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Steam Greenlight Landfill: FEMINAZI: The Triggering

While I knew that a game like FEMINAZI: The Triggering would be garbage based only off the title, it was something that looked so stupid and immature that I needed to try it out. It was pretty much what I expected, but I find it interesting to write about games that are entirely motivated by politics. I find it a lot more fun than playing them that’s for sure,

Of note is that this game was released in February of 2017, 2 years after GamerGate was at its peak and was relevant. As a result, this already draws similarities to when Hollywood tries to cash in on memes years after they were popular. Additionally, it was published by Back to Basics Gaming, who serves as the LJN of Steam releases. Looking through their releases, one will see that they mostly publish RPG Maker games or low budget bargain bin titles that barely pass for flash games. They also published Final Quest, a poorly made RPG Maker game that I reviewed a while back, although said game clearly had much higher intentions than the garbage I’m reviewing here.

And before I get accused of being the exact type of feminist stereotype this game serves to mock, I should clarify that I’ve spent a lot of time bashing “SJW Games” in the past. Despite the fact that my politics have shifted more towards the pro feminist side, my opinions on games such as Gone Home, Depression Quest, Her Story, and No Male Heroes have been left largely unchanged. The only things that would change if I wrote my reviews of them now is I would word things differently (with exception to maybe Gone Home because I now have a better computer and the game may run better than it did before).

These types of games are interesting to talk about because I get to examine how well each of them make their points in addition to how well they serve as games. I actually reviewed a game a while back that was literally called Social Justice Warriors. It was a minimalist casual game made to satirize internet arguments and the culture surrounding them. It was rather mediocre gameplay wise, but it was noteworthy in how it used its gameplay to satirize a real life occurrence without coming across entirely as a shallow strawman.

Feminazi: The Triggering | Disclaimer

In addition to not knowing what “triggered” means, our developer apparently doesn’t know what satire is either. Satire is a work meant to present something in a way meant to get people to question their own views, and there never will exist a single feminist who will get redpilled because of this game. Hack writers always tend to conflate satire with parody, thinking that they are interchangeable.

The key difference between parody and satire is that the former is just meant to mock and exaggerate an opposing viewpoint in a way that is funny, while the latter is supposed to actually provide serious insight and commentary. An example of a satire in this specific subgenre that I like to call “propaganda games” would be the utter train wreck of an indie title; No Male Heroes.

I reviewed this game a VERY long time ago if I recall correctly, and I mostly stand by it with the exception of one specific line about rape culture, and even then that one was more so out of naivety. I was surprised how this review seems to be free of the Anti-SJW cringe that permeated most of my older writing, especially given the nature of the game itself. I think the reason may be because I tried as hard as I could to keep political bias out of game reviews so I tried to look at it how effective it is from the standpoint of convincing anti-feminists.

FEMINAZI: The Triggering | Character
This, but unironically.

Despite the game’s heavily exaggerated and immature nature, No Male Heroes DID seriously try to teach anti feminists what it was like to be a woman… even though a cis man created it and thus could not possibly know from experience. If anything, the fact that it was seriously trying is what made it all the more infuriating. Even thinking about the game now as a Radfem, something like this does FAR more harm to women AND feminism than it does good.

Compared to it, FEMINAZI: The Triggering does nothing. A game made with no other purpose than to “trigger the libs” fails at even that unless you consider “pity” a trigger. The only part of it that was effective at any sort of commentary were the choices between genders and the ability to customize your own gender. The reason this was effective is because most of the gender options present were ACTUAL genders that some people identify as and there was not an attempt to misrepresent them until after you scrolled through the descriptions for 20 variations of  “sometimes is a girl and sometimes is a boy,” “Sometimes has no gender and sometimes does,” or “is trans” (which for once is a good inclusion because it mocks how people think being trans is a separate gender. I don’t believe in the “transtrender” narrative but that was a good way of depicting it). Yes, there is the throwaway “attack helicopter” joke but for once I actually laughed at it.

In fact, what really makes the whole thing about genders so amusing is that this game doesn’t even seem bitter about there being multiple genders, and instead just ironically embraces it the same way that I “ironically” wanted to wear skirts, dresses, panties, and thigh highs before I came out as trans. There was actual time and effort putting into programming the system of creating genders and it is an actual advertised feature. Unfortunately for them, all it did was make me want to see this in more games but unironically.

Feminazi: The Triggering | gameplay
“We don’t want to defame or shame anyone” they say as they directly insert Chanty Binx’s likeness into the game.

I guess one thing I can praise the game for is that its music is pretty catchy, or at least the title theme is. The graphics are… well they are graphics… and that’s the only positive I can net. It’s another instance of “muh retro pixel art,” which is kinda ironic since the pic I got that catch phrase from was used to mock Sword and Sorcery EP, a game that chuds hate solely because Anita Sarkeesian said good things about it once. Yet that game actually has good artwork aside from the character sprites. FEMINAZI on the other hand, looks like a child drew it.

So one may be thinking “what is the actual gameplay in this video game like?” If you were thinking that, congratulations, you gave this game more thought than its developers did. FEMINAZI is a game that is never anything more than its premise so gameplay is predictably bland. I will just let the game itself sum things up.

Feminazi: The Triggering | Trigger and Tolerance Bar
To be fair, you need to have a high IQ to enjoy FEMINAZI: The Triggering.

The crux of the gameplay is that you wander around the map as whatever exaggerated feminist caricature you designed and you yell at white men, deface buildings, and virtue signal tolerance for people of color. You do this to keep the trigger bar AND the tolerance bar from depleting, and once one of them is empty, it’s game over. Yes, we have already established how unbearably cringe worthy the whole thing is, but what is even worse is just how shallow the gameplay is. Oh and you also need to keep yourself fat because literally no one has made that joke before.

There is no sense of strategy involved other than memorizing the controls and which button does what, as the only challenge involved is pressing a button when you enter the vicinity of an NPC. There is some fun to be had with this style of gameplay… for about five minutes, but when you realize there is literally nothing else to this, you realize just how hollow and unsatisfying it really is. Unless the idea was to make FEMINAZI as tedious and unfun as they imagine actual feminist activism is, then there is nothing engaging about it; and I doubt that anyone involved was clever enough to have even thought of that. There are also some mini games included that are mildly entertaining but I legitimately don’t know what in game purpose they serve.

FEMINAZI: The Triggering | Transgender
I was unaware that the transgender symbol was an unknown.

The intent of FEMINAZI gameplay wise was to be like one of the older 80s arcade games that were based around achieving a high score and getting a little better each time. The problem is that there is no skill involved in FEMINAZI, you just get to the point where you run out of white men to harass or Muslim men to shower with praise and the bar gets empty.

Classic arcade titles were able to catch on because they had gameplay that was naturally compelling and allowed the player to get a little better each time. While one probably could improve at FEMINAZI in order to get a higher score, the base gameplay is simply not compelling enough to make one want to do so, and thus means that one will inevitably request a refund; and that’s what I did.

One would probably expect me to be a little bit more pissed off at this game being an actual feminazi, but the problem is that this game says nothing that can’t be said by any 12 year old with a keyboard or by Milo Yiannopoulos (same difference really). In fact, if one was really looking for something immature and stupid to take the piss out of feminists, I’d actually recommend Milo’s book over this. That way he won’t need to prostitute himself to pay off the debt left from the book… but he’ll likely do so anyway.

FEMINAZI: The Triggering | Disco

But let’s give hyperborean Games the benefit of the doubt and assume that they just intended to make a dumb fun game for anti feminist gamers to enjoy rather than to offend people. The problem is, it still sucks even in that regard and its design was clearly meant to be based AROUND the idea of triggering feminazis rather than being a simple arcade game with an anti feminist backdrop. If it were not made with the anti feminist aesthetic, NO ONE would have played this!

So the end question is, am I triggered? No actually. In fact, I’m probably about as untriggered as is possible. In fact, I’m so untriggered that it will trigger the people who made and bought this game. I may have spent an hour of my life to play this game and some more to write this review, but the sheer thought that anti feminists are so cucked that they collectively donated $563.62 on this game’s Kickstarter is unbelievably cathartic.

These are the same people that are so pissed off at SJWs trying to push political agendas through their own games, yet these people will give away their own money to nothing more than mockery of a concept while they act like we are the ones that are hurt by this. This is basically the anti feminist equivalent of that one 4chan prank where feminists were tricked into peeing themselves as part of a hashtag, except somehow even less dignified.

FEMINAZI: The Triggering | Bar

Right wingers now have to convince themselves that PewdiePie, Papa John’s, and FEMINAZI: The Triggering are all good in order to cuck the libs. Trump may have won the election, but look at what their price to pay is. So yes, I would not recommend buying this game unless you want to trigger me. If you want to trigger me though, then buy 100 copies of this game and hoard all the spare codes for yourself so everyone else has to buy it themselves. It would trigger me SO MUCH if you spent your entire life savings on spare codes for this game and play nothing but it.

You know what ELSE would trigger me? If you made a donation to my Cashapp ($AnniegaIIa) or Venmo, the more you pledge, the more I’ll be triggered. I’d also be triggered if you were to share this piece or any of my others on any social media website or forum. It would trigger me to death if you were a woman and you shared your nudes with me, or if you were a man then underwent hrt until obtaining a fully female body THEN sending me your nudes. Hell it would trigger me even more if you just had sex with me and paid for the rest of my transition and living expenses. It would trigger me to no end if you became my sex slave and… oh shit I’m a submissive, I guess that wouldn’t trigger me then…

…okay maybe a little.

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