Vickinachi | Title Screen

Steam Greenlight Landfill: Vickinachi

I got Vickinachi through a trade with someone on Indiegala for a spare code I had for a game I had no interest in playing. Going into this game, I knew it was going to be bad based on the Steam reviews, and I decided to go with it due to morbid curiosity and because it can usually be fun to tear into terrible games in reviews. I did not expect it to be THIS bad though. Steam Greenlight Landfill is a bit of a misnomer when applied to Vickinachi as the more accurate descriptor would be Steam Greenlight Septic Tank, along with the likes of The Interview, The Graveyard, Tokyo Hosto, and Pregnancy (and also technically because it was released in 2017, but Steam Direct Landfill just doesn’t sound the same).

For starters, Vickinachi is an RPG Maker game, which has been previously established as a bad sign when it comes to Steam games. However, one would be mistaken if they assumed this meant Vickinachi is an RPG or anything, because there is no combat. There is a menu in Vickinachi, and there is equipment and items. You even have items that will permanently increase Vickinachi’s attack stat (The main character is named Vickinachi, and so is the game. Who came up with the name of this game, Asgore?)even though there is nothing to use it for. There are also inns that will cost in game money, despite the fact that nothing in this game can drain your HP or kill you.

Vickinachi | On top of stairway
Even though I’m standing over a stair tile, IckiiVicki or whatever his name is doesn’t go down stairs.

Ah but no worry, you can at least be assured that there are no puzzles or obstacles of any sort either. The only gameplay present in Vickinachi is trying to find the exit to one floor to reach the next, kind of like a roguelike except no enemies and the levels aren’t randomly generated (although I wouldn’t blame you for thinking otherwise given how they are laid out). If you are lucky, you may even be able to see where the exit is in the form of a door sprite, oftentimes placed in locations that make it look unnatural or out of place. Other times, the exit will be invisible, which will lead to you accidentally moving to the next floor before collecting all the treasure and being unable to go back… not that you would need the treasure or anything because there’s still nothing to use them against.

Production wise, all of the graphics are stock as far as I know and am willing to believe, and there is no music aside from the admittedly nice title theme that likely does not originate from this game.  Additionally, you will come across several staircase tiles that are not placed over stairs, and doorway graphics that are not placed over entrances. Worst of all, this game has no story, no dialogue, no objective, and no ending. You will simply get to a room that does not have an exit and you will have no way to progress. It is worth noting that there is more than one possible room you could end up stranded in at the end, but there is not even a cutscene or ending message. Oh, and you’ll be lucky if a playthrough lasts over twenty minutes.

Vickinachi | Dead End
The end of the universe, and there isn’t even a Starbucks.

I don’t know what else to say; Vickinachi is an unfinished game. What is even worse is that Vickinachi is not even an early access title, meaning that there isn’t even going to be a patch or anything; this IS the intended result! Design wise, this may be the worst game I have ever played. The only solace I can take is that I at least did not give any money to Hariharan S. Vickinachi is a game that would not be out of place in a haunted game creepypasta, and I don’t mean the hyper realistic blood and gore, distorted music, and Kefka laugh creepypastas either. I mean the slightly better ones that describe a nonexistent game that is permeated with emptiness and only exists as a plot device. Unless Vickinachi turns out to be a cursed game and you are a bad horror movie trope, Vickinachi is worthless.

To think that Hariharan S has the gall to charge $5.00 for this when there is so much better out there for free. It takes a lot for me to sink to “insulting the creator” territory, and this game has definitely crossed that threshold, but I really can’t bring myself to do so. This is not because of anything to do with morals or anything, but it is simply because I can’t even muster any feelings for this game other than contempt, and it has so little substance that I can’t even get angry about it. Hell it feels like even writing this review is giving this game more than it deserves but fuck it, I need to create content for my blog somehow. Well that’s just about it, I’m not even in the mood to deliver a profound closing statement; the game’s just shit.

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