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Response to Zinnia Jones: Zinnia Understands Science and Facts (But Doesn’t Understand People)

For those of you that have followed my political writings, you are likely familiar with Zinnia Jones, as I have previously written an entire article in defense of a few controversial tweets of her’s, and I have mentioned her in an article made in response to her arch nemesis, Blaire White. I have mentioned her in part of my own personal grievances with Blaire, but if one paid attention, I also foreshadowed this article back there as well.

…it feels like I’m the only one who just doesn’t expect everyone to be perfect. I’m not even referring to just Blaire here, but I am also speaking with Zinnia in mind with whom my feelings are similar but for different reasons. I have thought of making a similar piece about her, but I’m unsure how to approach it.

Well, I have figured that out now. If one could not have guessed, my article about Blaire was not just a rebuttal, it was a message to Blaire herself, a message that unfortunately seems to have gone on deaf ears. My intention was to not only refute Blaire’s arguments against trans kids transitioning/existing, but also to try and provide a counter explanation to her disruptive and chaotic behavior. IE, to try and paint a picture of Blaire as just an ordinary girl as opposed to this bullying megabitch that the trans community sees her as.

Unfortunately, it means nothing for me to say that Blaire is actually a good girl who dindu nuffin when she makes no effort to improve herself. Yes, she did apologize to both Milo Stewart and Riley J Dennis, and for all I know she could be honestly trying to come across as less harsh. There have been several reasons why I believe that Blaire isn’t as cruel and sadistic as she is made out to be cited in my piece, but again, why should anyone care if she is still mean to them? I of course, am too sympathetic for my own good, I care about people that I should not or that likely do not care about me in turn, so it only goes to show you that I care for ALL of my trans brothers and sisters. Hell I have specifically been trying to get Blaire to have me on her stream to debate her not because “I wants moar viewz” but because I want to get to the bottom of things. I can tell that she is upset at how hated she is by the trans community, and it seems to escape her why she is. Trans people already get enough shit as it is, throwing in the pain of being hated by your own community must be unimaginable on top of all of that.

And if one couldn’t have guessed, this article is Zinnia’s equivalent. I wrote my last piece about her to defend her because I simply knew that those specific tweets were being taken out of context. One misconception that one may have gathered from that piece is that I am in absolute agreement with everything Zinnia says, but that is not the case. Zinnia, is the opposite extreme of what Blaire is. To me, Blaire’s strength’s are that she has a good personality and charisma, but the substance of her arguments is weak and poorly informed. I know that some will even take issue with the claim that she “has a good personality” when she regularly attacks other trans women, but I hardly think she’s a perfect human being. I do think this sorority girl like attitude of Blaire’s is what is holding her back, and that otherwise, it is her personality that has allowed her to amass a large audience.

Passion and charisma matters a lot more to how one can draw an audience than you would think. Blaire’s fans SAY they are “facts over feels,” but that ship has sailed. Zinnia’s content has WAY more emphasis on research, analysis, citations, and logic than ANYTHING Blaire has even ATTEMPTED! In general, the most I have heard against Zinnia are claims that her research is of “low quality,” but I’m damn sure going to believe someone who creates a thesis length essay with twenty sources listed at the end rather than some internet troll going “lol biology.” So, what’s the deal with Zinnia Jones?

The reason why Zinnia is such a polarizing figure, and the focus of this article, is her personality. No, this article is not meant to be a hit piece on Zinnia. This is meant to present Zinnia’s flaws in a more human light in a way that makes them more understandable, for both her in case she is reading this, and for any of her detractors. As I have said, I care for ALL of my trans siblings, and I am writing this in hopes I am able to help her somehow.

If I had to sum up Zinnia in one word, it would be “cynical.” She gives off this constant vibe of bitterness and jadedness; that all her opponents are shallow, one dimensional trolls with the worst possible intentions. Zinnia ALWAYS leaps to the worst possible conclusion. Specifically, she is under the belief that there is NO reason that anyone would support Trump other than that they are racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, good hair phobic, etc. The thing is, yes, I understand WHY one would make that assumption given the personality of King Donald himself and the neanderthals that make up his supporter base.

Dragon Quest VII | King Donald
And I don’t mean the King Donald from Dragon Quest VII either.

This is also something that was said to me by a former friend who I invited to join my Discord server, but she got pissed off at me because I had rules stating there are people of varying political backgrounds and that it was against the rules to seriously (as in unironically) insult someone for being straight, white, cis, or male, in addition to being gay, black, trans, non binary, female, autistic, ace, bi, pan, poly, etc.” I tried to tell her that A: the few Trump supporters in the group are not Bible thumping rednecks that think “gays should be hanged and trangenders should be banned from bathrooms… then hanged” but she continued to close mindedly lecture at me about how close friends of mine are fascists that hate me, and how I’m now a fascist to for defending them (not stated but definitely implied) because I don’t want to abandon my friends over political disagreements and she knows them better than I do despite having never met them.

There is one thing that I do not understand why any of these extremist Antifa types never attempt. Instead of going “if you support *blank* unfollow me,” why not simply ask them WHY they support what they do? If one of these people was following you to begin with, they clearly do not hate whatever minority or group you belong to if they want to hear you out to begin with. In Zinnia’s case, there are literally followers of her with “#MAGA” in their Twitter profile, trans followers at that, yet they have not been turned off by her extreme beliefs about Trump supporters. Does that not indicate that they may be willing to talk this out on a more personal basis? That is unless one simply does not WANT to believe that Trump supporters are anything more than drooling troglodytes, but if that is the case, I have to ask why?

Such a mindset is… very unhealthy, to say the least. I say this because I held this same mindset during the election. It was bad enough, that I had plans to commit suicide the night it was confirmed Trump won, and I only went to bed based on the slim chance that Hillary might pull from behind overnight. When I woke up, I was dead inside, but then I had the sudden realization that just MAYBE I was overreacting a bit. The rest of that day was almost surreal in that, for once, I felt composed and well maintained, while nearly everyone else around me was freaking out, when it’s normally the other way around. The thing is, I’ve suffered from serious anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. NOTHING I ever reacted to was to the “normal” extent, and they still aren’t. You have, NO IDEA, just how unstable my emotions have been over the years, I’m honestly surprised I’m even here at all and not bound up in a straight jacket in the Wacky Hut.

As such, believe me that I can TELL when a reaction goes beyond what is necessary for the event it is for. Trump is not Hitler 2.0. Trump is an incompetent dumb ass who got into office by pandering to the far right Bible thumpers and using marketing tactics against an opponent that had infinitely more experience but no charisma, and because nearly everyone in both parties hate him, he needed to prioritize loyalty over experience when choosing positions for the cabinet.

Remember that, prior to running for office, Trump was very pro LGBT. Yet he conveniently abandons it when he decides to run as a Republican. The thing is, Trump knows more about how to be a career politician than we may have thought; meaning he knows enough to pander to the right wing voters so he still has people who will re-elect him. That sums up nearly every major politician of the last few decades; they say what they think their voter base wants to hear. Either one of two things will happen from this point on. A: Trump will lose his second term to a Democrat that either emulates Bernie Sander’s politics or even to Bernie himself if he’s still alive and kicking by then. Or B: The DNC repeats its mistake by either having someone like Hillary or even Hillary herself run again and Trump gets a second term. And I can guarantee you, before the end of that second term, if it occurs, Trump will become pro LGBT again because trans rights will likely have caught on more.

Before anyone rushes to correct me by attacking any notion that Trump can be anything less than pure evil, that is NOT the point. The point is that there are other perspectives about Trump that pro Trump people can have aside from just “he’s racist and so am I.” Even if everything I said is completely wrong, and can be eviscerated via the use of multiple sources, why is that a reason to make an assumption about the character of people who believe so? People make mistakes and have lapses in judgement all the time. This conversation is NOT about Trump or his politics, rather, it is about not engaging in hostility when one isn’t shown in turn.

Zinnia does not strike me as the person who is completely intolerant of opposing opinions. I have criticized her my fair share of times and she has not blocked me or anything. Plus, I have some what of a sixth sense in that I can just sort of read people based on the way they speak and act. Zinnia is someone whose words I can tell have a strong sense of passion to them, and I can tell she cares a lot more about what people think than she lets on. If she didn’t care, she would not be putting so much effort into her blog posts and Twitter rants. She recently rage quit Youtube due to how toxic the comment sections on all of her videos have become.

Of course, it’s hardly just Youtube that is toxic. There are more AIW hate boners for Zinnia Jones then there are regular boners, and considering her side gig as a porn star that’s a pretty tough hurdle to clear! But why is that the case? Why is it this one angry lesbian tranny that has everyone pissed off when here have been so many angry lesbian trannies before her? Well, what if I told you that Zinnia Jones is the closest thing that the left has to their own Milo Yiannopoulos? Zinnia’s beliefs may be social justicey, but this isn’t the same type of droning Sarkeesian brand of social justice that the AIWs are used to. Instead, she is the kind that will not just bite back, but she’ll probably do some vore shit to. She’s kinda kinky like that… okay maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Zinnia has the habit of saying a lot of edgy offensive shit that has the tendency to trigger the fuck out of the easily offended right, which in turn gets them to say a bunch of nasty offensive shit back at her because they are so butthurt. In turn, they show their true colors and just how ugly they really are on the inside, which in turn redpills a lot more leftists. Oh by the way, you AIWs don’t get to keep the term “redpill,” The Matrix was literally directed by two trans women, we’re taking it back.

Zinnia trans girlfriend balls

This right there is the PERFECT troll response, or at least the troll response in the meaning the term once held. That being it’s a statement that looks offensive but isn’t to anyone who isn’t outrage peddling and has reading comprehension. At first, it sounds like something a potty mouthed 12 year old on XBox Live would say that he thinks is clever, but context means everything. Note the words “your trans girlfriend.” Such a thing implies that the guy has a girlfriend that is trans and WANTS to work through it. The question she is quoting was obviously intended as rhetorical seeing as how he cannot consider the possibility of someone “working through a dick” if they are not gay despite the fact that many straight men and gay women don’t care.

The guy obviously didn’t have a trans girlfriend, but Zinnia decided to take the question literally and respond to it as if he was legitimately asking for advice instead of asking a rhetorical question, and she responded with that. Also note the “I don’t know dude” at the end. “I don’t know” as in “I can’t help you because it’s clear you don’t want to be helped.” The suggestion of “have your trans GF smother you with her cock and balls” was intended as, “if you do seriously want to work through it, then maybe try it out instead of whining about it like an arrogant prick over the internet.” But that didn’t stop Laci Green now did it?

By default, I tend to assume most are at least telling what they perceive to be the truth, and I don’t believe in blanket claims that someone is “just doing it for attention or money.” The only people I tend to find this a plausible explanation for is major politicians, government officials, or representatives of major companies. I tend to have a stronger sense of empathy than average and I have grown a distaste for any behavior with the sole intent to upset or piss someone off. I only ever quote tweet someone for the purposes of demonstration and for the sake of others (or because it’s funny). You won’t accomplish anything for yourself when you shut down a hater with a firey comeback, but it raises morale of anyone on the sidelines who is a spectator and does not know how to speak up for themselves or is too afraid to. And unlike those who say that the left NEVER responds to criticism, Zinnia does, and she does so relentlessly.

Since it is customary for me to respond to a specific article or video in my response articles, I believe I may as well go with the final episode of Gender Analysis put up on Youtube, simply titled “Zinnia Argues with People.” As usual, I would encourage any readers to watch the original video for a better understanding of context.

There is quite the disconnect between how she presents herself in her videos and how she does so on social media isn’t there? There is an obvious attempt for her to sound formal and to be taken seriously. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself. In fact, I do agree with her on many of the points that she has made in this video. Namely, what I agree on is the idea that there is an underlying assumption that people seek knowledge in good faith and are honest. Hell that is precisely WHY I have grown to despise Laci Green so much; her blatant dishonesty.

However, what Zinnia does not seem to realize is that the same also applies to what she says. Take for example, her infamous tweets about ISIS.

Zinnia-Jones ISIS suicide

This tweet pissed a lot of people off since most of us tend to agree that ISIS is bad. What most people did not realize was that she was fucking with people because she got sick of Islamophobic trolls sending her pictures of dead people; IE it was blatant trolling. In fact, she told me herself.

While I don’t blame her for growing impatient with the number of blithering nincompoops flooding her TL and wanting to piss them off, it is still something that makes things a lot less clear for those on the outside looking in. As she said, the typical assumption is made that someone is arguing in good faith, so if one was to invoke that principal in regards to her, then one would naturally assume that’s what she actually thinks. See where I am going with this?

There is a natural disconnect between the persona that Zinnia puts up on social media and the one she takes up in her articles or videos. There is a reason that I write in an informal tone even when I am discussing serious subject matter; it creates a more genuine and believable tone and shows that I have little to hide. This is the same reason that Contrapoints has a right wing following; she knows how to be herself and to articulate her claims in a way that feels “real.”

Meanwhile, Zinnia tries too hard to sound like an intellectual and boring scientist type in what I assume is an attempt to look smarter in an age where people don’t actually give a crap about that. Yes I know, this has nothing to do with whether or not she is factually right; hell I’m in agreement with her on the vast majority of things. She clearly has a far greater understanding on things than most of the armchair psychologists and philosophers on the internet, but she doesn’t understand how people work on an emotional level.

It is easy to tell that Zinnia picked up her strictly scientific approach in response to the claims of “facts over feels” by AIW jackasses. Unfortunately, these AIW jackasses are all jackasses and don’t know what they really want. In reality, NOTHING is “fact over feels” because feels are the only reason that facts are given any significance, and the two are completely independent of one another. It’s as the expression goes; you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t teach it to educate itself.

If Zinnia was strictly about information and learning, then this would not be a problem, but the reason why I bring this up and why I am writing this article in the first place is because the intense hatred that comes as a result of her work clearly gets to her. She does not intend to take the Milo Yiannopoulos approach and piss off everyone on the right, and I can see right through her; she’s feigning confidence. She tries her hardest to not show any signs of it, but I can tell all of the toxicity is having a negative effect. Hell I knew when Ray Blanchard posted her nudes that she wasn’t as impenetrable as I first thought. She’s literally a porn star; someone who makes a living off of people who want to see her body, yet it still hit hit her pretty hard when Ray Blanchard posted her nudes.

I will admit, seeing how much that hurt her was what prompted me to get my first piece about her finished because It really shook me up as well. It is one of those things that reminds me that we are all human and that all of us have our limits. I will grant that it at was at least what convinced me that maybe I was not as ugly as I thought I was if even someone as beautiful as her could be made to feel that uncomfortable. If she truly was impenetrable, then she would have just seen it as free advertisement.

The problem is that she does NOT have the same views of her opponents, and her attitude comes across as cold and lacking in any sort of empathy. Just to demonstrate another example.

Zinnia Blaire assault

“I do everything right” shes says as she justifies literal violence against Blaire White. “Return my decency with their own decency,” she says, after mocking a trans girl being assaulted on the street. No it does not matter what views Blaire holds, that shit is flat out sociopathic! Especially when one keeps in mind the fact that no one even tried to lay a hand on her boyfriend despite him wearing the same hat, and that a supposed “male feminist” thought it was okay to physically assault a woman despite the obvious difference in body strength and muscle mass. The shit is even more disgusting when one realizes that this shit happens to trans women all the time, and some times they end up getting killed.

And believe it or not, there was a point where I felt the same way as Zinnia. Hell I even said that I hoped Blaire got the Richard Spencer treatment. It looks like my wish got granted… god I felt like such a wretched human being seeing that happen. Yeah yeah, people have had it worse, starving African children and all that. Truthfully, I have been hesitant to interact more with Zinnia because this side of her scares me. I may like Blaire as a person, but even if this happened to someone I truly despised such as Laci Green or Miranda Yardley, I would still be upset.

Yes, it’s the “there are no bad tactics, only bad targets” mentality put into play, which itself is a terrible mindset to have. Anyone remember Death Note (the REAL one)? Where Light continues to further justify his killings of police officers and anyone who tries to uncover his identity under by saying that they are harboring criminals and is letting them go, and he develops a god complex and goes further and further off the slippery slope until he slips up at the end and realizes what a horrible scumbag he’s become? I cannot help but be reminded of him when I see the left’s near obsession of justifying violence against political opposition. I never really objected to “punch Nazis in self defense,” but when this is expanded to “punch Nazis and anyone who sympathizes with them,” we are getting into dangerous territory.

The problem with this is that such a thing is punishing people for basic human empathy, which is a natural human emotion. Just look at the German film Downfall, the source of all those unfunny Hitler rant parodies on Youtube. It was a historical drama film about Hitler’s final 10 days of life before he killed himself, in addition to the downfall…

she said it

… the downfall of Nazi Germany in a sympathetic light for the purpose of reminding people that he was in fact, human, and how he could still be a monstrous mass murderer despite that. The movie was nominated for the 2005 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and won the 2005 BBC Four World Cinema competition. I have heard almost nothing but good things about it and I have even heard of it making some Jewish viewers cry. If it is possible to invoke feels over the death of Adolf Hitler despite the film itself showing him saying “the German people don’t deserve to survive,” then what does that say about the possibility of sympathizing with the tiki torch wielding dumbasses in Charlottesville, or that guy that was featured in the New York Times.

Before anyone makes any assumptions, there’s no way in the hell I’m defending the NY Times on that bullshit puff piece; that was flat out stupid of them. However, I feel it is important to address WHY it is that this piece is so problematic (to say the least). The reason why is because we realize that humanizing WORKS, and we don’t want that to happen. We have reached the point where our current president was endorsed by the KKK and the new Wolfenstein game prompts responses of “keep ur politix outta mah vidju gems!” for doing the same shit it always did. That shit is threatening specifically because people ARE sympathizing with Nazis and that the only tactic is to shame anyone out of showing ANY sort of compassion to someone who might be a Nazi or a Fascist. *sigh* NO ONE remembers the Streisand Effect. Ya’ll mothafuckers never learn do you?

The harder you try to hide something, the more people will try to drag it out into the open. The Alt Right KNOWS this, and they are using it to their advantage. They know fully well that they are seen as inhuman monsters, which in turn means that showing themselves as human catches the public off guard. This means that it is immensely easier for them to recruit new members so long as they know how to turn everyone else against a common boogeyman; the Feminazis (that won’t stop calling everyone they disagree with Nazis)!

The left, on the other hand, does not realize they are being played like EA’s fanbase… and unlike their games. Society has established since we were born that it is wrong to be a bigot. It is wrong to be racist, sexist, or homophobic. Hell most people even know it’s wrong to be transphobic despite only learning what trans people even are in the last few years. However, it has been so ingrained in us that bigotry is bad that we never think of WHY people become bigots. Just look at all the white people who thought that the Nazis were completely gone until Charlottesville.

The truth is that prejudice is NOT innate; it is a learned behavior. It is a behavior that is learned as a self defense mechanism at that. So yes, the same reason why that one girl in my Discord server called me a fascist sympathizer, is the same mindset that allows these fascists to exist in the first place! Most of these people either were abused by someone with strong pro social justice beliefs, or they were exposed to a bunch of right wing propaganda that traumatized them so badly that it effected their entire perception of reality. That’s why MRAs call it the Red Pill; because the experience is similar to that of realizing that everything you were lead to believe was a lie; and the easiest recruitment tool they have is to show the cruelty and bitterness of “social justice warriors.”

But because they are in favor of movements that are “politically correct,” the alleged SJWs are shielded and those who call them out are mocked, which thus leads to a feeling of powerlessness. When social justice activists mock these people and jokingly say things like “Kill all men” or “white people are evil,” AIWs take it at face value and think they actually hate white cishet men. There is a strong disconnect with the powerlessness they feel and the perceived privilege that feminists assign them.

And as customary at this point, I need to bring up my past at this point. I likely sound like a broken record at this point for anyone who has read my stuff, but I will say this for anyone joining me just now; I know all of that stuff in the last paragraph from personal experience. I used to believe all of it. When I first bought into MRA propaganda, it was a horrifying and traumatic experience. I never hated women, I was literally afraid of them. I felt like they could abuse me or hurt me in any way and get away with it, but I never believed women as a whole were bad.

And that is the thing to realize about any form of prejudice; very few of them hate them solely for being what they are, but rather they think the nice ones are part of a minority. This is why you have people who will unironically believe that they are hated solely for being men, white, het, or cis while they wave around Nazi flags. The final solution to the Nazi question is not simply to go the same route as its namesake. Instead of focusing on dehumanizing your enemies, focus on humanizing yourself.

One of the points Zinnia quoted in the video of her’s that I linked was “Blaire White reaches a conservative audience that you could never hope to reach as a feminist.” Zinnia’s response was roughly that even if Blaire makes them more open minded to trans people, they are still misogynist, racist, and homophobic MAGAtards so it doesn’t matter.” But the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Bigotry is not something that is simply going to disappear over night, but it can dissipate gradually. For instance, I identify myself as a radical feminist, yet my first and longest lasting patron is an anti feminist right winger. The reason he gave was because I am so different from the typical idea of a radfem.

The key reason that I even call myself a feminist to begin with is not because I feel I fit the typical stereotype of one (although I do in a lot of ways) but because I feel there are a lot more like me than we realize. One could say that “if you have anti SJWs following you than that should be a sign you’re doing something wrong,” but if that’s the case, why do I still have a lot of pro feminist followers?

The reason why is quite simple; I’m open minded, and won’t judge others for holding different political opinions. I may not agree with them, but the truth about any form of prejudice is that even legitimately good people are capable of it. Prejudice is a self defense mechanism used to detect patterns and thus know how to counter them.

A key problem that I have with nearly ALL modern feminist activism is the focus on alarmist and outrage peddling teachings and headlines. Yes, there IS plenty of us to be pissed about. There is plenty to be upset about when there is so much injustice in this world, but as a species, we were NOT meant to experience the emotional burden of your entire community. NO ONE was meant to put this type of pressure on themselves, yet feminism has had a focus on trying to shock women into belief.

Fueling yourself with rage, despair, and hatred may inspire strong words and actions, but it comes at a price. It leaves one feeling hopeless and desperate with the feeling that no matter how loud you scream or cry, nothing happens. I don’t know what it was about me that was so special that I could just brush it off one day and act like everything is okay, but it doesn’t take a lot to see that most trans people are so damn pissed off because they don’t know what else will work.

And Zinnia seems to have boxed herself into this role of being the lightning rod for ALL the trouble that comes from transphobic assholes online and tries to fire it all back, only to get it continuously reflected back at her like she’s Ganon. If I thought that her tactic of trying to provoke these transphobic dunderheads into showing off just how bitter they are Yiannopoulos style was intentional, I would leave it at that. It’s not my preferred approach, but I do think it serves a purpose.

The problem is that so many people these days are convinced that the ONLY valid form of activism is the one that pisses everyone off. That there are people who are with us, and that are against us; and nothing we say will change them.

Zinnia | good hearted

This isn’t what she wants though. I can easily tell this because it’s just one of my many idiosyncrasies, but I do see a deeply compassionate individual in her. Any non trans feminist readers are probably laughing their eyes off at this statement, but I actually find this to be the case with a lot of political commentators. Given how viciously Zinnia is dehumanized by her opponents, it comes across as egregious that she always does the same to her opponents.

And the reason given is “it doesn’t matter what I say, they won’t change” yet what I notice is that most people who use that retort have likely not tried to begin with. It isn’t that different from when AIWs say “no matter what I say, something will offend these SJWs so why even try to please them?” The reason why is because that effort goes a LONG way.

It isn’t always going to work, but it will work more often than you expect. And you don’t even need to abandon your own views or principals to do so, the capacity to empathize with your opponents will make them want to empathize with you in turn. I know this as someone who has been able to maintain friendships with those with anti feminist views and who has even won some TERFs over. I also say this on someone who was on the other side of the coin to.

I recall Zinnia has had strong anti GamerGate opinions and that everyone who was involved was a horrible person that will never change, but I was there. I was there, and I changed quite a lot since then. At the time, I never wanted to hurt anyone; everyone just assumed I did by default. I never knew what I did wrong and just thought it meant everyone was overly intolerant and unquestioning. My opinions didn’t change right away; over the course of the last two years, I’ve changed a lot; but it happened gradually, and the less extreme or obsessively I expressed my views, the more feminists were comfortable trying to talk things out with me.

So, Zinnia, if you actually read this shit; thank you. It means a lot to me that you did even if you thought the whole thing was garbage. Also you’re the first person I’ve made a response article to who actually saw it (which is weird because I really thought Hbomb would have seen the response to his). I put up my first article about her in order to help dispel some of the harmful rumors.

As odd as it may sound for a lot of followers of mine; I look up to Zinnia a lot. I hold a lot of admiration for her and i love the compassion she has for her trans brothers and sisters. I love how she is so open about her personality as opposed to so many well known public figures who rarely say anything. I also found it admirable how she was not afraid to try and have public careers in both porn AND science as opposed to being pressured into thinking they are incompatible.

I’m aiming to become a serious trans activist, and someone like Zinnia is an inspiration in her determination, but the cynicism is a detriment. Zinnia has a stronger personality AND a stronger sense of self awareness than most people realize.

Zinnia likability

The reason I choose the specific video I did was just because she seems like the type that could really use the answer as to why they say she won’t respond to opposition.What they are referring to are direct responses. The type of videos that Zinnia makes are more akin to lectures than argument, as there is no one else present to back up their argument. Just because they say they are facts over feels does not mean we have to be. Having facts on our side is always a plus, but feels are what truly communicate them. I’m not saying to stop and give every sexist troll a hug and ask them about how their relationship is going, but rather, remember that your opponents are human to, and that some of those hate comments will likely decline if you keep that in mind.

And just because I’m the sappy emotional type, I’d just like to say that I got your back, and can rely on me if you need any support. Despite not having talked to her that much, I’d be more than willing to be a friend. Then again I’m already kind of a fangirl so maybe that’s a redundant point.

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  1. I see a lot of good points about me here. Many of these are personal issues that I’ve been aware of for a while and do intend to change. It’s affirming in a way to see that someone else picked up on this too. I appreciate your honesty on all of this.

    1. Thank you, I am glad to hear you understand, as I tend to be the type that naturally picks up on a lot of things others don’t normally notice, which is a major approach to my own form of activism. I don’t believe there are nearly as many that mean serious harm as we think there are.

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