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Amazing VGM: The World Revolving (DeltaRune)

I never understood the trend among Undertale fans to say that DeltaRune “hasn’t lived up to Undertale’s success.” They do realize the game is incomplete right? We are on only Chapter two out of seven, and those first two chapters are longer than a normal Undertale playthrough. Personally, I think it’s entirely possible that the full game exceeds Undertale’s quality, and I’m immensely looking forward to how the full game turns out. Anyway, today’s subject is Jevil’s boss theme, “The World Revolving.”

So I’m currently undecided as to whether this is my favorite DeltaRune boss theme. It’s currently a tie between this or “Attack of the Killer Queen,” and also “Vs Susie” if that counts. While “Attack of the Killer Queen” is a total banger, I always value atmosphere and emotion much more than just kickassery. “The World Revolving” is an interesting track because it has the emotional feel of a final boss theme, but isn’t structured like one. It instead sounds playful, which is fitting considering that Jevil literally views everything as a game.

At about 25 second in is when the song starts sounding like your typical final boss theme, complete with that “fate of the world is at stake” vibe… which it is. The song is overall frantic and chaotic, fitting the nature of the fight perfectly, while also being catchy and addiction as hell. It perfectly encapsulates Jevil’s chaotic yet playful nature, yet also having a somewhat tragic air to it, mirroring Jevil’s backstory.

Also fun fact, you can hear the same flute sample used in Super Mario 64′s soundfont used during parts of this song.

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