The Beginner’s Guide (PC): A Postmodern Masterpiece (Detailed Review)

The Beginner's Guide | The Machine

This review took me quite a while to get to now didn’t it? I didn’t expect much going into The Beginner’s Guide and I didn’t know a thing about it. Pretty much all the odds were stacked against this game clicking with me. I’ve made it known that I detest the “environmental narrative” genre and I consider games like Gone Home and Dear Esther mediocre at absolute best and terrible at worst. Even some of the arguably better examples like Yume Nikki don’t really do anything for me.

I adore The Beginner’s Guide though. Until I played Euphoria, The Beginner’s Guide had the strongest narrative out of any game I have ever played, even more so than NieR Automata. What really impresses me about The Beginner’s Guide is just how much of an impact it left on me despite the fact that it is beaten in little over an hour. Even games like To the Moon have had trouble really sticking with me the way The Beginner’s Guide has, and I grew to believe that being shorter just meant it wouldn’t be as impactful for me. Read more

Quick Review: Quest of Vidhuraa (PC)

Quest of Vidhuraa | header

Quest of Vidhuraa is a 2D platformer released on Steam in late April of this year, and it bills itself on being a “very hard platformer game.” I’m hardly a stranger to the “Nintendo Hard” category of games and I can quite enjoy games that are not easy to complete. I just came off of beating two Castlevania games so it’s not as if I lack the skill to beat these types of games.

Rather I often grow skeptical of games that use difficulty as their selling point because you never know what kind of difficulty it is. I will say that I did not finish Quest of Vidhuraa. I got up to the 27th level before I quit because I found that the game was designed in a way where I never felt I was improving and where I needed to perform the exact same maneuvers repeatedly yet expect different outcomes. Read more

Standard Review: Poof Vs the Cursed Kitty (PC)

Poof VS the Cursed Kitty | title screen

I think this is the second to last game review written for Oprainfall that I need to link. Anyway I really don’t think much of this particular game.

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Final Quest (PC): The Problem With RPG Maker Games on Steam (Detailed Review)

Final Quest | Title Screen

It has been well established that Steam Greenlight was a disaster. Due to an absence of quality control aside from a fee, it allowed the service to become flooded with dozens of poorly made and amateurish titles ranging from buggy Minecraft clones, dull and substance-less walking simulators, Twine novels, horribly drawn and translated visual novels, and dozens of “retro throwbacks” that look like Atari 2600 titles and bare more similarities to the Shovelware published by LJN than any of the classics. There were even periods where games made to encourage violence towards gay and transgender people and games with literal snuff footage made it onto the service, and the latter is STILL UP!

Read more

Standard Review: Fenix Rage/Fenix Furia (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

Fenix Rage | Cutscene

This is the second Oprainfall game I reviewed that I got a code for. I am starting to notice that I seemed to be a bit more harsh on the games I reviewed when writing for Oprainfall, although I still feel these reviews were accurate. I do remember having some fun with Fenix Rage, and I didn’t really find it to be as hard as so many of the reviewers were saying aside from a few points where it’s just bad due to shit design. Really the problem comes from the lack of variety and the “quantity over quality” approach it has. Generally, most people who enjoy these types of games will like it at first, but it makes it hard to keep the momentum going the further you make it.However, there are two things that I can give this game though.

1: Including cookie recipes is pretty cool

2: It’s GOTY worthy when compared to Green Lava’s other title Dream Tale: The Golden Key. That one was just flat out trash.

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