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Games&Girls (PC): An Embarrassing Train Wreck (Detailed Review)

CW: Mentions of Nazism, pedophilia, incest, antisemitism, and kidnapping

It seems as if the games I play are constantly trying to push the envelope for different ways to be absolutely fucking awful. I am at the point where if someone asked me the worst game I ever played, I’d ask what criteria they are basing them on. I could go with the game that was so disgusting and scarring that it made me suicidal, I could go with the no-budget “experimental” game that included real life gore in it, I could go with the RPG Maker game with no battles, levels, dialogue, or ending, or I could go with the game that required you to manually rename the game’s exe file to even play it.

Games&Girls is now among those games as “the visual novel that I almost didn’t review because I didn’t think I could review it without insulting the developer.” And even approaching this review is difficult because I’m not sure if I should do what I usually do and start describing the story, writing, presentation, or open with the fact that the 4th episode has you trying to seduce a fucking Nazi?

I guess I better do the former first, although you should know that, yes, the developer of this game somehow did not see anything wrong with making a game about Nazi waifus when actual Nazis are making a resurgence in popularity. The reason I didn’t want to review the game was because I didn’t see the point in even covering this game if its developer is a fascist creating games for other fascists. My decision to ultimately go through with this review came from the realization that Yume Creations was likely not smart enough to realize the severity of what they wrote.

This puts me in a unique position where I feel like I’m a middle school principal and Yume Creations is the class clown, and I need to explain why shouting “Heil Hitler” at the Jewish kid “as a prank” will likely be taken as something much more serious than just typical playground bullying and that you can get in serious trouble for it. As harsh as this sounds, this is actually the most charitable interpretation of this game, as I’m sure that plenty of people out there will likely just assume that Yume Creations is an actual Nazi, or that she at the very least doesn’t mind pandering to them.

“can I copy your homework?”
“Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied”

And let me be clear that Games&Girls is pretty fucking awful even without this Nazi shit, but I’ve reviewed awful games before. Hell this isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed something from Yume Creations. Back in May of 2019, I reviewed Aozora Meikyuu, a game that was quite entertaining in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way. It was also the first game that Yume Creations has ever released. I initially planned to play their second game, Yozora Rhapsody, but it was only on sale for about 30% during the last Steam sale (relative to when I played Games&Girls that is), and I didn’t want to pay that close to full price when I only enjoyed the last game ironically.

Update: I have been informed that Aozora Meikyuu was not Yume Creations first game, and is instead just their first commercially released title. Before Aozora Meikyuu, they were involved in English to German visual novel translations and have released a freeware VN only available in German. This just makes it all the more baffling that a game of this low quality was made by an experienced team.

So for those wondering if Games&Girls improved on Yume Creation’s previous games, well… the main character’s hair is now blonde. You see, that’s kinda original, most harem protagonists have black hair you know! And he also has a face! There are also sex scenes, although there is no nudity involved… hell there’s even less than in Aozora Meikyuu. But there are still descriptions of the sex scenes in question, and they are about as well written as you’d expect.

Remember how Aozora Meikyuu had a genuinely interesting premise that could have worked if put in the hands of someone with actual writing ability? Games&Girls doesn’t even try for anything of substance. You are, once again, playing as a total loser, a loser who has spent all his money on a new video game console called Sirrah, only for said console to turn into an anime girl that serves his every whim and calls him master.

To be fair, he was already pretty horny for his console before it became an anime girl.

In a departure from previous titles, Games&Girls is divided into 4 episodes, each with a simple good and bad ending. Gone are the multiple directions that you can see a story go, and instead, it’s just your generic “say the shit that makes your girl happy so you get into her panties even though the choices don’t actually effect the plot” game. An especially egregious example was in the first episode, where Sirrah recommends the MC to buy a lottery ticket despite his skepticism. The ticket ends up being worth $10,000, which would normally be a pretty big deal.

In a well written game, there would be genuine consequences for MC’s stubbornness and he’d struggle with the lack of money he had after he blew it all on a gaming console. In Games&Girls, the MC whines for a bit about how stupid he is, and then buys a lottery ticket that wins even more money! If that sounds like a cop out solution to avoid changing the story beyond having Sirrah be kinda sad for a little bit, that’s because it pretty much is.

On top of this, this also oversimplifies the structure of the game and railroads the player into either the “normal” ending or a bad ending that strives for shock value over anything interesting. The “normal” ending is only achieved when the player picks all of the right choices, and if one choice is off, no matter how minor, it will cause the episode to have a tragic end. This ends up being especially egregious since Episode Two requires the player to disregard Sirrah’s feelings in order to seduce Lincei, despite the fact that both of them express discomfort with MC dating them both at once.

This is the most development MC gets across all four games.

As someone who is actually in a polyamorous relationship, I absolutely hate this game’s portrayal of it. A polyamorous relationship can only work if everyone involved is comfortable with it, and when two of the three people involved aren’t comfortable, then it’s not polyamory; it’s cheating. In the past, I’ve talked about how I detest love triangle plots involving cheating because they always devolve into Jerry Springer-esque bullshit, but railroading the characters into a polyamorous romance despite it being against their established personalities is even worse. It is not only grossly misogynistic, but also continues to promote the stereotype that polyamory is only practiced by sexist men who can’t commit.

If I have to be honest, I’m genuinely surprised that Yume Creations is lead by a women given how male-centric this and her previous games have been. Both of the games I played were “romance” stories where the woman’s entire personality is based around pleasing the male protagonist, despite said male protagonist being a complete loser who no woman would realistically want to be with. Granted, the woman in question was an angel in one game and a video game console in the other, so it kinda makes sense in context, but it is still incredibly awkward seeing every female character lack any sort of agency or serious development.

This is much more egregious in Games&Girls since the only type of people who could unironically enjoy this game’s story are the types of incels who unironically use the term “3D Pig Disgusting” and consider “2D women” superior because fictional characters don’t recognize their toxic personality or have any sort of needs or desires to be met. Yet a lot of these people tend to also be otakus, who tend to have high standards for the media they consume. So the only sort of appeal this game has outside of this very small group, is its train wreck appeal, which the game seems to offer plenty of at first.

Episode Two introduces another game console waifu named Lincei, whose only traits are that she’s a tsundere and that people keep mistaking her for a child. There were a few moments in Episode Two where it looked like the writing would improve, such as seeing the MC given a character trait that isn’t being a complete loser, having a few jokes that made me laugh intentionally for once, and even having the one music track in the game that doesn’t sound like shit.

But of course, the game had to ruin that mood upon viewing Lincei’s sex scene by not only giving the player an achievement calling them a “lolicon,” but also including a line about how the MC “might turn into a pedophile if this keeps up.” There is a sort of ongoing debate online as to whether or not lolicons are kiddy fuckers, and I’ll just say for now that loli/shota is something I’m uncomfortable with. But this particular scene is going to piss you off regardless of what one thinks of the subject. If you are against it, you will hate that this disgusting fetish is being trivialized, and if you are for it, you will hate that the game outright equates being a lolicon to being a pedophile.

But on top of all this, Lincei doesn’t even look like a child, and the game insisting that attraction to her is pedophillia is naturally quite offensive to adult women who have small breasts and are short in stature, and who constantly have to deal with “hot takes” about how they have pedophile simps. This kind of shit is exactly what I mean when I talk about how clueless this game is. How it can say this sort of fucked up shit and not even realize it’s saying something wrong or just how much it is incriminating itself?

It’s sad that this is an obvious Trump joke, yet it doesn’t feel out of place among the rest of this game’s inane stupidity.

Up to this point, I was able to at least recommend the first two chapters in a “so bad it’s good” kinda way similarly to that of Aozora Meikyuu, as it was kinda fun to react to the sheer absurdity of this game on Twitter. This changed with Episode Three, where the plot is that the MC, his two waifus, and his cousin Meli are now kept in a government facility against their will because the military wants to harness MC’s power to make weapons.

This chapter not only seems to take itself more seriously than the previous two, but it is also where each of the game’s structural flaws become much worse to the point that the MC trying to fuck his cousin isn’t even the worst part. No, the worst part is the unnecessarily dark bad ending that involves MC and his girls trying to escape from the facility, only to get caught and end up with MC being mind broken and kept in an insane asylum while the rest of the world assumes he’s dead.

While Episode Three was just downright unpleasant and lacking in any sort of enjoyment, Episode Four was bad enough that I got about 20 minutes in before refunding all three of the DLC episodes. I decided to look up the rest of Episode Four on Youtube to see if the rest of it was as bad, and I figured out that the answer was no… it was worse!

Why do I have the feeling this is going to be me in a few weeks?

So, Episode Four has Sirrah and Lincei kept in an underground facility away from any plot relevance, and the whole episode is focused on romancing Annegret, a copy of Wolfenstein that turned into a Nazi soldier. It’s funny because I was under the impression that the objective of Wolfenstein was to shoot Nazis with guns and not sperm, but I guess I’ve been wrong about other things.

What is strange about Annegret’s character is that there are only a few lines in the game that are particularly bad, but it’s those few lines that make all the difference. If Annegret was instead an American soldier who fought against the Nazis, a lot of this plot could have remained unchanged because the majority of her backstory is about her being a super tough soldier who once strangled a bear to death with her bare hands, and not about her wanting to kill undesirables and take over the world. Granted, she DOES try to take over the world towards the end of the chapter, which is much more of a Nazi thing, but I’m sure that one could have come up with a reason for an American soldier to be evil with this thing called “creativity.”

But instead, you have scenes where Annegret makes remarks about “restoring Germany to its former glory,” and even checks the MC’s genitals to “make sure he’s not a Jew” before their sex scene. Despite these absolutely disgusting lines of dialogue, the game ends with MC seducing her in order to prevent her from taking over the world, and learning that, I kid you not, “Not all Nazis are bad.”

I’m pretty sure they are tho.

That last part isn’t even an edgy joke or anything, it’s literally a scene that this games expects you to be moved by. There have been plenty of jokes and memes mocking the sentiment that we stop Nazis with reasoned debate, discourse, and friendship, but at least none of them said the solution is to fucking seduce them! It’s amazing how fucking tone deaf this game is. Did Yume Creations never once think that someone who played this game might be Jewish, or part of any of the other groups that were mass murdered by the Nazi regime? I should not need to explain this kind of shit, and the only reason I don’t believe this was an intentional dog whistle to actual Nazis is because the rest of the game is just as tone deaf and stupid!

It was genuinely tiring to write this review because I keep noticing more and more problems with this game the more I think about it. It may not be the absolute worst visual novel I played, but Jesus Christ it certainly comes close. If I had to use one word to describe Games&Girls, it would be “embarrassing.” If I made something like Games&Girls, I would try my hardest to scrub it off the face of the internet and make sure this dark secret of mine is completely forgotten.

Congratulations, you wrote a line of dialogue so disgusting that I can’t make a funny caption for it. I hope you’re proud of yourself, cause there’s no way anyone else is.

And I know Yume Creations isn’t exactly known for making any serious masterpieces, but even by their standards, this is absolutely atrocious. I know fully well that Yume Creations can do better than this. As badly written as it was, I consider Aozora Meikyuu a good game. “So bad it’s good” is still good after all, and there was a sense of charm to it despite it’s many failings.

Games&Girls, on the other hand, is insultingly bad. And I’m normally hesitant to go off on a game this hard because I know fully well the developer could be reading this, but right now it doesn’t even matter whether or not Yume Creations reads this and gets offended. Did they give the same amount of forethought to whether or not fetishizing an active hate group that wants people like me and all my friends put in death camps would come across as a little bit offensive? If not, then I don’t see why I should be expected to do the same.

Oh, and I haven’t even told you about the best part yet. I actually knew about the Nazi shit before reaching Episode Four, and I tagged Yume Creations on Twitter to ask what the hell this was about. She lied to my face and told me that, no, Annegret is not a Nazi. I mean, the game itself refers to her as a Nazi, so that was a total fucking lie. And then there’s the second part of her follow up tweet where she mentions two other Nazi waifu games that are worse than hers, so it’s okay.

Well, I thought I was going to get through the review without directly insulting the dev, but after reading this tweet again; fuck you Yume Creations! The only reason I bothered to play through the game to the 4th Episode was because I was naive enough to take her word for it. And yes, games that literally have gender bent versions of Hilter and Goeppels as waifus are worse than this, but those games at least have the decency to wear their bullshit on their sleeves so I know not to fucking play them. Games&Girls doesn’t decide to do this shit until the last episode of the quadrilogy.

And because I just know that at least one asshole is going to trot out some bullshit argument like “I’m too sensitive” or “you’re inserting politics into an apolitical work” or any of the other transparent anti-SJW cliches that have been mocked time and time again… I wrote a fucking feminist essay about a sadist rape hentai. Hell I just reviewed a fucking Rance title for God’s sake. The reason why I refuse to cover games like Mein Waifu is the Fuhrer or Nazi Shoujo Goeppels-chan isn’t because I don’t enjoy edgy humor, but is instead the fact that these two games have no problem pandering directly to the type of people that, as this piece is being written, are marching on Washington DC and infiltrating the Capitol Building while flying Nazi flags. So yeah, all other Yume Creations titles are now banned from coverage on Guardian Acorn, so if you didn’t like this review then you are in luck.

As for Games&Girls, I think it speaks for itself really. The story and characters are utter garbage, the writing is shit, and the music sounds like it could have been made in Garage Band in under ten minutes. I mean, I guess the art is okay, but if one is really just looking for anime girls in compromising positions with absolutely zero substance or entertainment, then just about every Winged Cloud title does that better. Even the “so bad it’s good” appeal only lasts for the first two episodes. The only way I can possibly recommend this game is if you are under the delusion that it will “trigger” me to waste your money on a shitty game, and even then I only recommend it in the same way I’d recommend giving your money to the Prince of Nigeria.

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  1. Sounds like some garbage. I’m all about playing a silly VN about boning your Playstation who turned into an anime girl or whatever, but this seems like it’s going for that “so edgy” approach that comes off as really hollow and stupid.

  2. Wow, she actually lied to you?! What a bitch!

    Yeah, thanks for telling us so I don’t have to waste my money on this.

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