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Blaire White: An Intervention

I wrote an article about Blaire White on this blog once before. I have a rule established that I only write response articles to people who have at least a shred of human decency in them, and when I wrote that, I was under the naive impression that Blaire might be one of those. Considering that I had already gone from being a hater to being a fan, it would take a lot to make me renounce any bit of respect I had for her. At that point, I had already pledged three superchat donations to her. Hell I really wanted to debate her myself to the point that I tried whatever I could to get her attention, none of which succeeded. One of those donations was specifically to ask her to debate me on a live stream, she said she was okay with it but couldn’t find me because I didn’t give her my Twitter handle (even though she followed me on Twitter at the time and could have just searched the handle). So I made another pledge just to provide the handle, but she skips over this one during the stream when she otherwise goes out of her way to read ALL of them.

This naturally did leave me a bit suspicious, but I felt it was important to give her the benefit of the doubt, as she seemed like an alright person outside of her utterly inane political hot takes. I tried messaging her through every contact I could find, none of which yielded a response. I even tried tweeting at her boyfriend, who I know saw it because he liked the comment, yet I still received no reply. I then decided to try something drastic and mass tagged my followers to boost a tweet asking Blaire to debate me, something that did NOT go over well with some of the ‘don’t platform hate” crowd. Hell, I even almost lost a friend of mine over a fight that occurred as a result. Despite my disagreements with her, I held a lot of respect and admiration for her, and if I ever got the chance to speak to her personally, I probably would have considered her a friend.

To further emphasize just how far Blaire has fallen in my eyes, she is no longer eligible for me to make a response article to because of how little respect I hold for her. For comparison, I made a response article to Meghan Murphy. Yes, it has reached the point where I hold more respect for TERFs than I do Blaire White. Hell, I’m friends with some people who would typically be classified as TERFs, and I don’t mean the rather mild Arielle Scarcella types either, I mean the aggressive types that call trans women “TIMs.” I somehow managed that, yet Blaire White, despite being a trans woman herself, I do not feel comfortable with. And the reason WHY I would more trust the people that think my kind are narcissistic men is because I can at least trust them to be honest about what they feel; I do not get the same feeling from Blaire White.

The last straw for me was when I saw Theryn Meyer stick up for her when Ben Shapiro misgendered her, and Blaire’s way of thanking her… was to lecture her about being civil with the person who actively disrespects you and to then imply that you think she’s an “insane triggered harpy.” That was where I drew the line. I not only unfollowed her after that, but I also soft blocked her. If she was going to do idiotic dumb crap like that then I don’t want her as a follower. Keep in mind that I normally place a lot of value on being followed by those with opposing view points, and even more value on being followed by those with a large following or presence. There were multiple reasons that this was what pushed me over the edge, but there was one thing that was clear to me at that moment; Blaire White hates trans people.

There is no other explanation. She had spent a month brooding over being misgendered by RedPillBlack and The Daily Mail altering the the headline of an article about Blaire to misgender her as well, yet she’s suddenly okay when it’s her precious senpai Ben Shapiro who does it? It isn’t like Shapiro could learn to treat trans people with basic manners and common courtesy if he wants to have any constructive conversations now is it? Clearly Theryn was the one in the wrong here. Hell, it shows just how broad her standards for being an SJW are when someone who, up until that point, leaned more towards the right is an “insane triggered harpy.”

Allow me to propose something. What if it isn’t that the whole trans community is completely out of touch with reality, and it’s actually… you? Have you ever considered that for a second? Have you ever considered that the reason trans people hate you is because you parade around like a rich high school cheerleader mocking the appearances of other trans women despite having experienced crushing insecurity over your own? Have you ever considered that the reason trans activists don’t want to debate you is because you frequently do nothing but mock and straw man nearly every video of theirs?

Hell just look at Blaire’s most prime target; Riley J Dennis. When I actually started to watch videos of her’s,  I was surprised at just how much more eloquently worded and articulated they were than Blaire’s. I think the single most ironic statement ever uttered in the history of human consciousness has to be Blaire White saying to Riley “I can only imagine how it must be to instantly assume the worst possible intentions from everybody” when the next video after that was Blaire apologizing to Riley for all the rude insults about her appearance and saying she is a fake trans because… she assumed the worst possible intention from her. Hell, Blaire does nothing BUT assume the worst possible intentions from leftists and trans activists. To top things all off, Blaire got butthurt over Riley talking about how to make a sincere apology because she thought it was about her own, when that wasn’t even the case.

riley narcissist authoritarian

On top of that, Blaire screenshots Riley’s video in a Tweet of her’s without watching it where she falsely misrepresents said video, thus resulting in her hordes of fanboys parroting her tweet on the video and false flagging it. When Riley rightfully calls this out, Blaire’s response is “I dindu nuffin wrong, you’re a miserable person” without a shred of self awareness. Really shows how genuine her “apology” was. The only part she was sorry about was the part where she made other trans people feel dysphoric by mocking their appearances, yet she didn’t show a shred of remorse to saying that one of her critics looked like a Japanese blow up sex doll or when she mocks anothers teeth that got damaged in a bicycle accident. Hell I think she even flat out said that one of her critics “looked like a man.”

Blaire White | dindu nuffin

And the thing is, I am pretty sure I recall both Milo Stewart and Riley Dennis saying something along the lines of “don’t apologize if you’re still going to mock and bully my friends” and guess what Blaire is still doing? It’s no wonder she was so quick to assume Riley was talking about her, but instead her entitled ass thought “how dare you not accept my apology” and that Riley was the one being a “miserable person.”

No Blaire, that’s you. It took a while for me to finally realize this, but Blaire White is nothing more than your average bully. She actively looks for accounts with fewer followers than her and quotes them with the direct intent of sending her followers after them, let me show you a few.

Blaire White | Ryukhoe

Blaire White | sup hoe

Blaire White | white boys

Blaire White | Hi

Blaire White | stupid shit

Notice just how little substance there is in her replies? It’s almost as if she knows her fanboys will do the work for her and harass anyone who dares say they don’t like her narcissistic ass. Of note is that she actually did this to me once. She quoted an unflattering tweet of mine regarding her, which prompted her fanboys to spam me with transphobic remarks. Her typical tactics are to get someone to either lock their account, or for them to get “triggered.”

I knew better than to give her either of those, and I instead just mocked each one of the stupid little cunts popping into my mentions, so she deleted her initial tweet. Blaire is an admitted “serial tweet deleter” so it certainly falls within her tactics. I also point this out because Contrapoints described Blaire saying the exact same thing to her in one of her commentary videos. Up until that point, I thought it may have meant that she showed some discretion for once. The fact that she deleted her tweet about me was a large part of what prompted me to change my mind about her in the first place. Hearing Natalie describe this occurrence has made me realize that I was right about her the first time, and being right has never felt so wrong.

I could go on and on pointing out every dumb thing Blaire has ever said or just why she pisses me off so much, but I don’t see the point in such a thing. Maybe a part of me is still naive enough to think that Blaire actually cares about how she effects the others around her. I can only assume that this is a result of her being raised in the most liberal state in the US that is also the most accepting to trans people, and she is bitter towards the intolerant far left types that have scorned her for being anti feminist and is thus taking it out on all of us.

I don’t quite know how Blaire would react to my own content, but I was anti feminist for a fair amount of time as well, and I certainly have not shyed away from criticizing feminism even now that I consider myself one. Despite not agreeing with absolutely everything I say, a lot of these same “triggered feminazis” that people like Blaire hate so much tend to not mind me as much. Hell I have been frequently surprised by how little resistance i have been met with from the left OR the right. As such, I don’t think the problem is that feminists and trans activists don’t want debate.

I have mentioned that I have wanted to debate Blaire in the past, and well, that offer is still up. I would still be enthusiastically up for debating her even in front of her audience that is well prepared to rip me to shreds. I tend to read people far more effectively than most do, and I know how to carry myself in such a situation. Most feminists don’t though.

Blaire’s own interpretations of the words of Riley Dennis or Zinnia Jones are so far removed from their initial intentions, that to them Blaire, YOU are the one that wants to portray them as intolerant monsters. There was never any attempt on their part to even try to understand their own perspective, it’s all just there for the sake of mocking people you don’t like. And when they act up, she goes “SEE LOOK HOW MENTALLY ILL THESE TRANNIES ARE TROLOLOLOLOLOL!!!”

I don’t think this is what Blaire wants though. I do legitimately believe Blaire does not know where she keeps fucking up and why she provokes such anger. The reason I have been trying so hard to make that debate happen is because that is the only way I will know the answers to these specific questions. I have always found it intriguing how different yet similar two people can come across almost entirely due to the flaws of human communication. The only one that truly knows what goes on inside Blaire’s mind is Blaire herself, and all that the rest of us can do is speculate. Unfortunately, said speculation does not lead to a positive conclusion.

If I haven’t made the intentions clear enough, this isn’t just a rant; it’s an intervention. While Blaire does likely have many passionate and caring supporters among her audience, I still don’t think this is going to end well. The only results I can see occurring is that trans rights become more accepted and mainstream, which leads to Blaire being seen widespread as a self hating transphobe. The other is that she’s successful at pushing back against the “trans cult” which leads to more and more trans people getting hurt. If this happens, it will dawn on her that this was what she helped put forth. She was the one siding with those who have never truly cared about trans people but like her because she’s anti SJW, but that didn’t stop her.

Or I could just be being melodramatic and none of this will happen, who knows? However, the concern is not over what Blaire actually thinks, but rather over how she comes across. If she truly does not feel she is the bullying mega bitch that the trans community sees her as, it would behoove her to look into what she does that elicits said reaction and work on that. Whether she realizes it or not, she holds far more power and influence than she realizes, and said influence is only growing further.

Now I can only speak for myself here, but I think it is safe to assume that most of us don’t want this either. No one truly desires hatred and conflict. Rather, it is simply seen as an inevitability that we can’t prevent. We can prevent it though, through this abstract concept called giving a fuck about other peoples “feelings” instead of going based only on your own. Despite everything, I cannot bring myself to intentionally say something that will hurt Blaire without purpose; but Blaire certainly can.

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