Update: The rewards for Patreon have been changed significantly, so this article no longer applies.

I have found that I may need to change a few things up in order to make my Patreon page more appealing. The best way to do this would be to make some new rules regarding rewards and goals.

If one did not notice, it now only costs $1.00 to be part of the monthly game raffle to win a free Steam code. This week’s is Highschool Romance, which I reviewed here. Speaking of which, that free code for Lethal League is still up for grabs for anyone who wants it.

I am also deciding that admittance to The Guardian Acorn Discord chat is no longer exclusive to Patrons, although I still have it set so that one won’t be able to post until I approve them, just a heads up. The invitation is here.

Anyway, I have decided to overhaul the review request rules slightly. Instead of the game being review needing to cost 2/3s or less of the initial amount pledged per month, it will instead be based on 2/3rds of the total amount that one pledges across a six month subscription period. However, that will only come into effect after I have collected the payment for those six months, so it would mean that, the more that it costs, the more one needs to wait until I get the game they requested (assuming it is one that I am buying myself).

To make things simple, If someone pledges to the $3.00 tier, they will get a guaranteed review of $2.00 or lower game after 1 month, $4.00 after 2, $6.00 after 3 and so on, with a maximum of $10.00 after 6. So no, you can’t save up enough over multiple years and request me to review Nintendo World Championship…okay technically I could just use a reproduction cart or emulator but you get the idea.

If you want to bypass that, or if you just want to make a one time donation, the option to pay up front by just donating to my Paypal account is open to anyone who asks. If one goes with this option, they will still get the rewards and the cost of the game in question will still be on the 2/3s basis. The most that one can stockpile pledges to be spent towards games for review is 6 month’s worth, after which, the remaining money, if any, will be put towards my personal funds (which are mostly used towards game related stuff which qualifies as site related expenses as far as I’m concerned). The only problem is that the payment would not be displayed on my Patreon page, but I will keep track of the actual total in each monthly update.

Anyway, I have finally decided what the reward for the $60. tier will be aside from reviews, but it is similar. The reward will be a request for a full complete Screenshot Lets play of any game within reason (IE not something like any MMO which has no ending) or a complete anime commentary series within reason (IE not a long running shounen series like Naruto). Note: Screenshot LPs are referring to the Lets plays on Something Awful rather than the more popular Youtube style (although the latter could be an option if I ever get the money needed for the necessary recording equipment), and anime commentaries refer to a similar style  of article series that commentates on anime in a similar manner. For those unaware, I have done some of the latter in the past when I wrote on Oprainfall for Denki-Gai, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, and Sailor Moon Crystal.

The reason for the high price point is because there is a lot more time and effort put into these types of articles than normal reviews. Anime commentaries I specifically limit to covering a max of 4 episodes per article, and oftentimes less than that. additionally, I have come to realize that anime commentaries will need to have multiple viewings, as it simply isn’t fun to need to stop every few minutes to screen cap something, and I won’t be able to remember everything after only seeing it once. That being said, I do plan to actually finish my commentary on Keijo!!!!!!!! that I started last year, in addition to some other ones. As for the screenshot LPs, I plan to make them part critique, part walkthrough, and part general entertainment, so that will mean some games will require multiple playthroughs.

Additionally, I should mention that I have some of these planned for the future as well. Some I may decide to do on my own time, while others I will have as a goal for once I reach a certain Patreon pledge number.

Lastly, I would like to clarify the goals more. The current goals list the amounts needed for the currently available WordPress plans per year, but I plan to change them soon since the page lists the amount I get per month which can get things confusing. Rather, I feel I should list what a monthly salary of such a number would mean. Anyway, I feel like I should make a list of possible expenses that I would consider Patreon necessary for.

  • WordPress plans
  • An editor (For both articles and potential videos)
  • Decent webcam
  • Decent microphone or recording software
  • Advertising
  • A Better PC that can play games that are remotely high tech (Some of which I’ve already mistakenly bought or have even been given code for)
  • A Switch (Considering that there is a decent amount of noteworthy games for it to be covered)
  • Requested games.

Naturally, as much as I appreciate getting $17 a month from my two current patrons, it is nowhere near enough to handle everything. Yes, I do realize that this is far more that most make from Patreon, but I feel the need to emphasize something here; I’m not just “asking for free money” here because I want spare pocket change. I’m not just trying to have this be a side hobby of mine; I’m putting everything I got into it. Nearly every waking moment over the past few months has been spent on something related to this site. I’m damn near obsessed with this site because I want this to be me career. Trolls will usually say in this situation to just shut up and get a job, but the problem is that this IS my job, and at the moment that’s all that can be.

The reason for this? I’m an agoraphobe, and I’m also a non passing trans woman who is at severe risk of being harassed or assaulted in public. I also have severe social anxiety on top of all of that so talking to people is already difficult enough as it is even if I’m not worried about my voice slipping up and giving myself away. Yes, these things can be worked on, and I’m trying to do what I can. Namely, HRT should improve both my mental state and my appearance and thus chances of passing,  but HRT usually takes at least 2 years to take full effect so I’m SOL until then.

And of course that is not taking into account other aspects of my transition. I know my dad can pay for some but I know his insurance likely won’t do much since he’s employed by the state of New Jersey under that fat bastard Chris Christie. So yes, the Patreon donations aren’t even going towards things that are important to me personally. I’d love to be able to spend the donations on things such as actual feminine clothing aside from the three articles of it I currently have but I don’t feel I should cause it doesn’t give my readers anything back, although If people would be willing to pledge for the purpose of seeing me wear cute or sexy outfits then I’d be more than welcome to consider that a viable reward…. okay who am I kidding, I legitimately want that to be a thing not even as a joke.

So yes, I will say that I don’t want to guilt trip anyone into donating or to try and take advantage of anyone. Hell I have no way of telling if I’m really putting that much more effort into it than others are. However, I would be lying if I did not say that there was a lot of looming fear and doubt, and that I could use all the help I could get, and I don’t just mean in terms of donations either. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could share my work with others. The looming fear comes from a variety of things. I will say that, even without awareness of gender dysphoria high school was a literal hell for me, or, at least it started to be towards the end of my senior year.

Frequently throughout both middle and high school, I had anxiety attacks that were so severe that I became physically ill from them, and thus ended up going home early a lot. They were spread out enough up until towards the end of my senior year where my psychiatrist fucked up the dosage on my medication which resulted in a near constant state of profound stress and depression, and I started to miss so many days of school that I was in danger of not being able to graduate, so I needed to stay there while actively fighting against both my mind and body. Thanks God/Allah/Yevon/YHWH/Bhunivelze/The Flying Spaghetti Monster/whatever that this happened towards the END of my senior year because if it happened  earlier then it may have gotten me held back, and considering that my mom died shortly after, I don’t know if I would have finished High School at all.

And as for College, I don’t count on myself being able to complete it. It has been four years since I started college and I technically do not even have 1 year’s worth of credits. I decided to start out slowly with just one class rather than Jump straight into full time. This was before my mom got hospitalized for three months (after which she died) though so when she did, it meant that there were less people who could drive me to class (I’m at a community college because there is no way someone with my level of anxiety could stand being alone with normies). So I’ve had at most, two classes per semester, and I even took one year off completely (that being the year I came out as trans and thus gender dysphoria hit me harder than the Joycon hit Jed Whitaker’s prostate.

I was already dealing with frequent self harm and suicidal urges at the time, there was no way I could handle school on top of that. It was only the beginning of this year that I started going back to class and even then it was only a single online one. It turned out that online classes do not work out for me because it legitimately felt harder to handle a single online class then it did handling multiple classes in person, or possibly even on the level of when I was in high school. As a result, I do plan on going back to class in person in the fall just so that I can get out of the house more.

So yeah, the problem is, I have WAY too many mental health issues to handle college full time, and quite frankly, I don’t see the point. What I want as a career is what I’ve been doing this whole time. The plan was to transfer to a more traditional college after the community one for a few years, but there is no way in hell that I will be satisfied with such a thing knowing that my family will need to pay off thousands in student loans when that money could be spent towards helping me transition. I will say that for what I’m attempting, getting a degree is pretty much useless. and the only possible benefit I could gain from going to class is the actual learning material, and anything else required for functioning in the real world that I haven’t learned yet.

So my goal, as I have said from the beginning, is to turn this blog into a serious website that I can profit off of, and technically, I’m already doing pretty well despite it only having been 3 months. I have two patrons, I’ve had an article get over 800 views within a few days, and already have 15 followers on this site and average at about 15 to 20 views a day. This is all on the free WordPress plan  that doesn’t allow me to optimize search engine configuration. I will say that I do plan to switch to the Personal plan starting next month, which will allow that feature and hopefully attract a wider variety of readers since I have enough on my own to afford it for at least a few months, and will easily make back a year’s payment on that plan in just a few months with Patreon donations alone.

So yeah, I am definitely changing up the goals since the current ones listed aren’t that clear.

$25 per month: Dunno what it will mean but when I reach this level, I will reboot my anime commentary on Keijo!!!!!!!! (which I originally dropped because keeping up with it felt like too much, but I think I have found a way around that).

$50 per month: Will easily be able to have the personal plan full time and likely will be able to afford a lot more smaller games for site related purposes. Reward will be an anime commentary on the infamous OVA trainwreck, Master of Martial Hearts.

$75 per month: Will likely have switched to the Premium plan by this point and will likely be making enough in two months to last for a year’s subscription. The Reward will be a let’s Play of Revolution 60, the only game made by the abhorrent feminist game developer and candidate for senate, Brianna Wu. This let’s play can be either video based or screenshot based, depending on what I can afford when the time comes.

$100 per month: Most likely will be able to afford more retail titles and will be able to keep up with recent releases more. Reward will be an anime commentary on the ever popular and controversial Sword Art Online, both seasons. I have no idea what my opinion on this one will be so it can go either way.

There is other goal content I have planned beyond that, but I want to only keep a few up at a time. Anyway, yeah this site is improving at a quick rate, and hopefully it continues to grow from here. Just in case I haven’t shoehorned it in enough, my Patreon can be found here and any donations would be greatly appreciated. Reminder that any pledges above $1.00 gives you a chance to win a copy of Highschool Romance, which I have reviewed here for any curious, and it will be a 50/50 shot for the next person that pledges. Oh, and I still have a free code for Lethal League that I will give to whoever wants it, but I am not sure if it will still work but it is still free. Yeah, that’s about it now.





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