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Site Progress & Personal Update: May 2022 (SCOTUS Disaster Edition)

Well, so much for more video game reviews. A Supreme Court memo just got leaked that says Roe Vs Wade is about to be overturned. There’s no way I can focus on game reviews at a time like this. And to think some of you thought this bullshit would end with Trump out of office. I know fully well that my political pieces get a fuck ton less views than my gaming shit, and that is probably one of the most frustrating parts of my career. I get it, you don’t want to think about politics because they suck, but keep in mind that not all of us have the privelage of “not thinking” about politics, because our basic human rights are at risk. LGBT rights are next on the chopping block after Roe Vs Wade, and lord knows what they’ll do next. And we certainly can’t rely on our useless congress or our do nothing President that’s for sure. Yes, I’m fucking mad. Anyway, here’s the recap.

Ohio 2022 Elections (Pink Tsunami)

Standard Review: Actual Sunlight (PC/Vita/Switch)

The 25 Most Important US Primary Elections in 2022 (Pink Tsunami)

Amazing VGM: Crystal Sewers (Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode Three)

Yes, that’s not much in terms of numbers, but those political pieces break 15K words, and that’s not counting the hours of research on them. So what were the results? The Ohio piece was a flop, which is why I decided on a new format for the most important primary elections one, and this one was my most successful political piece yet. So this format is a keeper. So that begs the question, what will the top 25 Most important General Elections piece look like? I initially was going to put it off, but you know, the fucking SCOTUS ruling.

The plus side is that this came right after trans streamer Keffals raised $200,000 to help trans kids in the south. And also, Nina Turner’s race is tomorrow (as of the time of writing). The early results seem to favor her, so she could very likely win this. And as demonstrated in my most important primaries piece, there’s many to come after this. And believe me, the best way to signal to the Biden administration that they have to do something would be to replace as many corporate Dems with progressives as possible. And there are a LOT of candidates that can fit the bill. I actually had to skip over a lot of noteworthy candidates. The Democrats have really fucked this up, and we need a party that will actually fight back. Until they decide to do them, we will continue to have our rights stripped away.

In other words, I will be bring back The Progressive Update to keep you all updated on the happenings, and to promote progressives. I will also be trying to squeeze in as many TCSN interviews as possible, and anything else to prevent this catastrophe. Starting after tomorrow’s election results. So sorry to those who want me to get back to game reviews, but I think this is more important. In the meantime, it would mean a lot if you could help me out by sharing my writing, or by donating to my Patreon.

Oh yes, I was so busy being angry and panicky that I forgot about patrons. Within the past few months, I got two new patrons. Thank you very much to both Ciro Duran and Nora. I am immensely grateful to have your support, as well as the support of Rana Newlove, Kino2049, Yuster Yumeister, Cat Stedman, D Inacio, Jimbolance, Wendy Gowak, SilverMoon9000, Brittany Eakin, Sam, Kelly Gallagher, narumolly, IceTheRetroKid, Dia, and Rin Clarita. The one thing that will remain consistent in my career as a writer is that I will always appreciate the kind generosity of those that support me. It’s a shame I can’t say the same about SCOTUS.

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