Site Progress and Personal Update: January 2018

Well, we made it folks. 2018 has arrived and we are all still here… barely. Granted, the fact that I am currently sick as I am writing this probably helps me relate to that feeling. I don’t know what it is that gets me so melodramatic. Every time I get remotely sick or unwell, I start thinking I’m going to die. Then again, I’m an overthinker in general.

It becomes nerve wracking to think that any day could be your last, and that you never know when your life will be cut short. As such, I will right this piece with the possibility that I could die either tomorrow or even mid typing. If one has seen my Amazing VGM on “The Weight of the World” or has paid attention to other shit I said, they may have notice that I have high aspirations.

However, if I were to die right now, I would have been fully satisfied with how it ended. I may only be 22, 23 in a month, but up until the last few months, it felt more like I was 80. i don’t know if I have any right to say that considering those whom have experienced far greater hardships than I have, but nonetheless, taking HRT has freed my mind in unbelievable ways. For the first time in my life, I have felt that life truly was worth it, and I dare say that I have “lived” more in the last few months than all of the other time spent on this planet put together. If anything, the sheer fact that I have finally got to feel what true happiness felt like has made everything worth it, and thus I’d have no regrets if I were killed just now.

But I probably still have some time left in me don’t I? Yep, this shit is far from over fuckers. Anyway, here is last month’s article recap.

Splatterhouse Retrospective #2 โ€“ Splatterhouse: Wanpaku grafitti (NES)

I haz bun nominunnayted

Amazing VGM: Christmas Love (Osu)

Time an Eternity: One of the Most Underrated JRPGs of All Time, and Representative of the Gaming Mediaโ€™s Most Potent Double Standards

A Measured Response to Harry Brewis (hbomberguy): Objectification and Power Fantasy in Video Games

Splatterhouse Retrospective #3 โ€“ Splatterhouse 2 (Genesis)

Amazing VGM: Blizzard Buffalo (Mega Man X3)

JRPG Update Pro: December 2017

Guardian Acorn Patreon Overhaul and Personal Update

Steam Greenlight Landfill: 8BitBoy

To the Moon: True Artistic Brilliance

Splatterhouse Retrospective #4: Splatterhouse 3 (Genesis)

Splatterhouse Retrospective #5: Splatterhouse 2010 (Xbox 360/PS3)

Amazing VGM: The Weight of the World (NieR Automata)

I am quite satisfied with some of the stuff that I put out this month. In hindsight, I don’t know if I really feel satisfied with the Splatterhouse Retrospective. Well technically, I do feel that the individual articles each came out well (although I may have been a bit harsh on the second game) but I’m unsure if I’m going to be trying out something like this again any time soon. The Splatterhouse games were short action titles yet it still took me over a month to cover all of them, so I find it unlikely for me to try this kind of thing out with say… a series of RPGs. It may just be best for me to stick to individual games from this point on.

Speaking of individual games, I was very happy to see that there were others out there that loved Time and Eternity as much as I have. I was already aware that Pete Davison was a fan, but I also happened upon this tweet earlier this month.

For those who aren’t aware, he is the owner of Tsukiware, the company that created Critical Hit, which I reviewed a while back. They also made other stuff that I should try out at some point. But there are way too many games that exist that it is actually quite overwhelming. So there is also my review of To the Moon, which I have trouble thinking much of. However, my review of A Bird Story is going to be put up on this site fairly soon. I should also mention that I have purchased both Rakuen and Finding Paradise through the Steam sale. Finding Paradise is the sequel to To the Moon, while Rakuen is a game in a similar vein to them that is made by the composer of said games. These are both titles that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into.

Speaking of which, there were a ton of games I got as Christmas presents AND through the sale. The other three games I picked up through the sale were A Hat in Time, Rosenkreustilette Freudenstachel, and A Night in the Woods. The family also got a new computer for Christmas so that means I can now play a lot of shit the crappy old computer couldn’t. Oh and I also finally got Amber Breaker through DLsite since it was on sale, as well as something called Sacrifice Girl – The Curse of Demon Snake, just so I could make use of a coupon.

But there were also a bunch of Steam codes I got from friends of mine. A special thanks goes to Erin Lopez for Cuphead. I greatly appreciate that one because it was a game I have been really wanting to check out. Although If what I heard about the game is true than this may just be a practical joke gift. I would also like to thank Obbiesan for gifting me a copy of VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender. Lastly, I would like to thank Ryumaou for gifting… a whole bunch of stuff actually. Those games are…


Chroma Squad

Toki Tori

Beyond Divinity

Hearts of Chaos

Beyond Magic

Jade’s Journey

Super Star

Vagrant Hearts Zero

Of course, I should clarify that most of those were under a dollar each. I do not say this to discredit Ryumaou by any means, but rather because if each of those games were moderately priced then it would look like I was taking advantage of him. Of course, it is hard to feel like I’m not doing so already.

I’m sure it is already odd for anti feminists to look at someone such as myself and think that I’m a Radical feminist based on the typical ideas of what Radfems are like. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that I get much more attention as a woman than if I still identified as a man. The stereotypical Radfem would view this as a form of benevolent sexism in that women cannot do anything for themselves and needed to be treated soft and gently. I can imagine that a lot of TERFs dislike trans women because they undermine that complaint by being stereotypically feminine.

Someone such as myself is at the odd intersection of being cutesy and girly while also being tomboyish. Unlike most cis women, I don’t see femininity as something that is assumed by default. Rather I prefer to revel in it while not having completely abandoned everything I got from being a guy, as you kinda can’t lose that stuff that easily. In general though, it could just be the fact that I emphasize uniqueness and self awareness. It’s the typical INFJ fair after all. Regardless, I can’t help but feel being seen a a woman has made it far easier for me to just be myself than the other way around, and I guess studs dig chicks who are true to themselves. If anything, that demonstrates that toxic masculinity may not be as potent as we think.

Anyway, I haven’t even talked about the vidya I got from my family yet. That shit includes Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Blue Reflection, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death, Ys: Memories of Celceta, and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

That’s not even it as I got Layers of Fear, Oxenfree, and Cube Master: Light Adventure for free from giveaways, and I got a review code for a game called Meltys Quest. Only got the chance to play about an hour of it so far but I like it. I should mention I’m also getting a Switch for my birthday which is in a month so there will be even more.

In regards to upcoming plans, there is still some shit I’m behind on. If one hasn’t noticed by now, the Guardian Acorn game awards thing was cancelled because it is far too much for me to handle, but there is a piece based on that subject coming up. I’m just going to shut up about game reviews since they never go as planned so I’ll stick with the other shit.

Upcoming pieces include a few political articles, another piece about Euphoria dissecting some of its deeper themes, a review of Eminem’s latest album Revival, and I will be talking about my dream game and how I would make it. Also expect both JRPG Update series to be updated this month because this computer is no longer a piece of crap.

We haven’t even reached a full year of Guardian Acorn being active but I can imagine that we will be going places folks. Lastly, I just need to shout out my patrons, those being Ryumaou, Erin Lopez, Alex Silvey, Cesar Zamudio, Ray Type, and April Daniels. I sincerely appreciate all of your support and cannot thank you enough. Anyway, let’s hope 2018 is the year we finally get a MOTHER 3 localization and see Trump AND Pence impeached.

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  1. Happy to help with the games. Also, i think its refreshing that you aren’t like the stereotypical radical feminists.

    Btw, cool to see that you got Horizon Zero Dawn. Hope you enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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