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The Progressive Update: (6/3/2022): Fetterman, Summer Lee, McLeod Skinner win, Cisneros loses, California/New Jersey/New Mexico/Iowa Primaries, Alaska Special Election.

So, a lot happened the past few weeks, and a lot is happening on June 4th. That’s good news for the movement but bad news for me since it now means I have to write about all of it. So I guess we’ll pick up where I left off last update. So yeah, Fetterman won every county and will be advancing to the General Election. Additionally, Republicans went ahead and nominated Doug Mastriano for Governor, who polls significantly worse than the other candidates since he’s an extremist asshole. This means that Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro has a much better chance at winning, but if Mastriano wins then it will be an absolute nightmare.

Read more: The Progressive Update: (6/3/2022): Fetterman, Summer Lee, McLeod Skinner win, Cisneros loses, California/New Jersey/New Mexico/Iowa Primaries, Alaska Special Election.

In other Pennsylvania news, Summer Lee barely won her election despite the deluge of corporate cash thrown at her, which means PA finally has a Justice Democrat. What’s probably even more significant is that former Bernie delegated Chris Deluzio won the Democratic nomination for PA’s 17 Congressional district, which is not only a 50/50 partisan split, but it’s also Conor Lamb’s former district. Keep in mind, two socialists have outperformed Lamb in his district, which likely means that Deluzio will be the strongest candidate for this district.

In the state Senate, Tara Zrinski is pursuing to lawsuit to get every ballot counted, and I’m hopeful that she’s successful because her opponent would be infamous GOP scumbag Dean Browning, a person who is most known for trying to catfish as a gay black guy to defend Trump on Twitter, and having him get his ass kicked by a progressive would be so poetic. In the state house, not only did every progressive win re-election, including Christopher Rabb who had to run against a fellow incumbent due to new districts, but seven new progressives were elected in blue districts. So yeah, Pennsylvania is kicking some serious ass this year, and hopefully it continues to do so!

Oregon also saw a significant victory with Jamie McLeod-Skinner winning her primary against incumbent Kurt Schrader, one of the most corrupt Democrats in congress. Tina Kotek, the less shitty candidate in the Oregon Gubernatorial Election also won, and the same happened in Oregon’s 6th COngressional district, meaning that that the one crypto guy whose name I can’t remember wasted a lot of money on that race. Progressive Wlnsvey Campos was also elected to the Oregon state Senate, and former Milwaukie Mayor and 2020 Kurt Schrader primary Challenger Mark Gamba was elected to Oregon state House with no Republican opponent. Farrah Chaichi also won the nomination for Oregon’s 35th state House district, and Jonathan Chenjeri won the primary for Oregon’s 56th state House district unopposed.

North Carolina wasn’t as successful given that both Nida Allam and Erica Smith lost their primaries. However, there was one bit of good news in that far right psychopath Madison Cawthorne lost his primary, and that we don’t need to put up with him anymore. Yeah, he lost it for stupid reasons, but we’ll take what we can get. Progressive state Senator Julie Mayfield also fended off her primary challenger, as well as standard liberal Val Applewhite and Lisa Grafstein both winning against their more conservative primary opponents. In the state House, progressives Kanika Brown, Renee Prince, and Allen Buansi won their primaries in blue districts, and Carla Day winning the nomination to take on Republican Jeff Zenger.

Lastly, at least for that week, we have Kentucky, which was certainly host to some interesting occurrences. The most noteworthy is that Charles Booker has officially won the nomination to take on Rand Paul, though there was no real competition this time around. Perhaps the biggest anomaly was Geoff Young winning the Democratic nomination in Kentucky’s most competitive congressional district. Up to this point, Geoff Young was basically a perennial candidate who ran in a lot of major Kentucky elections and didn’t even come close to winning them.

What’s strange about this race is that he not only won the nomination this time, but he won running on a platform that openly flirts with Stalinism and has criticized both Rand Paul and Andy Barr for condemning Vladimir Putin as a war criminal. Of course, he’s not going to win the general election for obvious reasons, but it’s still weird to think that deep red Kentucky just nominated a fucking tankie for congress. Some other news out of Kentucky includes progressive Conor Halbleib winning his congressional primary unoppossed, and progressive Angela Evans winning the primary for Fayette County Attorney over incumbent Larry Roberts by almost 40 points.

So that was almost three weeks ago, and I would have recapped that earlier if I wasn’t dealing with other problems at the time. A week after that, there were primaries in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas. Alabama and Arkansas had no noteworthy victories because they are Alabama and Arkansas. Okay technically, Mo Brooks lost the Senate primary because he didn’t sufficiently throat Trump’s cock, which means he gave up his house seat for nothing, but I don’t even know if his opponent or the person who replaces him in congress will be any better.

So that leaves Georgia and Texas, both of which had some good news and bad news. Georgia’s most notable good news is that David Perdue, the former Republican Senator who lost to Jon Ossoff and tried to primary Governor Brian Kemp because he didn’t sufficiently throat Trump’s cock either, lost by 50 points. Additionally, Congressman Jody Hice, who had the dishonor of being the 2nd biggest fascist lunatic from Georgia’s Congressional delegation, gave up his seat so he could try and primary incumbent Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger in response to his corruption and breach of ethics… just kidding, it was because he didn’t throat Trump’s cock enough, and wouldn’t illegally turn Georgia’s electoral votes over to Trump in 2020. Jody Hice lost by twenty points, and now he’ll be out of congress. So this means no more Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, Louie Gohmert, or Jody Hice after 2022. Nice!

This also indicates that there are still some large portions of Republican voters who will not support outright fascists, and will reject candidates that appeal to the pro-Trump base. While this unfortunately makes it harder for Stacey Abrams to beat Brian Kemp in her Gubernatorial rematch, it probably helps Rafael Warnock in his re-election against the Trump backed Herschel Walker. There’s also been some rumors that Trump will endorse Stacey Abrams just because he’s THAT butthurt about Brian Kemp, and I honestly don’t know whether it would help or hurt Abrams more.

Additional Georgia victories included blue dog Carolyn Bourdeaux getting blown the fuck out in her own district by Lucy McBath. Additionally, former Carolyn Bourdeaux opponent Nabilah Islam was also elected to Georgia state Senate, and progressive Ruwa Romman managed to beat the Carolyn Bourdeaux endorsed JT Wu in the primary for Georgia state House. As for the losses, progressives Renitta Shannon and Michael Owens both lost their primaries for Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State respectively. However, the biggest disappointment from Georgia was undoubtedly seeing David Scott win re-election with 70% of the vote, thus avoiding a runoff.

However, that pales in comparison to the disappointment that was seeing Jessica Cisneros lose to Henry Cuellar AGAIN. Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Jim Clyburn really put more effort into protecting Henry Cuellar than they did from protecting Roe Vs Wade. The plus side is, Cisneros has closed the gap with each subsequent race, meaning that if she runs again in 2022, she’ll likely win, and if Cuellar loses re-election, then Cisneros is the front runner for the nomination. Also, they spent a lot of money on this race. How much will you have left in the tank for the rest of the primaries we got? And believe me, we still have plenty. Another Texas disappointment is Sara Stapleton-Barrera losing her state Senate runoff again, but at the very least, the new incumbent is immensely preferable to Eddie Lucio.

Other than those, it was mostly good news. Progressive Rochelle Garza won the Democratic nomination for Texas Attorney General. Given that Texas Democrats have been shown to overwhelmingly prefer progressives, this is a very good sign, especially given that Ken Paxton was re-nominated, despite being a very vulnerable candidate. Additionally, Michelle Vallejo won the nomination for Texas’s 15th Congressional district, and ill be taking on insurrectionist endorsed, child abuser Monica De La Cruz. If you may remember, I had this ranked higher than Jessica Cisneros’s race in my most important primaries piece, so I think we came out on top.

Some additional victories progressive Jasmine Crockett beating the DMFI backed Jane Hope Hamilton by over 20%, Claudia Zapata winning her primary runoff to take on Republican scumbag Chip Roy, El Paso County Commissioner David Stout winning his primary runoff against a corporate backed opponent, Sergio Coronado beating the corporate backed incumbent El Paso County Commissioner Carl Robinson, Melissa Saenz winning her primary runoff for Bexar County Court Judge, and Mihaela Plesa beating conservative Democrat Cassandra Garcia Hernandez for the nomination for Texas’s 70th State House district. And let’s not forget that we already got Greg Casar elected. Even without Cisneros, sending Casar, Crockett, and possibly Vallejo to congress is a pretty big victory for the left.

Okay, over 1,500 words in and we are done with the recap. Now, we get to talk about what we have for June 7th. The short version is… a lot, mostly in California because it’s a big ass state that also has jungle primaries, which in turn means more opportunities for progressives to make it to the general. So, I’m going to start with everything BUT California just to get it all out of the way.

Firstly, there’s New Jersey. Both David Ocampo Grajales and Imani Oakley have their primaries against Rob Menendez and Donald Payne, but their real opponent is the New Jersey ballot. Initially, I thought Oakley had the better shot, but I suspect that Ocampo Grajales may have more of a chance simply because of how hated Bob Menendez is, and how his son has done nothing to distinguish himself from him. Ocampo Grajales has also raised a lot more than Lisa McCormick did in 2018, but the real question is if New Jersey voters hate Menendez enough to overcome the New Jersey ballot… probably not, but you should vote for Ocampo Grajales and Imani Oakley anyway because fuck nepotism.

Also Donald Norcross has a primary challenger named Mario DeSantis. Imagine that, someone with the first name Donald running against someone with the last name DeSantis in a Democratic primary. What a crazy world we all live in. Anyway you should vote for Mario DeSantis to because Norcross ALSO got his seat because he’s related to a different elected official.

David Ocampo Grajales (CD-8) – Donation Link
Imani Oakley (CD-11) – Donation Link
Mario DeSantis (CD-1) – Donation Link

Anyway, I should also address the Alaska Special Election. For clarity’s sake, this one is on the 11th, while everything else I’m talking about is on the 7th. Just so you all don’t get confused, like the one time Trump confused 9/11 with 7/11 and everyone was like “HAHAHA he’s so stupid.” Anyway, Santa Claus is coming to town, and maybe to congress if we are lucky. No really, a socialist candidate named Santa Claus is one of the leading candidates for Congress. Alaska also has ranked choice voting, so no need to worry about spoilers. To be honest, the only reason he didn’t make my most important primaries list is because he’s refusing donations, but he is getting a lot of coverage for the meme factor alone. So you should all vote for him.

Anyway, next state is Iowa, which has a Senate race with three candidates. The corporate Democrat Abby Finkenauer, who lost re-election to her congressional seat in 2020, almost didn’t make the ballot in this Senate primary, and is getting slaughtered in every poll. The second candidate is Michael Franken, a retired Navy Admiral and former aid to Ted Kennedy who isn’t quite progressive, but who seems to at least have some level of charisma and isn’t a walking platitude machine. Not surprisingly, he polls better against Chuck Grassley than Finkenauer does. The last option is Glenn Hurst, the progressive candidate who has no chance of winning the primary because the other two candidates raised millions while he only raised $129,618. Anyway, if we want any hope at flipping Iowa, it seems like Franken is the one to support.

Some other noteworthy elections in Iowa include Iowa’s 37th state Senate district, where Austin Frerick is running for a blue seat with no Republican challengers and only one Democratic opponent. Liz Bennett, one of Iowa’s most well know state House progressives, is running for Iowa’s 39th state Senate district. Former Congressional nominee JD Scholten is also running for Iowa’s 1st state House district completely unopposed, meaning that he’s basically already won.

Progressive Suresh Reddy is running for the nomination to take on Iowa state House district 43’s Republican incumbent Eddie Andrews. Jaylen Cavil is running in a six way primary for Iowa’s 36th state House district, as one of the few Iowa candidates running on support of Medicare for All, and he has the endorsement of local branches of Our Revolution and the Sunrise Movement. Andrew Dunn is running in a three way primary for Iowa’s 90th state House district, which has no Republican opponent. And last but certainly not least, 2020 Iowa Senate candidate Kimberly Graham is running for Polk County District Attorney against two other Democrats and one Republican.

Austin Frerick (SD-37) – Donation Link
Liz Bennett (SD-39) – Donation Link
Jaylen Cavil (HD-36) – Donation Link
Suresh Reddy (HD-43) – Donation Link
Andrew Dunn (HD-90) – Donation Link
Kimberly Graham (Polk County DA) – Donation Link

Next up is New Mexico, where two progressive state House incumbents are being primaried by corporate backed candidates. The most noteworthy is New Mexico state House incumbent Roger Montoya, who is being primaried by the seat’s former incumbent Joseph Sanchez, who gave it up in 2020 for a failed Congressional campaign. The other is state House incumbent Kristina Ortez, who is being primaried by Florence Miera, a “community activist” who accepts donations from the fossil fuel industry. This is quite clearly an attempt by the New Mexico Democratic Party to undo the progressive gains made in 2020, and we’d best make sure they are unsuccessful. Progressives Nicole Olonovich and Eleanor Chavez are also running for New Mexico’s 12th and 26th state House seats respectively.

Roger Montoya (HD-40) – Donation Link
Kristina Ortez (HD-42) – Donation Link
Nicole Olonovich (HD-12) – Donation Link
Eleanor Chavez (HD-26) – Donation Link

Okay, now that leaves California, and holy fuck do we have a lot to talk about here. I guess our old friend Shahid Buttar is as good a place to start as any. Yes, he’s attempting to challenge Pelosi again, this time in California’s 11th Congressional district. Unfortunately, he has significantly less of a chance of winning this time given that the establishment smear attempt against him seems to have stuck. Yeah, I still have had to explain to multiple people that the smear attempt against Shahid Buttar is not only false, but it reeks of racism and white Supremacy. The worst part about it though, is that it worked given that Shahid’s campaign has not raised nearly as much as in 2020, and I’m not even 100% certain he’ll make the general this time. That being said, this could also be because he’s juggling a lawsuit against the SF Chronicle in large part for its role in the hatchet job they did to his campaign.

TCSN’s Interview with Shahid Buttar.

In California’s 23rd Congressional district, Derek Marshall is running a surprisingly strong campaign, despite it being an R+8 district. Thus far, Marshall is neck and neck with incumbent Jay Obernolte and has secured a a decent batch of endorsements, including the local branches of the DSA and Our Revolution. Of course, it remains to be seen whether Marshall can beat Obernolte in the middle of what is looking to be a red wave, but either way, we need strong progressives like Marshall running in their territory in order to take the fight to them.

In California’s 29th and 34th districts respectively, we have Angélica Dueñas and David Kim, both of whom are returning challengers from 2020. What is also worth noting is that both of them had notably strong performances against their district’s incumbent Democrats despite being vastly outfunded. Angélica Dueñas got 43.4% in 2020, and literally got more votes than dollars with her campaign against incumbent Tony Cárdenas. David Kim managed 47.0% against incumbent Jimmy Gomez, despite being outraised almost 15 to 1. Given the partisanship of both these districts, it is almost inevitable that both will advance to the general election.

In California’s 32nd Congressional District, we have Shervin Aazami, who has secured a wide array endorsements including Brand New Congress, Catch Fire, Progressive Democrats of America, and Nina Turner. Aazami is running against Brad Sherman, who has held this seat since 1997. While Aazami is behind crypto backed Aarika Rhodes in terms of fundraising, she also has significantly less in terms of endorsements. The only question is whether Aazami makes the general, or whether Aarika peels away enough of the vote for one of the Republicans to make it instead.

In California’s 37th Congressional district, we basically have a three way contest between Culver Mayor Daniel Lee, former Los Angeles City Councilor Jan Perry, and The Young Turks host Michael Shure, to see who gets to run against establishment pick Sydney Kamlager. It really seems like it could go either way at this point, though the most ideal would be Daniel Lee.

In California’s 46th Congressional district, we have Mike Ortega, who is running against blue dog Lou Correa. Thus far, Ortega has been endorsed by the Orange County DSA, Our Revolution, Nina Turner, the Progressive Democrats of America – National & Orange County Chapter, Our Revolution Orange County, Blue America PAC, and the Catch Fire Movement. Right now, the push is to make sure he makes it to the general against Correa, as opposed to one of the two Republicans.

A similar dynamic is at play in California’s 50th district with Kylie Taitano attempting to take on blue dog Scott Peters, who was one of three Democrats responsible for killing a bill to lower drug prices. Considering that another one of those three Democrats was Kurt Schrader, who just lost his primary, this is certainly one to pay attention to. Kylie Taitano has thus far raised $125,998, and has secured the endorsement of the Progressive Democrats of America, Blue America, and the local chapter of the Sunrise Movement. Once again, it is a matter of whether she can make it to the general instead of the two throwaway Republican candidates.

Other Congressional candidates include…

  • David Peterson, who is running for an open seat in California’s 3rd Congressional district.
  • Andrew Engdahl, who is running against incumbent Democrat Mike Thompson in California’s 4th Congressional district.
  • Mike Barkley, who is running against Republican Tom McClintock in California’s 5th Congressional district.
  • Mark Gorman, who is running against incumbent Democrat Ami Bera in California’s 6th Congressional district.
  • Jimmy Fremgen, who is running against incumbent Democrat Doris Matsui in California’s 7th Congressional district.
  • Cheryl Sudduth, who is running against incumbent Democrat John Garamendi in California’s 8th Congressional district.
  • Harpreet Chima, who is running against incumbent Democrat Josh Harder in California’s 9th Congressional district.
  • Michael Kerr, who is running against incumbent Democrat Mark DeSaulnier in California’s 10th Congressional district.
  • James Peters, who is running against incumbent Democrat Eric Swalwell in California’s 14th Congressional district.
  • Eric Garcia, who is running against incumbent Democrat Jim Costa in California’s 21st Congressional district.
  • Maebe A. Girl, who is running against incumbent Democrat Adam Schiff in California’s 30th Congressional district.
  • Peter Mathews, who is running for an open seat in California’s 42nd Congressional district.
  • Jose Cortes, who is running against incumbent Democrat Sara Jacobs in California’s 51st Congressional district.
  • Joaquin Vazquez, who is running against incumbent Democrat Juan Vargas in California’s 52nd Congressional district.

So, do you think I’m done? Lol NOPE! There’s also state legislative and local elections. Now I’d love to go into detail about all of those, but life is just too short. So they will be listed in bullet point format as well.

  • Rafa Garcia, who is running for an open seat in California’s 8th state Senate district.
  • Aisha Wahab, who is running for an open seat in California’s 10th state Senate district.
  • Bryan Osorio, who is running against incumbent Democrat Melissa Hurtado in California’s 16th state Senate district.
  • Ida Times-Green, who is running for an open seat in California’s 12th state Assembly district.
  • David Campos, who is running against incumbent Democrat Matt Haney in California’s 17th state Assembly district.
  • Jennifer Esteen, who is running for an open seat in California’s 20th state Assembly district.
  • James Coleman, who is running for an open seat in California’s 21st state Assembly district.
  • Alex Lee, who is running for re-election in California’s 24th state Assembly district.
  • Joe Thompson, who is running for an open seat in California’s 28th state Assembly district.
  • Jon Wizard, who is running for an open seat in California’s 30th state Assembly district.
  • Daniel Wilson, who is running against incumbent Democrat Steve Bennett in California’s 38th state Assembly district.
  • Pilar Schiavo, who is running against incumbent Republican Suzette Matinez Valladares in California’s 40th state Assembly district.
  • Louis Abramson, who is running for an open seat in California’s 51st state Assembly district.
  • Mia Livas Porter, who is running against incumbent Democrat Wendy Carrillo in California’s 52nd state Assembly district.
  • Tina McKinnor, who is running for an open seat in California’s 61st state Assembly district.
  • Maria Estrada, who is running against incumbent Democrat Anthony Rendon in California’s 62nd state Assembly district.
  • Elizabeth Alcantar, who is running for an open seat in California’s 64th state Assembly district.
  • Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, who is running against incumbent Democrat Mike Gipson in California’s 65th state Assembly district.
  • Param Brar, who is running against incumbent Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva in California’s 67th state Assembly district.
  • Janet Foster, who is running for an open seat in California’s 69th state Assembly district.
  • Georgette Gomez, who is running for an open seat in California’s 80th state Assembly district.
  • Raul Cedillo, who is running for Mayor of Long Beach.
  • Gina Viola, who is running for Mayor of Los Angeles.
  • Treasure Ortiz, who is running for Mayor of San Bernardino against incumbent John Valdivia.
  • Chesa Boudin, who is facing a recall election in San Francisco (Vote No!)
  • Pamela Price, who is running for Almeda County District Attorney.
  • Pete Hardin, who is running against incumbent Todd Spitzer for Orange County District Attorney-Public Administrator.
  • Burke Strunsky & Lara Gressley, both of whom are running for Riverside County District Attorney against incumbent Mike Hestrin.
  • Alana Mathews, who is running for Sacramento County District Attorney.
  • Sajid Khan, who is running for Santa Clara District Attorney against incumbent Jeff Rosen.
  • Eric Strong, who is running against for Los Angeles County Sheriff against incumbent Alex Villanueva.
  • Dave Myers, who is running for San Diego County Sheriff.
  • Sean Allen, who is running for Santa Clara County Sheriff.
  • Gerrie Schipske, who is running for Long Beach City Attorney.
  • Faisal Gill, who is running for Los Angeles City Attorney.
  • George Moyer, who is running for Long Beach City Prosecutor against Doug Haubert.
  • Kenneth Mejia, who is running for Los Angeles City Controller.
  • Daniel Miles, who is running for Long Beach City Auditor against incumbent Laura Dodd.
  • Larry Bales, who is running for Long Beach County Assessor against incumbent Claude Parrish.
  • Alysse Castro, who is running for Alameda County Superintendent of Schools against incumbent Karen Monroe.
  • Kailee Caruso, who is running for an open seat in Long Beach City Council district 3.
  • Linda Valdez, who is running for an open seat in Long Beach City Council district 5.
  • Carlos Ovalle, who is running against incumbent Roberta Uranga in Long Beach City Counci district 7.
  • Joni Ricks-Oddie, who is running for an open seat in Long Beach City Council district 9.
  • Eunisses Hernández, who is runnig against incumbent Gil Cedillo in Los Angeles City Council district 1.
  • Katy Young Yaroslavsky, who is running for an open seat in Los Angeles City Council district 5.
  • Elisa Avalos, who is running against incumbent Monica Rodriguez in Los Angeles City Council district 7.
  • Dulce Vasquez, who is running against incumbent Curren De Mille Price in Los Angeles City Council’s 9th district.
  • Erin Darling, who is running for an open seat in Los Angeles City Council district 11.
  • Hugo Soto-Martinez, Albert Corado, or Kate Pynoos, all of whom are running against incumbent Mitch O’Farrell in Los Angeles City Council district 13.
  • Bryant Odega, who is running for an open seat in Los Angeles City Council district 15.
  • Caity Maple, who is running for an open seat in Sacremento City Council district 5.
  • Ivan Torres, who is running for an open seat in San Jose City Council district 3.
  • Jewelian Johnson, who is running for an open seat in Stockton City Council district 5.
  • Rocío Rivas, who is running for an open seat in Los Angeles Unified Board of Education district 2.
  • Marvin A. Rodríguez, who is running against incumbent Kelly Gonez in Los Angeles Unified Board of Education district 6.
  • Nubia Flores, who is running for an open seat in Long Beach Unified School District school board district 1.
  • Diana F. Craighead, who is running for re-election in Long Beach Unified School District school board district 5.

Okay, I think that’s all of them. God, can you imagine how long this would be if I researched all of them in depth? To be honest, I just gave up research some of the smaller municipal positions like school board or commissioner shortly in just because there’s too many of them to even write about. And it’s not too say that there isn’t some important stuff going on, there’s just too much to write about. And guess what… now I have to list their donation links… okay, I don’t HAVE to, but with how close some of these past few races have been, I don’t want to take any chances.

Shahid Buttar (CD-11) – Donation Link
Derek Marshall (CD-23) – Donation Link
Angelica Duenas (CD-29) – Donation Link
Shervin Aazami (CD-32) – Donation Link
David Kim (CD-34) – Donation Link
Daniel Lee (CD-37) – Donation Link
Michael Shure (CD-37) – Donation Link
Jan Perry (CD-37) – Donation Link
Mike Ortega (CD-46) – Donation Link
Kylie Taitano (CD-50) – Donation Link
David Peterson (CD-3) – Donation Link
Andrew Engdahl (CD-4) – Donation Link

Mike Barkley (CD-5) – Donation Link
Mark Gorman (CD-6) – Donation Link
Jimmy Fremgen (CD-7) – Donation Link
Cheryl Sudduth (CD-8) – Donation Link
Harpreet Chima (CD-9) – Donation Link

Michael Kerr (CD-10) – Donation Link
James Peters (CD-14) – Donation Link
Eric Garcia – (CD-21) – Donation Link

Maebe A. Girl (CD-30) – Donation Link
Peter Mathews (CD-42) – Donation Link
Jose Cortes (CD-51) – Donation Link
Joaquin Vazquez (CD-52) – Donation Link

Rafa Garcia (SD-8) – Donation Link
Aisha Wahab (SD-10) – Donation Link
Bryan Osorio (SD-16) – Donation Link
Ida Times-Green (HD-12) – Donation Link
David Campos (HD-17) – Donation Link
Jennifer Esteen (HD-20) – Donation Link
James Coleman (HD-21) – Donation Link

Alex Lee (HD-24) – Donation Link
Joe Thompson (HD-28) – Donation Link
Jon Wizard (HD-30) – Donation Link
Daniel Wilson (HD-31) – Donation Link

Pilar Schiavo (HD-40) – Donation Link
Louis Abramson (HD-51) – Donation Link
Mia Livas Porter (HD-52) – Donation Link
Tina McKinnor (HD-61) – Donation Link
Maria Estrada (HD-62) – Donation Link
Elizabeth Alcantar (HD-64) – Donation Link
Fatima Iqbal-Zubair (HD-65) – Donation Link
Param Brar (HD-67) – Donation Link
Janet Foster (HD-69) – Donation Link

Georgette Gomez (HD-80) – Donation Link
Raul Cedillo (Long Beach Mayor) – Donation Link
Gina Viola (Los Angeles Mayor) – Donation Link
Treasure Ortiz (San Bernardino Mayor) – Donation Link

Pamela Price (Almeda DA) – Donation Link
Pete Hardin (Orange DA) – Donation Link
Burke Strunsky (Riverside DA) – Donation Link
Lara Gressley (Riverside DA) – Donation Link
Alana Mathews (Sacramento DA) – Donation Link
Chesa Boudin (San Francisco DA) – Donation Link

Sajid Khan (Santa Clara DA) – Donation Link
Eric Strong (Los Angeles Sheriff) – Donation Link
Dave Myers (San Diego Sheriff) – Donation Link
Sean Allen (Santa Clara Sheriff) – Donation Link

Gerrie Schipske (Long Beach DA) – Donation Link
Faisal Gill (Los Angeles DA) – Donation Link
George Moyer (Long Beach Prosecutor) – Donation Link
Kenneth Mejia (Los Angeles Controller) – Donation Link
Dan Miles (Long Beach Auditor) – Donation Link
Larry Bales (Orange Assessor) – Donation Link

Alysse Castro (Alameda Superintendent) – Donation Link
Kailee Caruso (Long Beach Council-3) – Donation Link
Linda Valdez (Long Beach Council-5) – Donation Link
Carlos S. Ovalle (Long Beach Council-7) – Donation Link
Joni Ricks-Oddie (Long Beach Council-9) – Donation Link
Eunisses Hernández (LA Council-1) – Donation Link
Katy Young Yaroslavsky (LA Council-5) – Donation Link
Elisa Avalos (LA Council-7) – Donation Link
Dulce Vasquez (LA Council-9) – Donation Link

Erin Darling (LA Council-11) – Donation Link
Hugo Soto-Martinez (LA Council-13) – Donation Link
Albert Corado (LA Council-13) – Donation Link
Kate Pynoos (LA Council-13) – Donation Link

Bryant Odega (LA Council-15) – Donation Link
Caity Maple (Sacramento Council-5) – Donation Link
Ivan Torres (San Jose Council-3) – Donation Link
Jewelian Johnson (Stockton Council-5) – Donation Link

Rocío Rivas (LA BoE-2) – Donation Link
Marvin A. Rodríguez (LA BoE-6) – Donation Link
Nubia Flores (Long Beach BoE-1) – Donation Link
Diana F. Craighead (Long Beach BoE-5) – Donation Link

You see that long list of candidates? We need this shit in all 50 states. Imagine if even 1/4th of them win?

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