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Quick Review: Com__et (PC)

Another Fuwanovel review. This was written a while ago, but it took a while for them to edit it. Anyway, this is my review for a small indie VN called Com__et, I think it’s an interesting concept.

Anyway, next piece will be an update on the Poppy situation, and following that will be my review of Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World, which will also be on Fuwanovel.

I get that I kinda fucked off for about a month, was hard to write considering that the online drama I’ve been involved with has taken some disturbing directions. I found out that I haven’t even uncovered half of the info regarding Ivad Yurei, and initially wanted to make a follow up, but then I heard a very disturbing update regarding Cassandra Mel. All I will say is that I’m waiting for news of her arrest before I post an update on her. Lastly, there’s what’s been going on with the Poppy situation, and seeing an already fucked situation get even worse, and seeing former friends become increasingly vitriolic and unhinged.

All of this happening at once has fucked with my mental health, but I seem to be recovering, and hopefully I can return to my original schedule. Anyway, hope you enjoy the review.

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