New Patreon Rewards System & Personal Update

Update: Everything here is now void. The current Patreon rules can be read here.

Yeah, I realized that the current system still isn’t cutting it, so I decided to scrap the current system and put something new in place. Part of the reason is mainly because I know that there is more to this blog than just reviews, and that no one is going to want to pay $30 just to see a game they like covered. As such, I decided to see if I could come up with better content. The rewards are now as follows.

The “I can’t come up with a cool name for the bottom tier” tier.

$1 or more per month ∙ 0 patrons
– Will see Patron exclusive posts.
– Input on Patron exclusive polls that will influence content.
– Will be able to view first drafts of Guardian Acorn posts before   the full post is put up on the site.
– I will follow your social media account or accounts if requested.
– Will be thanked at the end of monthly site updates.


The ” A little bit more than the smallest reward but still cheap but I don’t care cause I greatly appreciate any amount given to me even if it’s insignificant and love you regardless” tier.

$5 or more per month
– Will bump any game I currently own, is easily available, or that one will be willing to provide me with a copy of up a lot further on my review schedule (only behind review codes received from developers or publishers, or other requested games that I find more interesting)
– Patron will be mentioned at the end of any review they requested or provided a copy of.
– Everything listed in the previous tier.

The “Technically not all that much money being spent but still more than what the average person would spend so you can tell someone is thinking about you when they pledge to this tier” tier.

$10 or more per month

-Will write an opinion piece on a topic of the Patron’s choosing (within reason) or a Q&A session with up top 10 questions of the Patron’s choice.

-Everything in tier 1.


The “Uh oh, I better come up with something good soon, otherwise these rewards will start sounding cheap as hell” tier.

$20 or more per month

-A let’s play of any game that I approve (either screenshot or video based) or a guaranteed text commentary on any anime of a reasonable length that will be done across multiple article.

-Everything in tier 1.


The “I have run out of overly long names to give these tiers” tier.

$30 or more per month
-Everything included in the previous tiers (1 of each).
Most of the text in the articles My Plans for Patreon and Rules Regarding Rewards and Goals” and Patreon Rules Update has been crossed out, but the parts that aren’t still apply. If you are unfamiliar, then I would suggest reading over those two, but the crossed out parts are optional.
I feel I should also mention that I came to a personal realization about this blog. I realized that it is not a good idea to rely solely on turning this blog into a business and nothing else in terms of money. Specifically, I realized that it is a bad idea to rely on only one source of income seeing as how a lot of them get screwed over if something happens to that source. I have thought about this at the time to, but legitimately could not think of anything else and was desperate enough that I was even considering sex work (Note: That is not to say that being a sex worker means you are desperate, and I myself did legitimately want to do it as a job at the time, but looking into it, I have no way of going about doing so and my inexperience with video editing kills any chance I have at it. Plus I have never even masturbated before, so there isn’t much I could sell.).
In terms of personal funds, there is a good chance I may be able to get on SSI which will open up a LOT of possibilities for me, seeing as how for the past year or so, by budget is basically $150.00 every other month. While I am living under my dad’s roof and am not paying rent or anything, it still changes the fact that I have virtually no independence when combined with a lack of ability to drive. When I am able to get on SSI (and I have talked with my therapist about this extensively, and she tells me there is no reason I should not be on it or that I should be rejected, so we just need to get my dad and stop acting like me being rejected before I came out as trans or was conscious of my agoraphobia means I will now), there should be some serious improvement on my part.
Granted, I am still not going to switch to the business plan until I have built up a significant following since ad revenue is meaningless if you have such a small readerbase. However, having person freedom will definitely help me a lot. As such, my Patreon is included most as a backup, but also because I want some amount of viewer influence on content (but not on ALL of it).
Lastly, if I am to get SSI, it means I would finally be able to afford to buy supplemental copies of games I have received codes for that I positively reviewed. The current games in need are.
Anyway, I think that is it, and here is a link to my Patreon for those interested.

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