that would serve as an escapist fantasy for a minority, and that us lesbian women will only ever be included in mainstream titles for either virtue signaling or for fanservice (not that I have any complaints about the latter or anything). Of course, that is not to say there are no good lesbian romances out there, but there is very little in terms of stuff targeted towards actual lesbians and not straight men, and it is good to finally see one. And trust me, LGBT people could really use an escapist fantasy like this every once in a while when everything else is so heteronormative.

Alpha's Adventures | Alpha

Lastly, there’s Alpha’s character design. She is unbelievably sexy, and she is in a unique way that one rarely sees. Both black women and muscular women are relatively uncommon in eroge and games in general now that I think about it. Even with the recent demand for strong female protagonists, we don’t see that many literal “strong female characters” in terms of body strength. Those that do are generally given a much more mannish design. A prime example being Overwatch’s Zarya, who most would not guess is a girl if it were not for the pink hair. Instead, Alpha more so resembles what female body builders look like in real life.

I can easily say that it is not just feminist lesbians like me who like muscular women either. Muscle girls are a pretty established trend in the otaku community as well, so it’s not as if I’m alone in this. Most importantly, Alpha’s design shows that having an eight pack does not mean you can’t have boobs either. I don’t know whether or not that is possible irl without implants but honestly who gives a shit she’s in the fucking kelvins! So artists, more realistic muscle girls please? Especially in action games where it would make more sense. See, there are more reasonable ways of advocating more variety in female body types than “more fat chicks!” Was that so hard Tumblr?

Persona 5 Tumblr Edition
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

All of this and I have yet to even talk about the actual in game content, so I better fix that now. One of the main gimmicks to Alpha’s Adventures is that each of the three paths features a different genre of story. Iori’s route is sci-fi, Ara’s path is fantasy, and Jaylah’s path is slice of life. Each of these routes have a different setting and, as far as we know, they do not share any continuity. Additionally, there are some subtle differences in Alpha’s personality between the three routes.

Iori’s path is the one where Alpha is the most Rance like, as the entire plot is that she becomes part of a space crew through connections just because she wants to seduce its captain Iori. Personality wise, Iori is virtually identical to Alpha except that she is much more serious and isn’t sex driven. This means that she is naturally very condescending and does not respond well to Alpha’s advances, to which Alpha responds in the highly reasonable fashion of groping her while she is piloting the ship and unable to shake her off without losing control of the ship and getting everyone killed.

Alpha's Adventures | Black on black crime.
Pictured: Black on black crime.

As one can tell based on the above screenshot, the art is of remarkably high quality despite this being by such a small team. Then again, when 60% of the Kickstarter donations go towards the the artwork, it better be top notch stuff. Thankfully, they did not disappoint on that front. The music I don’t remember much of since, as I am writing this, it has been a few weeks since I played the demo and this is mostly off of memory. I do remember liking the music most on Jaylah’s path though.

The rest of the plot is mainly a power struggle between two ego maniacs who try to establish dominance over the other one, which I can only imagine being followed up with a clip of Tristan from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged yelling “just fuck already,” which they will inevitably do so eventually. Truth be told, this was the least interesting of the three story wise, as neither were particularly interesting here. Granted this was very likely because I am not a fan of tsundere characters and Iori gives off that vibe to me. Thankfully, it balances this out be having this be the only chapter that shows tits in the demo.

Alpha's Adventures | Passing Out

Ara’s path I enjoyed much more from a story standpoint. This one takes place in a post apocalyptic era where Alpha does a bunch of odd jobs to keep herself afloat. Her most recent job is to be a bodyguard for a princess named Ara, who is the soft spoken yet also wise type. I specifically like how Ara is portrayed as simultaneously humble yet regal. She comes across less like the stereotypical snobby bratty princess stereotype and more so as how royalty is expected to behave and act.

Additionally, Alpha now seems to have developed this mysterious new condition known as a moral conscience, and seems to be hesitant of reverting to her lecherous ways. This fact does lead me to potentially believe that this could take place after Iori’s path chronologically, but there is still a lot left to see. Also, in terms of fanservicey material, this one also has some rather creative moments. I never thought previously thought that I needed to see a woman having her wound licked up in an H Game, but I found it surprisingly arousing.

Alpha's Adventutes | Things I've Tasted
I do not want to know…. okay fine…. I do want to know.

Lastly there is Jaylah’s path. I did not find it as strong as Ara’s but holy hell was it adorable. Of course, if one can’t get into the whole sister/sister incest thing, then you won’t like this chapter’s sister/sister incest thing. I, however, am at the strange place where the part of my mind that is supposed to think siblings fucking each other is fucked up only registers when it’s my own siblings, and I’m just like “eh whatever as long as they’re hot” to everything else. I swear to god if anyone takes that last sentence out of context I’m gonna…

Anyway, what this route really specializes in is inducing sexual arousal with the use of specific words and dialogue rather than pictures. Iori’s path may have been the only path with nudity, but I found Jaylah’s path immensely sexier regardless. It is one of those instances where cuteness seems to overlap with sexiness in this strange way that makes you wonder if the two are really all that different? Or maybe that’s just my warped view of sexuality speaking. Either way, the fact that we see Alpha, someone who is normally a total dom, being babied by her imouto who happens to be acting as her onee-chan (yes, the weeb speak was totally necessary) certainly shows the extent of Jaylah’s power in this category.

Alpha's Adventures | Useless Questions
But why would you want to?

Yes, that is Alpha being fed by hand there, and being hit with the classic motherly “we would have already been done by now” retort. Now tell me, if our literal Alpha female can’t resist Jaylah’s charms, then how is a submissive wimp like myself going to react? Well, I no longer need to pay for gender reassignment surgery because this writing turned me on so much that I sprouted vagina just for the purpose of cumming to it! Yeah, that is a hyperbole, but it’s also serious wishful thinking; god I fucking hate my genitals.

Well anyway, the path did end with another power struggle cause Alpha can’t stand being a bottom, but it ends up hurting Jaylah’s feelings for real, which is where you are left on a cliffhanger. Of course, I am curious to see where the story can go, but it’s not really something I can take too seriously. Then again, nothing in this game really is.

Alpha's Adventures | Chara
These Undertale rule 34 pics are starting to take some pretty interesting directions.

Oh, but before we are done, there is one last path, but it’s just a short monologue by some mystery woman who is watching over Alpha and cares for her in a sort of motherly fashion, or maybe in a non familial fashion considering what type of game this is. She’s also the only main character who is white, but I have run out of political jokes to make that aren’t racist, and I’m not prepared to pull a Bill Maher at the moment. Well I think I’ve typed up enough to fit another pic now.

Alpha's Adventures | Parting is only momentary
Let us go out this evening for pleasure. The night is still young.

And that wraps up the demo for Alpha’s Adventures, and holy hell this took a lot longer to write than I had anticipated. Well either way, I hope I introduced some people to this game, cause it’s something I’m looking forward to. I have no clue if I’m looking too deeply into things, but there is just something about this game that really intrigues me, and part of this was meant to explore this for myself, in addition to covering some other up and coming games. I would really recommend checking out the demo here, and the Kickstarter page in case the opportunity to buy any of the backer’s rewards comes back up.

As for myself, I have thought about doing this type of thing more often considering how many games with demos there are. I normally don’t get around to them since I have a large enough backlog of full games, but maybe this could make for an interesting way to keep up and to try and promote some interesting project, or provide criticisms to projects that might need it, but I’d like to hear what any of you think. Anyway take care everyone, and see you soon.

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