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Standard Review: Fenix Rage/Fenix Furia (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

This is the second Oprainfall game I reviewed that I got a code for. I am starting to notice that I seemed to be a bit more harsh on the games I reviewed when writing for Oprainfall, although I still feel these reviews were accurate. I do remember having some fun with Fenix Rage, and I didn’t really find it to be as hard as so many of the reviewers were saying aside from a few points where it’s just bad due to shit design. Really the problem comes from the lack of variety and the “quantity over quality” approach it has. Generally, most people who enjoy these types of games will like it at first, but it makes it hard to keep the momentum going the further you make it.However, there are two things that I can give this game though.

1: Including cookie recipes is pretty cool

2: It’s GOTY worthy when compared to Green Lava’s other title Dream Tale: The Golden Key. That one was just flat out trash.


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