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Steam Greenlight Landfill: Final Quest II

Good fucking god why did I even bother to play this piece of shit? I was not thinking this game would turn out good after the first game was such a train wreck, but this one is not only worse, it is a FUCK LOAD worse! The first Final Quest is Mother 3 compared to this miscarriage of a game! Final Quest II is so bad that I now take back every positive thing I said about it’s developer. I take it back because a game as bad as Final Quest II CANNOT be released at retail without the developers noticing. A development team that would knowingly release a game as unplayable as Final Quest does NOT deserve your money or support.

Final Quest II is only slightly better than Vickinachi, and that is because there were actual battles programmed and levels were designed in the former. Then again, I can’t imagine it being any more difficult to program random battles than to design rooms in RPG Maker. I’ve done a little bit of the latter recently and I imagine the former shouldn’t be too hard. Truthfully though, both of these games are in the “Steam Greenlight Septic Tank” tier of awfulness, also known as the “It’s now okay to insult the developer” tier.

Final Quest II | battle image
Enemy is facing the wrong direction and there are no backgrounds.

The short version of this review is “there are no improvements over Final Quest 1 aside from prettier menus and the game is an unfinished mess.” I initially was quite impressed by the menu theme since I did not expect a game like this to have a vocal track, but I have a feeling it’s just one of the defaults. I don’t even know or care what the story is because I did not have the patience to finish the first game, so I’ll just describe what happened when I played it.

The first town of the game has NPCs that you can’t talk to, one NPC that you can talk to but an empty text box pops up, some where the text gets cut off, and a shit ton of  Engrish lacking periods or commas. There was also a glitch in that buying a beer from the bartender actually gives you five gold instead of costing it, thus giving you infinite money before you even leave the first town. Then again, battles are so mindlessly simplistic that there isn’t even a reason to care.

Final Quest II | Graphical glitch
Actual in game screenshot.

On the overworld and in dungeons, you can see dots that represent enemies on the mini map that move around. Similarly to that of The 7th Saga, touching them brings you into a random encounter. This would have been alright if not for the fact that this does not take whether or not you are in the airship into account, which means you still get into encounters even in the airship. Of note is that you effectively have access to the entire world map at the start, but you can’t enter the towns because they are not programmed to let you in yet.

Graphics are all stock RPG Maker assets and I’m willing to bet that music is to. However, even using default assets was too tough because the attack animation for every character just involves a light swing of the weapon, including bows. I cannot remember any other details, and that’s probably a good thing.

Final Quest II | duel
To a what?

I was tempted to play through the entirety of Final Quest II just to see how much worse it gets, but there are way too many better uses of my time. There is nothing that can redeem this game or RPGVideo, nor will there be anything that gives me any hope of them ever creating something good. I cannot even muster up the energy to make a more detailed review, nor do I even feel this game deserves it.

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the only reason the first Final Quest was playable was due to the Kickstarter donations. That is beyond pathetic. This game was not even close to being a finished product, and shame on Back to Basics Gaming for releasing it!

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