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Site Progress and Personal Update: March 2018

Only about two months left until this site hits its 1 year Anniversary. It surprises me that I kept this up, and I can only imagine that it surprised others as well. Then again, I am a reclusive writer who spends all her time inside and thus has the time to waste on providing a frequent supply of content. My average in views has quadrupled since I start back in May of last year and I’ve posted over 100 articles to this site. It makes me happy to see how well this is proceeding since I am well aware that getting the first few are always the hardest and that as your views increase, the rate at which one accumulates views often increases as well. That’s assuming I continue to create content that draws people here.

Of note is that I still would like to bring some other people on to this site so if anyone wants to write something for here they may do so. Additionally, if anyone is interested in doing a collaborative piece then I wouldn’t mind doing so. Of course it would depend on the subject in question but nonetheless I’d be interested. Anyway, here is last month’s article recap.

Continue, Don’t Quit!

Max, An Autistic Journey (PC): Could Have Been an Artistic Journey, but Wasn’t (Detailed Review)

Meltys Quest (PC): Shameless, Trashy, and Oddly Compelling (Detailed Review) (NSFW)

Steam Greenlight Landfill: Final Quest II

Blaire White: An Intervention

Gone Home (PS4/XONE/PC): Go Home, Gone Home, You’re Drunk! (Detailed Review)

Amber Breaker (PC): The Horrific Finale of the Jewel Star Hentai Trilogy (NSFW)

Senran Kagura Burst (3DS): Like the Shinobi Itself, you Cannot Always See Everything There is to Know About Senran Kagura at First Glance

Yes, there were less articles out this month in comparison to previous ones. The reason for this is because I decided to put Amazing VGM on hold until I write all the reviews I still have to do. That has largely been what my focus has been last month. While I only got three new reviews up, but one of them was 5000 plus words, another was 2500 plus if I recall correctly, and the Final Quest II review was very short because even thinking about that game drains me emotionally.

I also needed to add a “further thoughts” note to the end of the reviews of Max, Gone Home, and Senran Kagura so that took some time. Now that I think about it, all six of these games inspired some strong feelings. With both Meltys Quest and Amber Breaker I somehow managed to bring feminist themes into eroge reviews without attracting the angry gamerbro crowd which is surprising. Finding out how to express some of these things was not easy but I am glad I managed to.

As for the other two pieces, first there is Continue, Don’t Quit! I wholeheartedly stand by every word of that piece. Then there is the second Blaire White piece. I find that speaking about her is becoming repetitive so I want to avoid doing any more of that unless she debates me.

Anyway, future plans for content… the review I’m currently writing is of Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel, just so I can get the least interesting of the one’s I’ve been putting off out of the way. I plan to review Yume Nikki as well (the original, although I am interested in the reboot). I also finally requested a review code for Nekopara Vol. 3 so I hope to get that done fairly soon. Then there is Megadimension Neptunia VII, which I am almost done with. I only have to get the true ending in New Game plus and there are apparently some added dungeons afterwards. I’ve put over 100 hours into the game at this point. And yes, I plan to put up my other previous Neptunia reviews up. Fuck that’s gonna take a while. My review of Nep 1 is over 6000+ words for fucks sake!

That fucking Eminem album review is taking forever because my motivation to work on it only seems to come and go in short bursts, but I’m going to finish the damn thing I swear. And as usual, there are the other pieces I’ve been working on that have been taking forever. God there is so much shit to do, but I’m not going anywhere any time soon it seems. I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not but I’m stuck here.

Well, time for shout outs. As usual, there are my patrons Ryumaou, Alex Silvey, Ray Type, Cesar Zamudio, April Daniels, and Erin Lopez. Additional thanks goes out to any readers or people who have supported me thus far. And I would just like to take one more chance to plug my Patreon account. It means the world to me if one donates even a minuscule amount. Or if one stops by my Discord chat and says his or talks to me; I’d really appreciate the company. It gets quite lonely for me. This is a difficult burden I’ve undertaken, but I will… no… WE will overcome it. There’s still no gettin off this train we on!

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