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Quick Review: Dimension Tripper Neptune TOP NEP (PC)

Dimension Tripper Neptune TOP NEP is the second shmup spinoff in the Neptunia series, the first being 2019’s Neptunia Shooter. I didn’t like that game, and I’m not sure I have strong feelings about this one either. I CAN say that Dimension Tripper Neptune is an improvement though, and that much is evident in the visuals alone.

Unlike Neptunia Shooter, which was a clone of 2D scrolling Shooters like Gradius, Dimension Tripper Neptune is more like Space Harrier. I personally think this choice is more appropriate given that Neptune is a representation of SEGA’s history, and that Space Harrier was a well known SEGA series. The music also contains some nice Mega Drive esque covers of Neptunia tracks. Also unlike Neptunia Shooter, they managed to get at least one song per stage to!

One can see the increased effort put into Dimension Tripper Neptune almost right away. The spritework is beautiful and the level backgrounds are gorgeous. These levels may not be impressive on a technology level, but they look nice from an artistic perspective. I also like how there’s greater variety in enemies this time, and it’s no longer just slimes, and also how the levels have backgrounds that look like actual places from the main games. It is very easy to see that this game took production values a lot more seriously.

The gameplay is also a significant improvement given that there’s a lack of cheap enemy placement or confusing control schemes. There is one problem though. Neptunia Shooter was a game that drastically prolonged the amount of time spent on it through unfair difficulty. Dimension Trigger Neptune is the exact opposite in that it is VERY short, short enough that I beat it on both normal and hard within the allotted two hours for a Steam refund. I’m not going to refund it obviously, since I thought it was a fun and that would be kind of a dick move, but it’s still worth keeping in mind.

It’s worth noting that the key difference between normal and hard mode is that you have infinite continues on normal, and on hard you start the game over again. I still managed to beat both modes on the same day because Dimension Tripper Neptune is surprisingly easy for a shmup. One of the reasons why is because you have a drastically overpowered sword swing that insta-kills most enemies and destroys projectiles and obstacles. There is a reason why shmups are usually difficult games, and it’s because they’d be really fucking short otherwise.

Dimension Tripper Neptune was fun, but it’s also very short so you’ll want to get it on sale. There’s really not much else I have to say about this one, as I’m only reviewing this so I have something to put out this week, and because I’d probably forget everything about the game if I didn’t review it immediately after playing. Oh, and I’ve also been playing Neptunia: Sisters Vs Sisters, which is pretty dope thus far. Anyway see ya!

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