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Site Progress and Personal Update: August 2017

To think that I have been going for three months now, or at least two and a half as I only really started about halfway into May. Anyway, there have been a few pretty big milestones that have happened throughout the month of July, and I will get to them shortly; but first there’s the article recap, not counting site updates.

TW: Mentions of misogyny and transphobia, suicide.

JRPG Update: 6/25/2017-7/2/2017

Eroge Review: School Idol QT Cool (PC)

(Eroge Review) Critical Hit: Doesn’t look like yaoi to me.

Rant: Destructoid’s Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni “Review” is Garbage (And So is Jed Whitaker).

JRPG Update: 7/3/2017 -7/9/2017

Quick Review: Highschool Romance (PC)

Political Rant: No, Zinnia Jones Isn’t Saying to “Like Cock or You’re a Bigot.”

Amazing VGM: Giegue/Giygas Battle themes (Mother: Cognitive Dissonance)

The Guardian Acorn Reader Interest Polls

Amazing (kinda) VGM: Megalo Strike Back

Standard Review: Worms 2: Armageddon/Worms Reloaded (PS3/360/PC/Ios)

Detailed Review: Mighty No. 9 (PS3/PS4/360/XOne/Wii U/PC)

Amazing VGM: Spark Mandrill (Mega Man X)


So, there was a lot of stuff that happened this month that was noteworthy just in regards to site content, let alone the behind the scenes stuff. So I will try and address each individually.

First, there was the “cancellation” of JRPG Update. I put quotes around that because I technically said it was put on indefinite hiatus and “possibly cancelled outright,” emphasis on “possibly.” I will say that I do have plans to bring it back simply because it’s too much of a hit among this site’s viewer base and I personally have too much of an attachment to. Rather, what I need is a way to make it easier on myself. I haven’t decided how I’m going to do it yet, but I will.

The there is the Valkyrie Drive Jed Whitaker rant. I must say, this one got WAY bigger than I thought it was going to be, and when I say bigger I mean that rant got me over 800 views in one day. The funny thing is, I don’t know what got it to blow up. I did post it in response to a tweet left by Pete Davison of , and that did draw a lot of people to it, but he told me that he already read it earlier that morning without knowing I was the one who wrote it. While he does follow me on Twitter, I don’t think he follows this site specifically so I am unsure what caused it to go up in popularity. However, a lot of views came in when Pete cited my rant in his own piece about that review. By the way, I would also recommend checking out his site if you enjoy mine, especially if you are into Japanese games.

However, that was nothing compared to the boost in views I got when Ian Miles Cheong posted it on his Twitter page. I will say that I am personally not a huge fan of Ian’s work or beliefs most of the time, but it still felt good to have someone that popular notice it; especially since he knew I was a feminist. I will definitely give him credit that he did so despite our disagreements (although I don’t know if he even knows about anything else I posted) simply because, in his words, “I said what needed to be said.”

Precisely why I am glad that it got RTed was because a lot of the hatred between these two sides of the spectrum is simply because all of us get the idea that everyone on the other side fits into an exact stereotype. I can definitely sympathize with a lot of the criticisms towards feminism these days, despite thinking that a lot of it is overblown. There are a lot of more reasonable and rational people who identify as feminists than most would think; they just aren’t the ones in the media. I feel like if i provide a counterexample to the stereotype, then it could lead to us understanding each other better. Not to mention, one of the key reasons I take a feminist approach to these articles is because I believe that it’s not something most of us see often. Most feminists are either very formal and straightforward with writing, or they are very angry and bitter. I try to mix edgy politically incorrect humor while at the same time using the philosophical observations of feminism. IE, something that comes across as more relate able.

Hell, this article also had a thread on the Kotaku In Action subreddit, and likely the way I can tell I succeeded is that I managed to make one of them laugh with a joke at Trump’s expense even though they were pro Trump. Granted, there were a few that were so far gone that they tried to spin this as “feminists are never pleased with men even when they are trying to please them” when it is clear Jed was never trying to please someone like me to begin with, but most seemed to react well to it, and when you get GamerGate supporters to agree with something that opens with an unironic trigger warning, that’s how you know that you’ve done a good job.

It was not the only rant of mine that was successful. What also attracted a fair bit of attention was my defense of Zinnia Jones, which was popular enough that Zinnia herself retweeted it and thanked me for writing it (just don’t tell her Ian RTed my last rant). My main reason for writing it was because she was seriously going through rough shit at the time. Not only was there there the drama over a tweet being taken out of context by douchey anti feminists like Chris Ray Gun and that twat Tucker Carlson, which always leads to these keyboard warriors  flocking to post transphobic shit that will definitely convince Zinnia to stop being a trans activist. We also saw that legendary scumbag Ray Blanchard, whose greatest claim to fame is the “autogynephillia” theory that suggests trans women are all fetishists (which I have previously explained is utter horse shit), has went to the length of sharing Zinnia’s nudes on his Twitter TL.

This has lead to Zinnia becoming notably disturbed and uncomfortable and to her temporarily locking her account. Regardless of how you feel about Zinnia, there is no debating that this was a disgusting move on and that NOTHING Zinnia has said warranted this. I was tempted to do a rant specifically about Ray Blowhard, but he doesn’t deserve the privilege. Zinnia herself has explained that this is a common tactic of her transphobes to gaslight trans women by twisting otherwise normal things into signs of fetishism in an attempt to prevent trans women of being comfortable in their own bodies, because that’s the one solace that trans women can take.

And I will just say, if anyone tries to justify it with “they were publicly available” or “she’s a porn star so she can’t complain” then you can piss right the fuck off. Sex workers are people who suffer from anxiety and insecurity just like everyone else. In fact, a lot of them enter sex work so they can feel in control or powerful. Having people pay to see you do lewd things tells them that they desire you, and that you can be confident in yourself. Hell, I’ve had serious considerations of entering sex work myself (albeit not as a main career, writing will always take priority), and the only thing stopping me is because I don’t like my body, but I don’t even know if that fear is warranted.

The point is, dude bros, that porn actresses don’t exist to serve you. You aren’t entitled to treat them as inferior because you think women don’t normally like sex. There’s a reason you’re PAYING them to begin with.

Then there is the subject of The Reader Interest Polls, specifically, I plan to go over the results of each one. I really got a lot more votes then I thought I would, but I can likely chalk that up to the ability to vote for multiple options.

For the category of games poll, the one with the most votes was “Obscure but Well Recieved Indie Titles (Dharker Studios, ebi-hime, Watermelon, Zeboyd, Freebird Games)” with 9 votes. 2nd place was “Modern Mid Market Niche Releases (Namco Bandai, Atlus, Nis America, Xseed, Aksys)” with 7 votes, 3rd was a tie between “Late 90s & Early 2000s Retro Titles” and “Mid & Late 2000s & Early 2010s Retro Titles” with 6 votes each, 4th was “Modern AAA Releases (Nintendo, Sony, SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom)” with 5 votes, 5th was a tie between “High Profile Niche Titles (MangaGamer, Jast USA, Sekai Project, or Frontwing USA)” and “Ultra Obscure Amateur titles (Stuff on, DLSite, Steam (if they’re lucky), or other remote corners of the internet)”with 3 votes each, and last place was a tie between “High Profile Indie Titles (Toby Fox, Edmund McMillen, Davey Wreden, Scott Cawthon, Johnathon Blow)” and “8 and 16 bit Retro Titles (NES/Master System/Gameboy/GameGear/Mega Drive/SNES/TurboGrafx-16)” both with 2 votes. There was also a vote for “other” which just said I should review whatever I want, to which my response is that I appreciate the consideration, but it’s kinda redundant considering that I’m going to be doing what I want to do anyway and am just trying to gauge what my readers are interested in.

Anyway, results do definitely suggest that my readers have varying interests and are not all in just one demographic, but it does seem like my readers are obviously younger given the fact that 8 and 16 bit titles didn’t get many votes while titles that were out while they grew up have a higher vote count. I am also surprised by the fact that high profile indie titles got a low amount of votes considering the popularity of Undertale. I guess maybe people value the uniqueness of my opinions and figure I’m less likely to say something different about something like Undertale, The Binding of Isaac, or The Beginner’s Guide, but I suppose it could also have to do with the fact that high profile indie titles have a reputation for being pretentious like Braid or fad based like Five Nights at Freddy’s. As for me, my perspective is “if it looks good i’ll play it” and find there to be an appeal to looking through each of these categories.

For game genres, JRPG unsurprisingly came in first place with 10 votes, followed by eroge with 6 (also unsurprisingly), a 4 way tie for 3rd between WRPGs, Survival Horror, visual novels, and action adventure games all having 4 votes, another tie for 4th between Sandbox and platformers with both having 3, another 4 way tie  for 5th between character action, walking simulators, sidescrolling action, and point and click adventure games each having 2 votes, and 2D shooters in last place with only 1 vote.

Not surprised by the direction these seemed to be taking considering that those were what most of my content already represented, although it’s somewhat concerning since the closest I’ve played to a western RPG was Demon’s Souls, so it may be harder for me to review the as thoroughly as with JRPGs. Not much else to say since they mirror my own tastes.

For best non review content, JRPG Update was unsurprisingly the most favored with 7 votes, with a three way tie for second between political rants, Amazing VGM, and Anime Reviews., and last place being Impressions & Commentary which still managed a decent 3 votes. I definitely plan to do more of these. The only one of concern is anime reviews because I may be more partial to my commentary pieces, but hopefully they should also be as satisfactory.

For what to focus on if I revamp JRPG Update, the most votes went to “Finding Obscure RPGs you didn’t know existed” with 6 votes, with “cataloguing every JRPG release.” “news on major releases,” and “info on games that might not be localized” tying for 2nd with 3 votes each, and Kickstarter projects in last with no votes. I am glad to see the emphasis on obscure RPGs seeing as how finding out about all these games has been one of my favorite parts, although the concern would be how much emphasis to put on games that may not be localized. Obviously we already have a ton of stuff both made here and that are being localized, but at the same time, the only way to get this other stuff localized is to express interest, and I would need to speak up about it. Also there is the subject of indie RPGs since they often go unnoticed even when they are good. Hell there is one I’m playing now that I am currently enjoying quite a bit and it will be getting a review in the future.

For games released this month that you’d like to see reviewed, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age came in first with 5 votes, 2nd place went to Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy with 3 votes, 3rd was a tie between Hey! Pikmin and Princess Evangile W Happiness with two votes each, 4th was a 10 way tie between Accel World Vs. Sword Art Online, Battle Girls, Asdivine Cross, Ninja Usagimaru, Girls & Quiz, Collar X Malice, Galaxy of Pen and Paper, Children of Zodiarcs, Tokyo Xanadu, Crimson Gray, and other (which can’t figure out cause I’m having issues, so if whoever voted that could tell me what it was, it would be appreciated), and everything else with jack squat.

I am lucky to see that the two games I am most interested in got the most votes and I am definitely interested in them, although it’s kinda funny how both are remasters. I have never played Final Fantasy XII (I saw an LP, but I can’t remember much of the specifics) and I never actually played the original Crash Bandicoot. I played the 2nd and third ones a long time ago but can’t remember much about them. Of course the concern is, if I get one of these, it will interfere with my current schedule because FF12 is long as hell and N. Sane Trilogy is made up of three games. Of the two, I am currently leaning more towards Crash Bandicoot, but I will see what happens.

For earlier AAA releases this year, we have Persona 5 in 1st place with 7 votes, the most out of any individual game on the polls, Horizon: Zero Dawn in 2nd with 4 votes, Nioh and Outlast 2 in a tie for 3rd with 3 votes each, a 4 way tie for 4th between Fire Emblem Echoes, Tales of Bersaria, Yakuza 0, and Dragon Quest Heroes 2 all having 2 votes, another 4 way tie for fifth between Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil 7, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Valkyria Revolution all having one vote, and everything else with nothing.

Not surprised at seeing Persona 5 with the most considering how well liked that game is, and I have definite interest in it as well. I am surprised to see that Breath of the Wild didn’t get much support since I’ve heard a shit ton of hype for it while Horizon: Zero Dawn came in 2nd. Those are the three most likely to see a review, as well as possibly Nioh since my brother already has a copy of it. Also somewhat disappointed to see nothing for Dragon Quest VIII on here as that one has had my interest. Mass Effect Andromeda was only included to for shits and giggles since I heard almost nothing but bad things about it and figured that some people may just want to see me bash on it. Granted it’s possible I could still enjoy it, but if I’m looking for a quality experience, I have not reason to not play the original trilogy first. Everything else is part of series that I need to play previous games in.

Niche Mid market releases earlier this year had Gravity Rush 2 in 1st place with 3 votes, Atelier Firis, Akiba’s Beat, and Princess Maker 3 tied in 2nd with 2 votes each, and in 3rd place we have a 10 way tie between Touhou Genso Wanderer, The Caligula Effect, Ever Oasis, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Toukiden 2, Fate.Extella, Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, Atelier Shallie Plus, and Nekopara Vol. 3 with 1 vote each, and everything else with nothing.

So mid market niche titles got the second highest amount of votes for genre you guys want covered yet this one doesn’t have nearly as many participants? Kinda confusing to me. Also surprised to see Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni got no votes since it was the subject of my most popular article. That and Nekopara Vol. 3 are the most likely ones to see a review any time soon, also possibly Princess Maker 3 simply because a name with that title is bound to attract me.

For indie titles released earlier this year, 1st place went to Ecchi Sketch: Draw Cute Girls Every Day! with 3 votes, Love Ribbon in 2nd place with 2, and in 3rd place is a 15 way tie between there’s no fucking way I’m typing out all of those games each with 1 vote, and everything else with zilch.

Glad to see that the focus on eroge is there as I have obtained a copy of Love Ribbon from the last Steam sale and got a copy of Ecchi Sketch earlier today as a reward for pledging to the developer’s Patreon account. Note: Pledging $5.00 or more gets you a Steam code for all of her games, which seems like quite a bargain to me. Also she actually asked me about Love Ribbon herself when I mentioned I got it in her Discord chat, so I could consider that a third vote and say that it’s a tie between the two I guess, but either way, I do plan to check these out.

For upcoming AA titles, 1st place was a six way tie between Metroid: Samus Returns, Sonic Forces, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, The Evil Within 2, Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Vampyr, 2nd place being a tie between Call of Cthulhu and Sonic Mania, 3rd place being a tie between Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon  and Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, and everything else having nothing.

Just about everything in 1st place is the stuff I’m the most interested in to. Granted, I will need to play the first games for both Evil Within and Life is Strange, but Samus Returns, Sonic Forces, and Fractured But Whole I am definitely interested. Also Dragon’s Dogma is a possibility, but it’s not going to be the PS4 version because my brother already has the PS3 one and it’s THAT different.

For later mid market niche releases, Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash comes in 1st with 4 votes, .hack//G.U. coming in 2nd with 3,  and then a 6 way tie for third and a 13 way tie for 4th that I don’t feel like typing out. Once again, not surprised by Senran Kagura, although I’m not as sure since I still have not played past Burst, but I am glad to see that my audience and I have similar tastes. .hack I have some interest in but dunno if it’s a priority. Disappointed to see no love for Blue Reflection or White Day as I’m notably interested in those 2.

And the last category of upcoming indie games didn’t have many votes at all. No game listed got more than 2 votes so it’s hard to take that as enthusiasm, although it’s not as if I don’t have any interest myself. Negligee Stories, Legrand Legacy, and Agony are the ones that interest me the most. Well, either way, the polls were definitely a success and I’m glad I added them, and I will likely do more in the future.

In terms of site related setup news, there is some good news and bad news. The bad news is that one of my two patrons has withdrawn their pledge because their financial situation changed, which brings my earning down to $9.00 a month. Although I have still decided to give John Dolan the Highschool Romance code since he’s still unopposed, but if one of you pledged. The good news is that I have switched to the WordPress personal plan, which gives me access to more features, but this unfortunately comes with even more bad news.

I figured that if I was earning $22 a month that I would be able to afford to spend a little bit more money. I have pledged to a bunch of different Patreon accounts with $1.00 donations, and bought another Indiegala bundle. Unfortunately, when I got the personal plan, I was not expecting to to charge me for a year’s worth up front. As such, I’m down on close to $40.00 even after putting my current Paypal balance into my own bank account. Furthermore, The money I had from last month is also gone because I got screwed over by a Facebook ad telling me that I had a $30.00 coupon for ads, only for it to bill me for $25 a week later causing me to over draft, which i needed to put the previous month’s earnings towards.

Additionally, the Personal Plan is not as good as I had hoped, as I still do not have any ability to alter SEO features and I don’t get those unless I’m on the Business Plan, which costs over $300 a year, something that a jobless college student like me cannot ever hope to afford. I have been told by a friend of mine that SEO features are not even that relevant to success anymore due to how the technology has changed, and that I will not be able to implement these changes since I went with WordPress instead of creating my own server from scratch because I don’t have the means or knowledge to do so. As such, the only reason to go after any more of the paid plans is to get the Business Plan so I can put ads and profit outside of Patreon.

Naturally, I am pretty disheartened by the fact that I basically wasted a bunch of money for nothing when I get so little of it to begin with. Furthermore, I just don’t know how to get anymore Patreon donors. For fucks sake, I tried giving out free games for a $1.00 pledge and that did jack shit, so I’m unsure if I’m going to keep doing them. Speaking of which, am STILL waiting on someone to claim that Lethal League code.

On one hand, I have been doing well for myself in comparison to most blogs in the course of three months. The problem is that I’m trying to turn this blog into a career so I can actually do this for a living instead of flipping burgers or something else that is not healthy for an agoraphobic trans woman. That is not to say I’m not working towards trying to overcome those feelings, but waiting for HRT to take effect isn’t exactly a timely solution.

I started this week out feeling very well since I got my follow up appointment for HRT and had my dose doubled and because it looked like I went from $17.00 a month to $22.00 (My other patron increased his pledge from $3.00 to $10.00, thank you very much Ryumaou), and I decided to pledge to some other Patreon accounts I wanted to support, albeit most with simple $1.00 pledges. Unfortunately, that went to shit because of the aforementioned events discoveries about the plan and SEO in general when combined with the loss in profit (although I don’t hold it against John Dolan as it’s always more important to support oneself and I’m glad he supported me to begin with) which put me back pretty far from where I wanted to be.

What I am finding is that I seem to want to make money so badly because I have so little of it and so little means to make it. Yes, I’m not in the position where I need to pay any bills or put food on the table since I’m still living with my dad, but that comes at its own price. I feel like a caged animal living the way I do, and It feels like I need money to do almost anything but no efficient way to get it. Maybe it is possible that I’m being too materialistic, as I just see so many things I want but am unable to afford, and I keep viewing myself being unable to afford them as a sign of failure. Hell maybe games have spoiled me by being made so that one will always be able to afford the more expensive things by the end of the game no matter how expensive they are at the beginning.

It seems so stereotypical, but it just so often feels like my own depression stems from the fact that life isn’t the way it is in games. Hell if life were a game, then it would be that one that you only play because your friends keep begging you to because of how great it supposedly is, and they keep telling you it gets better but you never actually start to enjoy it even if you do notice some improvements. IE if life were a game, I’d be giving it a scathing review and telling you not to play it whilst also including an Amazon Affiliates link at the end anyway in the vague hope that someone will still be curious enough to buy it or something else so I get a small amount of money from it. The worst part is that this isn’t some sudden realization, I’ve been feeling this way for years. I continue to express how depressed I am and just how much I hate my own existence and nothing ever happens, even when I said it publicly.

Outside MMO
No monthly fee my ass…

Is it because no one sees it, because no one can do or say anything, or because no one cares? The answer doesn’t make a difference because it offers no solution in the end. Why yes, I do have a serious problem with depression that leads to frequent suicidal thoughts, but the thing is, they’ve become so common that I don’t even see them with any serious significance. People start assuming that someone just wants attention if they frequently say they are considering suicide, or are accused of being emotionally manipulative. It’s not until someone actually does it that people start getting sad and wondering where they went wrong, and that is fucking disgusting.

But that is another subject entirely, and not what I am here for, and I have also started to feel somewhat better in the process of typing that out so it isn’t necessary to keep going, but yeah. The problem is that the future fucking scares me. I hate how vulnerable I am and how I can’t do shit about it. I’ve already tried to do everything I can on my own; I try to do almost EVERYTHING on my own. If I could get this site off the ground all on my own then I fucking would because I feel as if my only option other than making this site successful is death; it’s literally “make this work or die trying,” and I don’t fear death. In fact I view death as kinda comforting as it means an end to everything. Yeah it means I have so much stuff unfinished but I won’t be able to even perceive my own failures. What I DO fear is pain, both physical and emotional. If I was given a choice between being ruthlessly tortured for six hours but getting to go free, or being killed quick and painlessly, I would most likely choose the latter.

As such, the main reason why I am so dead set on this site is because I already hold life in such low regard that the only way I can find value in it is trying to live on my own terms the way I want. To take control and tell this messed up society to go to hell. And to make things clear, I’m not an Anarchist, and my opinions on systems of government are a bit more complicated than thinking one is simply the best, but that would be off topic. And really, the thing is that I know that regardless of how well I articulate this, a lot of people are still just going to take this as “I don’t wanna work so give me your money” even after spending a large portion of this update explaining why that isn’t accurate.

Obviously it all comes down to how others view my work, and I know that there is a fair amount of people who value it given the response I have received so far. Hell, I have the sense to know that I am a strong writer and have an endearing personality. I say this not because I’m conceited and have a big head, but rather because I have seen a sizable number of people that gain a fondness for me, even when I have radically different views than they do, and let me just let the record straight that I love and appreciate every single one of you.

So I know I have the potential to build a strong following, the question is how I use it? What I am being told the key factor is just creating good content, but I’ve been creating strong content for years before I created this blog, exactly what has changed now that I’m using WordPress instead of DeviantART journal entries? I guess it may be that I’m taking myself more seriously now than I did before, but how is this perceived by others? Well who knows, it is possible that I’m just worrying too much and that building yourself up just takes time. Hell I’m probably just too impatient and I want to know absolutely everything that I can do and what it will result in.

I always tend to try and prepare myself for absolutely anything that I think can go wrong, and when something I didn’t expect goes wrong, like what happened this week, I start getting even more worried. I get worried because I know that my success is ultimately in your hands, and it all depends on whether or not you feel I am worthy.

So regardless of how successful I may or may not become, I could really use your help. Of course there are Patreon donations which will help me hopefully afford that Business plan, as well as other stuff to improve content. But you can also help by sharing this stuff on social media, or on forums, or anywhere else. Hell the main reason the Zinnia article got big was because I tagged a bunch of people and asked them to RT it, so people sharing something definitely helps, so I would like to ask that you do that if you enjoy these articles. Additionally, clicking the follow button will allow you to be updated on my newer posts.

So anyway, now that all the personal stuff is out of the way, I may as well talk about what is to come in terms of content. So yeah, I still need to actually write those reviews for Yooka-Laylee, The Beginner’s Guide, The Legend of Dragoon, and those two Steam Greenlight landfill titles. I have started writing the Yooka-Laylee review, and it is going to be a very thorough one. The only reason I haven’t already finished it is because I’ve been putting most of my writing time towards this update or an upcoming political rant.

In terms of other stuff I haven’t already mentioned, my current review schedule, discounting the aforementioned games, Is The Tenth Line, the first review code I have gotten for this site, then Contraption Maker as John Dolan’s 2nd request (and cause he also supplied a spare Steam code), which will be followed by Cosmic Star Heroine (Ryumaou’s request of a game I already own). I may or may not decide to through MegaDimension Neptunia VII in there because it was something I was already playing before I got any codes or requests and I’m a decent ways into it.

Also worth noting, MangaGamer has said they are willing to provide review codes for their games, which was some great news to me considering how much of the English eroge market they have a stake in, and because there are plenty of games I am interested in playing. Of course, considering what I currently have going, the best idea would be to go with a shorter game that is easier to slip into the current schedule. Of course, thanks to Indiegala, I probably already own a sizable portion of the MangaGamer catalogue anyway so I could just choose from something I already have as well. But if there is anything that one of you guys are curious about in particular then I’d like to hear about it. For anyone curious about what I own, my backlog can be viewed here.

In regards to non review content, there is a rant related to a certain Youtube feminist who I guess you could say is “going where the green lights lead her.” There is also that piece I foreshadowed about the Zinnia and Blaire feud (if you can call it that since there isn’t anything going on now other than shitposting), but I’ll stay silent on any more political rant ideas.

I also have another Impressions & Commentary planned, which is about time considering how well received my one on Alpha’s Adventures was. I also have a music album review planned of all things, but I’ll leave you in the dark as to what that is as well. Amazing VGM I am planning on making a weekly thing, as it was originally VGM of the Week, but that title was dropped when it stopped being weekly. And of course, I am planning to try and repost more of my older stuff because it still seems like not everyone read them, as well as even a final update to one of my oldest article series.

Lastly, there are my shoutouts, although I think most of them were already mentioned in the article, but to reiterate, Ryumaou is my current patron and I greatly appreciate his support. Additionally, I would like to thank Lord Nurgle/Sporemine for shouting me out in one of his videos, and the same goes to Good Game Have Fun/TheHatPerson as well.

I have already mentioned him earlier as well, but I would like to thank Pete Davison of, whose site is a pretty big inspiration for how I am handling my own; IE that being a site that is focused on older games as much as newer ones, as well as not simply regurgitating the same tired out material that our circlejerk of a video game press has been putting forth for over a decade. Of course, the difference is that he actually wrote for some of those sites and has already built up a following that he could then use when he created his own site, while I’m basically cutting out the middle man and am just trying to create my own site without getting involved in the cesspit that is game journalism. Hell, knowing that I’ve done this well already despite having little to no credentials aside from temporarily writing for Oprainfall and Brash Games, and a bunch of stuff on GameFAQs and DeviantART, it definitely fills me with determination, since I just have to make that reference.

Additionally, there was MagicalFeline on Twitter (dunno if he wants a link or not) for helping me out of some recent depression, as well as the technical advice. Lastly, there is anyone else I failed to mention who has linked, shared, or even viewed any of my articles. Thank you for helping support me even if it wasn’t by much. Anyway, hopefully, things will continue to go smoothly for Guardian Acorn.

If you would like to support me or this site, then please support my Patreon if you would like to see higher quality content with more resources to put towards it. If you don’t want to spend any money on me, then you can also help out by simply sharing my blog on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, or anywhere else where others will see it. You can also follow this blog if you would like to be kept up to date on my stuff, or you could follow me on any of my social media pages (listed at the bottom of the page) and could stop by The Guardian Acorn Discord chat if you would like to talk to me and my homies.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you deal with so much depression to the point where you’ve given up on living for anything other than your work. I really hope this works out for you.

    I wish i could offer advice but i have no idea how to get more publicity and support online. I wouldn’t worry about others trying to tell you to get a job you’re uncomfortable with. If you are confident in your writing abilities, i’m positive this will work out in the end. 🙂

    1. Thanks, and to be fair, my work isn’t the only thing I’d be comfortable living for, just rather the only thing I’d be comfortable doing for a living. Other things that keep me going on would be my family and friends of course, as well as for anyone else like me. After all, what message would it send to them if I gave up? I will say that it will most likely work out in end simply because I’m just not capable of abandoning this site even if I wanted to since I’ve already put so much of myself into writing for years.

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