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Amazing VGM: Aibyou (Nekopara Vol 1)

Note: This was originally posted as a DeviantArt journal entry on August 16th 2015

So I have decided on one specific song I felt the need to talk about for a while. This week’s VGM comes from the eroge, Nekopara Vol 1.

Now this song sound like a very sweet and beautiful track; one that actually uses a loud base instrument to a good effect that makes the song stronger than if it was just the softer instruments. As a composition, it is a very simplistic track, yet it serves its effect very well. So one may be wondering what type of scene a song like this would be playing during; why during the scenes where you are screwing your catgirls of course.

As unfitting as this song may sound at first, it actually works very well when one thinks a bit deeper. At its root, sex is supposed to be a very intimate act between people who love each other. Granted, the bond between our MC (I don’t actually remember his name) and the catgirls is a bit different  than how one may view a normal relationship, yet in a way, it is still valid in its own sense given the context.

And the thing about the scenes is that they are entirely sexual and made for the purpose of being arousing. However, it is a very realistic representation of an intimate act with people that do legitimately love each other and is more realistic. Those things basically being how other characters thought to be more innocent can be secretly perverted in private.

Really though, the thing about Nekopara is that it is one of the easiest eroge to recommend as a first time thing for someone interested in the genre simply because it isn’t trying to be overly raunchy or sexual. Yes it is sexual, but it is far more laid back in terms of said sexuality than something with the express purpose of being fap material. And really, this song is probably what gives across this feeling the most. It doesn’t feel like typical porn music, it instead feels like a song representing legit feelings of love and care.

Hell I am pretty sure that is spelled out in the songs title, which sound a lot like “I love you” and may have been the Japanese trying to be stylish be using random English words (they tend to do that a lot for some reason, despite being one of the few countries where most of the people don’t actually know English, or at least so I have heard). Well anyway see you next week or whenever the hell I decide to make another one of these.

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